Indian Defense Ministry denied victory Rafale and Typhoon in the tender BBC

Indian Defense Ministry denied victory Rafale and Typhoon in the tender BBCAir India did not name the winners of the tender for the supply of 126 functional fighter, Jane's reports with reference to the official dealer of the Ministry of National Defense Sitanshu Kara (Sitanshu Kar). According to him, the Defense Ministry received a full report on the testing of six fighters — the bidders, but a small list of finalists was drawn up so far.

Earlier, some Indian media said that the French fighter Dassault Rafale and the European Eurofighter Typhoon came to the end of the tender BBC. Together with them, fought for the victory South American Lockheed Martin F-16IN Super Viper and Boeing F /A-18 Super Hornet, and the Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen NG and the Russian MiG-35. As reported, F-16, F /A-18, MiG-35 and the Gripen did not suit the Indian military for various reasons: the impossibility of exporting technology to the feeble features on-board radar.

Tender Indian Air Force to supply 126 fighter jets launched in August 2007. The contest winner will be awarded with a contract for 420 billion rupees (9.1 billion dollars), with 50 percent of the total transaction price must be reinvested in the Indian economy. In addition, the favorite of the tender will be required to give India technology aircraft. In the Indian tender involving Lockheed Martin, Boeing, RAC "MiG", Eurofighter, Dassault and Saab.

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