Information attack on Lukashenko continues

Russian media continue to information attack against the Belarusian leadership. The reason for the next wave of rapid publication was the threat of Kremlin officials to print the transcript of the CSTO summit, during which Alexander Lukashenko gave a public pledge to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as shown on the TV channel "NTV" the third film in the controversial film "The Godfather."

"The dispute between Moscow and Minsk, Belarus threatens economic sanctions," — Writes newspaper "Trud". The publication notes that Lukashenko does not change yourself: can not promise anything, but in the end do what is beneficial to him. As a result, Medvedev tired of this style of communication. Therefore, the Kremlin does not stop until the information war with Minsk. From Moscow even threatened to make public transcript of the meeting of CSTO, where Lukashenko in the presence of representatives of the member states gives the famous promise to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

In article, "The War of the promises" "News" continue the theme: Russia and Belarus have entered a new phase of the conflict. At this time — only a political one. As an indicator — recent statements Lukashenko, who said that Medvedev pulls out of context unfairly advantageous to him things. Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin in his comments marked the origins of the conflict: "For too long we have been unacceptable to his unpretentious declared ally. Now you should see a more rigorous nature of the relationship — everything has to be recorded on paper." As one of the leaders of the publication Vladimir Mamontov, gone are the days when everything can be attributed to the special status of union relations:

"This policy of" the chosen "Belarus has long been carried out in the public field that the state union is extremely strange. Union State, in my opinion, should be built a little different: a joint policy is developed somewhere in silence, and then determine joint efforts are demonstrated around the world . And what a union state, when publicly demonstrated all the complicated mechanics, it — organics, and anything of that relationship? ".

"Moskovsky Komsomolets" and "Kommersant" write that Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has reportedly Alexander Lukashenko to join in fact an anti-Russian alliance GUAM — Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, uniting Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. With the coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych's pro-Moscow and the reorientation of Kiev, Ukraine has become a weak link in an organization that can recover through Belarus. This conclusion, the newspapers, the leaders came to Georgia and Moldova Mikhail Saakashvili and Ghimpu. It clarifies the "Kommersant", after a recent meeting in the Crimea and Saakashavili Lukashenko seen to be in their positions closer. The Georgian leader has sent an invitation to visit Belarusian counterpart Anaklia resort, where he met the day before with Ghimpu. And soon expected to visit Belarus chapter of Moldova.

How to respond to this type of scheme in defiance of the Russian-Belarusian conflict are not the ordinary consumers of information in Russia? Here is what the famous actor and social activist Oleg Basilashvili:

Oleg Basilashvili

"To be honest, I'm trying in these schemes themselves, and not to understand. Who's who in defiance — is there let them in his basement for razors understand. But as for relations with Belarus … You know, I was recently in Minsk, I really liked it, a lot of order, etc. Just wonder why the Belarusian workers are working with us in Russia on construction sites, in the most neprezentabelnyh works. means that living standards in Belarus is still very low, in spite of the order, which brought there Lukashenko. But perhaps it is only verhaglyadtva, just look a tourist … ".

With antilukashenkovskimi articles also came "Irrespective if the newspaper", "Arguments and Facts", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Vedomosti" radio station "Echo of Moscow" and "Voice of Russia". However, as a political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky massive information attack sanctioned by the Kremlin, in fact, unlikely to pursue a change of power in Belarus:

Stanislav Belkovsky

"All the talk about the fact that Moscow is banking on some of the alternative candidates for the presidency, that there is a script remove Lukashenko from power, and that the mechanism is actuated, in my opinion, is not baseless. Moscow knows that topple Lukashenko in the near future can not be, so it does not attempt to do this. Here are more mundane purpose: to subdue the industry, Moscow really interested in Belarus. First of all — the possibility of large-scale privatization of Belarusian enterprises. Kremlin And here is an agent and representative of the interests Russian big capital. "

On the eve of the First Russian channel aired a story about how, in the Ryazan region extinguish fires Polish specialists. The interaction of the Poles was evaluated as a model of organization: autonomous pumping station, all terrain vehicles, a modern satellite communications. In addition, the operation of each fire is controlled by the controller, which increases the effectiveness of fire containment and minimize the chances of getting into a dangerous place for a savior. Particularly emphasized how grateful Polish specialists local people, who carries them out of the survivors who stocks it can. It is also noteworthy that in the same work area and Belarusian fire, but they did not say a word. Although if you listen to the Belarusian TV, picture is fundamentally different — it Belarusians all alone save Russians from the scourge of fire.

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