Information war against Russia

The war is

War is coming. Take a look, and look around. Is that the blind will see, but he will feel the stench stench. Man unleashed against the real, cruel and bezkompromisnaya war. War Information, seemingly invisible, visible war — physical.

Thousands of people are dying in the first place, as a dying man and then destroying the body and vymiraya physically! Fall into this war, worse than on the field of battle, throwing a grenade under the tank. For dying for their country, you elevate the soul and you will have real fame, and death, rotting spiritually — so degenerated in mind and body, leaving the Mighty Heritage own descendants. Fall in the Battle for today, is to lose my soul. After the battle on planet Earth today — a battle for the souls of the children of men and for the planet itself, with the heritage of our ancestors and for the revival of the spirit of Race!

The people of our race and purposefully destroy and destroy. Opponent's weapon — this means the enslavement and destruction of people — alcohol, tobacco, meat, artificial food .. All this leads to nausea brain zakableniyu Spirit and Soul and the destruction of the physical body. But the main weapon foe — is false information, which plunges into the abyss of ignorance and leads to the neglect and degeneration of Soul, Spirit, and as a consequence — the body. People degenerate and degraded! Would need more what-the facts?
Take a look around and look at the front mir.Liniya today is everywhere, on television, magazines, newspapers, on the Internet .. This is the most important and responsible sections of the front, opinion, and hence control over the mass, states, countries, by means of false information by redirecting human attention and directing it to the track.
Lie infects the brain and is spread, destroying the spiritual body and the structure of man. And all the lion's share of these devastating weapons in the service of the enemy of mankind, who nedremlet never emits toxic sting of hatred for everything God created. Look at what is shown on television and in the newspapers — is open propaganda of violence, lust, hatred for the man and the programming of the mind of fear, hopelessness and self-destruction!

How can you resist this, stand up and come out the winner of this terrible war? First of all, open, and take a good look at the situation and realize that our people, race and humanity in general, destroy and kill. Understand that there is a struggle for hearts and minds, and that on the field of battle is not indifferent! Know and see what is happening, remaining indifferent — not whether it is a betrayal? After all the crimes and bezpredel is tacitly layman!

We are born of the people, not in the woods and deaf monasteries, therefore, have to fight for themselves and others, for those who can help, for those who are asleep. Help — this awareness and awakening sleeping relatives, because awake never will destroy itself, Mother Earth, and others, ruining the flora and fauna through the meat-eating, smoking and following the path of other destructive programs.

At war. War of the illusory world with reality. War of Truth and falsehoods.
The war goes .. And we fight for today — it is a struggle for life and for life! For the mind and soul! For that mother earth has blossomed and cleansed of spiritual filth and Queen — Love again sat on his shining throne, under the blue sky and in the hearts of men!

A little over 300 years ago by Tsar Peter I issued a decree imposed on the territory of Russia foreign calendar and ordered the night of 1 of January, 1700 to celebrate the advent of the birth of Jesus Christ. 24/25 December (European Catholic birth of Jesus Christ), that is, the day of birth. If you count the 8 days of birth of Jesus Christ, we get 31/01 January. Today is the date of the New Year.

It is known that according to the Jewish custom, on the 8th day after the birth of the boy's parents brought him to the temple, where the rabbi performs the sacred rite of circumcision of the penis. It turns out that after the birth of the night 24/25 December to 8 days after Jesus was circumcised according to the custom. Therefore, on the night of December 31 to January 1 (24/25 8 days) is actually celebrated on circumcision of Jesus Christ.

Thus Peter I with the instructors of the German settlement, congratulating his courtiers and officials to the newly holiday in Russia, congratulated them for the coming of the new god (with a new Got-ohm (German Gaulle.)).

And in Russia at the 7208 Summer time passed from the Creation in the Star Temple (Star Shrine — imenatsiya that summer).

Rosh Hashanah is always celebrated on the day of the autumnal equinox. Used to refer to the date not numbers but letters from Titley on them.

Obviously, up to the time of Peter I of Russia on writing already existed, at least, more than seven thousand years. But we hammered that writing "invented" especially for us by two Greek monks, Cyril and Methodius, which only added to our alphabet of several Greek letters, instead of confusing them diphthongs. Consequently, Peter I just changed calendar, he hid a thousand years of our true record (but not the "history", it began writing when he was in the Romanov dynasty).
Ancient Slavic calendar is based on the hexadecimal form and long periods of time, called Svarog Circle, in each of which the sun passes in series, all 16 of the Halls for 180 Circle of Life. This is the day of Svarog. (Incidentally, the Circle of Life 180 x 144 = 25,920 Summer Years — this is a known period of our solar system, the sun Yarily around the center of our galaxy).

Circle of Life contains 144 Summer.

Summer — three seasons Ousen, Winter and Spring — Summer is one (hence the Russian language concepts: chronicle, calendar, how old are you? Etc.)

Summer — 9 months

month — 41 or 40 days (depending on odd or even)

day — 16 hours,

hour — 144 pieces

part — 1,296 shares

share — 72 moments

moment — 760 jiffies

moment — 160 whitefish (hence the Russian language "siganut", ie move quickly)

sig — 14,000 Santigie.

This accuracy is unattainable even by modern atomic chronometers.

Svarog new day began before the time of call-Yarily Sun equinox — a very simple and clear.

In the past (when there was widespread use of hours) the new day began at sunset.

The term "day" there was a little more than 110 thousand years ago. The word "day" is only in the Slavonic languages. Not in English., Or France. Nor there. Nor in other languages of the word no. But etymology is simple: weaved docked — ie connected together (TK). O — I — Transition vowels. That is day — woven, stacked together day and night.

Now day starts at night when everyone is asleep. But even if he had not slept all the same to fix the beginning of the new day is not possible, since there is at this moment there is nothing on the horizon.

Week consisted of nine days: Monday, Tuesday, triteynik, Thursday, Friday, shestitsa, sedmitsa, osmitsa weeks. Remember the phrase from the uncorrected "historians" of fairy tales, "and the first sedmitsu he went to the Capital City" (The Humpbacked Horse), "that's really osmitsa a week later came" (stone bowl).

All months began in strictly certain days. For example, if the first month of the year begins on Tuesday, and all the other odd months will begin on Tuesday, and even — in the Week. So the calendar, which we now carry with them and which contains 12 different labels-months earlier contained only two plates — one for odd-numbered months, the other — even.

All years Krugoleta Chisloboga always started in strictly certain days.

Many elements of the Slavic calendar survived in the form of sayings and customs, the origins of which, unfortunately, is forgotten. For example, the Great Trizna, that is the commemoration of a deceased relative, is accomplished in a week (9 days) and one month (40 days), that is, on the ninth and fortieth day.

Seven months nurturing mother child in her womb, and forty times forty (forty months) then feeds him breast milk.

A forty times forty (or four summer and four months) after the first birth in women, a period of life improvement, as a result it becomes Veda Mother or a witch.

After 369 weeks of the birth of the person begins the period of his spiritual training, for nine years, is the first great introduction to the ancient wisdom of the gods and ancestors.

When the children of Slavic Genera was executed 12 years (108 months), and they achieved growth 7 genius (124 cm), for children beginning of a new phase in life. In 108 months (or 12 years), age of man comes, and he is of age and naming ceremonies, after which the boys start to train tribal crafts and martial art.

And after 108 months, that is, in 24 summers, he is taking a spiritual blessing of the Sacred Fire, learns the true meaning of being a kind and a true value of family estate.

The 33 summer time comes to spiritual perfection.

And in 369 months or 41 summer starts the era of spiritual illumination.

A girl could get married only after 16 years or 144 months, which is one circle Krugoleta. Until then, it's West — know bad news, that is, trained housekeeping, child care, needlework, and in 16 years — complete vestovat and becomes the bride.

Widespread use of the ancient Slavic calendar ended, unfortunately, when Peter I introduced a foreign calendar.

Accordingly modern calendar was complicated for the sake of political interests.

Week shortened to seven days, to please devotees of the cult of the moon. The number of months in the year and increased their names changed.

Now, if we use a modern calendar, it is wise to use it only for the events of the last three hundred years. A more ancient events, for a clear understanding of their nature, should be dated in the system of chronology, which was used until 1700. You may be a misinterpretation of our chronicles, culture, traditions and customs.

Every day and every hour of television advertising in youth-lustfully cheeky manner revels beer, and only interested in one question: "Who is it for" Klin "? Why is only one question? The answer is simple: where others come from, if he had drunk two bottles of beer killed 6,500 active neurons in the cerebral cortex of the brain, mainly in the frontal lobes, where the Neurocenter governing such areas of human thought as intelligence, justice, duty, honor and conscience . It is understood that six bottles of beer (the average rate for a party) kills 19,500 neurons of the brain! Perhaps that is why in television commercials imported chocolate proposed: "Charge brains, if they are." But where they come from, then?

The birth of new, instead of dead, neurons can occur under favorable conditions, not within 3-4 years. Hangover — neither more nor less than the process associated with the removal of a brain dead nerve cells. The body rejects the dead neurons and are associated with this morning headaches.

And no one is outraged not protest. Modern society takes it (alcohol) as a standard. How many people notice that this is not the norm of human society, in which the word man (Ukrainian cholovik: Cholo — man — mind, vik — more ancient meaning — say, that man — speaking mind) is understood in its original sense. This is the normal humanoid herd lost (PCC) and the type of the human mind.

Why does it fall to the level of human society, the herd is not visible? Because every newborn person gets to long-established and well-regulated system of false stereotypes, "carefully" to create and promote a society of one of his "chosen by God" layers.

Go to any maternity hospital. The first thing you caught my eye — is a poster with a bottle of champagne, which departs from the cork. Banal inscription: "Celebrations of birth — toaster, video, photo services." But the idea is simple: meet the newborn with a bottle in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth. This is the first false stereotype imprinted in his mind. His first children's impression of the world: booze and smoking adults.

The number of these false stereotypes as children get older is growing: a celebration — it's booze and smoking. Grief — is booze and smoking. Birthdays of himself, his brothers and sisters — is booze and smoking. The arrival of guests — this booze and smoking. Successful completion of the cases — is booze and smoking. Death, burial — is booze and smoking. Him to start reading fairy tales with false stereotypes. Tale "The unfortunate misfortune" — booze and smoking, "The Soldier and the Witch" — booze and smoking, "The Snow Queen" — booze and smoking.

The child begins to watch TV, where nothing less than full of false stereotypes. First cartoons for kids: Crocodile Gena, Daddy from "Buttermilk" wolf of "Just you wait!" — Smoke like a chimney. Rogues from "The Snow Queen" and "Bremen Town Musicians" — smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. Then films for young people. Sherlock Holmes, Stirlitz constantly smoke. The Musketeers, stunt, pirates, soldiers — as an alcoholic drink. A patriotic films? Vasily Buslaev collects squad against the gate of. Who will overcome Bratina greener wine (half a bucket — the dose alcoholic second stage, when the liver is not completely rotted) — fit in the squad.

That no film — booze and smoking. That neither the broadcast, the advertising of alcohol and tobacco, "Pour me, pour cups full of …", "Let us light up, comrade, for one …", "In goblet on goblet, pour, pour, pour …", "Come on, guys , lit before the start … "," From a bottle of wine has a headache, and sore from someone who does not drink anything … ". Saying that no, the promotion of alcohol and tobacco: "The first stake, the second falcon", "Dry mouth pulls a spoon." "Drunk, but clever, the two land in it", "He who does not smoke or drink, he Zdorovenki die." This is "the last station" — the bottom of the fall.

Where contemporaries to know that our ancestors believed mnogomudrye happiness to die in good health! After all, only death (change dimension) in perfect health gives a guaranteed opportunity to manage the transition to a better, harmonious world, using a healthy mind and a healthy body as a springboard for the last jump in the highest spiritual realm. Speaking of death: see off the dead man drinking and smoking. The circle is closed completely, from birth to death a person is under the illusion constantly reinforced by the media disinformation and drinkers-smoking environment.

Who will keep the benefit of human society in a state of the herd? Clearly, it is beneficial to producers of alcohol and tobacco. They do not care that their products contain narcotic poisons. The main thing is that it brings enormous profits with minimal investment. But is it? To best answer this question, consider the stages of enslavement Russian alcohol and tobacco.

HISTORY enslavement Russian alcohol — sad and dramatic. For hundreds of thousands of years of Mother Russia did not know a drink, except Surits, yes beer home brew. Surits — infusion of herbs for spring water with honey, fermented in the sun. Surya — synonymous with the sun. Means Surits — Drink Sun. Its strength was 2-3 degrees, as it is now in kvass. Beer and home-brewed beer made in the same manner used for beer grain, and for the home brew — fruits and berries. The fortress was the same: 2-3 degrees. But notice, drinking something else.

According to ancient legend, once on this earth strictly to keep the commandments of Perun, including this: "Do not drink a lot of drinking intoxicants, you know the measure of drinking, for many who drink intoxicating drink, loses its form of Man."

That meant a lot to drink? This meant a break-year rate of consumption of intoxicating beverages. This norm was this: During the celebration of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, men who have reached the age of "two circles years" (16 x 2 = 32 years), fulfilled the duty to Rod, ie having at least nine healthy children, were allowed to drink solemnly received from the hands of wise men or kind (leader Rod) one glass of Surits, beer or home brew. Men who have reached the age of "three circles of years" (16 x 3 = 48 years), having a full range of generic family of healthy children (at least 16), solemnly trays for another Charco in the celebration of summer and winter solstices. Here she is Russian norm! Have 9 healthy detushek — get two goblets in a year! Have 16 — win four Cups in a year. And in each charka intoxicated drinking as much of 27 grams. Note glass to bring a woman to anyone not even occurred to me.

This rule is respected in Russia for a long time and was broken only by two people in Russia — sons Rodan Mnogomudrogo Torah. Rodan Thor, lived three full "circle of life" (144 x 3 = 432 years), he felt old age and infirmity in his Teles. He sent two of his sons, one by one — the old and Wing for "Surits quickening" of the camp legs to heaven (now they are called angels) of the Himalayas — a mountain.

Brothers did not return, and went after them younger son Thor — Odin. After finding the camp Legs heaven, he begged them "Surits quickening" for birth-father. At the same time he heard from Legien srebrovlasoy are the words: "The first cup gives strength, expels the pain, fatigue and weakness. The second cup gives joy and eternal youth, expelling the oppressive old. The third cup for extra people, she turns into an animal. They came to you two fellows, drank three cups, and now graze, like a sheep in a meadow green. "

One drink only two cups and having created Gods Light hymns and praise, asked their mind returning to his brothers — the oldest and Winge, then returned with them to the fold. Rodan Thor knowing ancient measure, drank only one glass of, because he did not seek eternal life, but only to get rid of an old man's infirmity. Second Thor poured a glass under the roots of oak, birch and ash. Since these trees are revered as sacred in Russia, providing strength, youth and energy of life.

Giving the command, "Do not drink a lot of drinking intoxicating …" Perun during the third being on Earth commanded the Slavs and Aryans did not violate the standards established from time immemorial. Since then, our wise ancestors drank not two Charco, and one by one, not looking for eternal life, for they knew that they are the children of the Gods of Light and, just as they are immortal. They knew of Perun: "Death is not a lynx eats born, it has no perceptible form. Death watch you in the environment, but for yourself you will not find it … "Why did our ancestors to seek immortality corporal, if they knew that at the right time by the will of God Roda originator again they materialize and grandchildren at his children on earth-mother .

Note that our ancestors could not feel infirmities of age up to age 432 years. This is not surprising. Even modern scholars suggest that the "service life" — the ability of man "function" without interruption of the physical body — is at least 300 years, and it's something to do with our state of the environment. Academician Pavlov repeatedly asserted: "The death of up to 150 years, I think violent!" Why should the average life expectancy in Russia barely reaches retirement age?

FIRST grape spirit called "aquavit", which means "water of life" appeared in Russia in 1386 — 1398 years. He was brought to Moscow Genoese merchants from Byzantium. When grand-yard alcohol did not make much of an impression then. Back then it was decided to drink malogradusnye meads.

In 1429 to Russia again poured large amounts of "aquavit." His Greek monks were brought here, and the Genoese of Kaffa and the Florentines, to trade with Byzantium. But drinking in Muscovy were not immediately after that. Here's what he wrote Mihalon Lytvyn treatise "On the customs of Tatars, Lithuanians and the Muscovites," gave it to them in 1550, Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Sigismund II Augustus: "Sometimes, when squandered possessions, people begin to starve, then get in the way of robbery and robbery, so that at any Lithuanian land for one month for the offense head pay more [people] than a hundred or two hundred years in all the lands of the Tatars and Muscovites, where drinking is prohibited. Truly the Tatars who only try wine gets eighty strokes of the cane, and pays a fine in the same amount of coins in Muscovy is nowhere taverns. Therefore, if a head of the family will find a drop of wine, the whole ruin his house, confiscating property, family, and neighbors in the village beat, and he himself was condemned to life in prison …

Since moskvityane abstain from drinking, the city famous for its various master craftsmen, they are sending us a wooden bucket and a staff to help with walking frail, old, drunk, saddle-cloths, swords, and Falera different weapons, we have taken the gold. "

With accession to the throne of Ivan IV the situation has changed for the worse …

Here he writes about Alexander Prozorov information war against Russia:

"… The war against Russia is already very long and very, very successful. Of course, not on the battlefield, where we are all always beaten and hurt a lot, but where the West has always won and continues to win — in the information wars. The main goal — to show the inhabitants of our country, then they are stupid mindless trash, not even a second-rate, but somewhere 06.07 level, without past or future. And it almost proved — even the authors of many patriotic articles agree with this approach completely.

Examples? Please:

Example 1: We have recently celebrated the 1000th anniversary of Russia. When she appeared on the reality?

The first capital (only the capital of a big country!) In Slovenska, was founded in 2409 BC (3099 years old from the creation of the world) the source of information — the chronicle of the monastery on the river bondsmen Mologa, chronograph Academician M. H. Tikhomirov, "Notes on Muscovite" S. Herberstein, "The Legend of Slovenia and Ruse" having widespread circulation and recorded many ethnographers. It is believed that Novgorod was built on the site of the Slovenska, I pestered leading excavations archaeologists as plausible. Literally, I was told this: "And hell knows. We're there already dug up Paleolithic sites. "

Example 2: It is believed that somewhere in the 8th century wild stupid and no matter what vile Slavs roaming herds of the forest, called to his Viking Rurik and said, "Rule thou over us, the great European superman, and then

we are idiots, we can not do anything. " (Free account history textbook).

Ha actually: Rurik — grandson Gostomysla Novgorod Prince, son of his daughter and was touched one of the neighboring princes rank smaller. Was designed together with his brothers, as all four Gostomysla son died or were killed in the wars. Was adopted by agreement with the elders, and exceedingly to work hard to earn the respect in Russia. Source: Ioakimovskaya chronicle of Russian history at Tatishchev, "Brockhaus and Efron," etc.

Example 3: Worldwide inculcated belief that almost the only civilization of the past was the Roman Empire, a sample of the rule of law and morality. In general, that gladiatorial Rome that modern indulgence looters in Iraq — one field berries. Moral of the Western world in particular has not changed and continues to be disgusted with the "savages" like the Russian, Chinese, and Dagestan.

The official history: the great beautiful and powerful Roman civilization fell under the blows of smelly bushy savages.

Ha Indeed ostochertevshie all (as now the Americans) have been geeks readjustment of the more decent neighbors. Golozadaya and barelegged, poorly armed Roman infantry (open textbook on the history of the ancient world, and marvel at the Legion) was worn by Men of steel tops and to save their horses katafraktariev. The main source of information — katafraktariev AND THEIR ROLE IN THE HISTORY OF ART VOEHHOGO AM Khazanov. (The rest I do not remember, but anyone can rummage around for autosearch themselves. Lot of material — it simply is not allowed in school. "Bad").

The most interesting — where they came from "mopped up" Rome Huns? Ob, Ugra, the Volga region, the Urals, Azov … Graves partial arming katafraktariev found in Dagestan.

You, fellow patriots, had long looked at the map? So where the Huns went to Rome? Why is the "wild Rus' in Europe Gardariki — Strange town called?

Now it does not matter — because we are happy with the mugs celebrating 1000 years of Russia, Rurik believe came from Horvegii owner who founded Russia, and even seemed proud of this history. 4 Goals sent down the drain, cheeky bury as uninteresting — and no dog is not even vyaknula.

1:0 in favor of the West

Second goal of the Russian idiots

In the 8th century, one of the Russian princes board nailed to the gates of Constantinople, and to assert that Russia did not exist, and then it turns difficult. So in the next century to Russia was planned long term slavery. Hashestvie Mongol-Tatars and three centuries of submission and humility. What marked this era in reality? Do not deny to their INDUSTRY yoke, but:

Once in Russia, became aware of the existence of the Golden Horde, there immediately went to the young guys, that would be … plunder came from a wealthy China to Russia Mongols. Best described by the 14th century Russian attacks (for those who forgot — the yoke is the period from the 14th to 15th century). In 1360 Novgorod boys were fighting with the Volga River to the mouth of the Kama, and then stormed the great Tatar city Zhukotin (Dzhuketau near the modern city Chistopol). Capturing the untold wealth, ushkuyniki went back and started to "guzzle homespun coats" in the city of Kostroma.

From 1360 to 1375 Russian made eight major campaigns in the Middle Volga, not counting the small raids. In 1374 a third of Novgorod took Bolgar (near Kazan), and then went down and took himself Shed — the capital of the Great Khan. In 1375 the guys at Smolensk seventy boats under the governor Smolyanina Prokop and moved down the Volga. By tradition, they inflicted "visit" in the city of Bolgar and Sarai. And the governor of Bulgaria, bitter experience by offering great tribute, but Khan's capital Sarai was stormed and looted. In 1392, again took ushkuyniki Zhukotin and Kazan. In 1409 the governor led the Anfal 250 eyelet to the Volga and the Kama. Anyway, beat the Tatars in Russia is not considered a feat, and fishing. During the Tatar "yoke" Russian Tatars went to every 2-3 years, Sarai fired dozens of times, Tatar sold in Europe by the hundreds. What did they do in response to the Tatars? Written complaint! In Moscow, the Hovgorod. Complaints remained. More than anything, "oppressors" could not do.

Source of information on the said campaign — you'll laugh, but this monograph Tatar historian Alfred Khasanovich Khalikov. They tell us so far these visits can not forgive! A school still tell

clumsy as Russian men cried and gave their girls into slavery — because, as a submissive cattle. And you, their descendants, too, the thought comes through.

We anyone doubts the reality of oppression? 2:0 in favor of the West.

Example 3:

In the 16th century, came to power Ivan the Terrible. During his reign in Russia:

— introduced trial by jury

— Free primary education (religious school)

— medical quarantine at borders

— local self-government rather than elected governor

— first appeared standing army (and the world's first military uniform — the musketeers)

— Tatar raids stopped

— establishes the equality of all members of the population (you know that at the time of serfdom in Russia did not exist at all? farmer was obliged to sit on the ground, you do not pay for her rent — and nothing more. And his children are considered to be free from the birth in any way! ).

— prohibited slave labor source — sudebnik Ivan the Terrible.

— State monopoly on the fur trade, introduced the Terrible, canceled all ten (10) years ago.

— territory of the country increased by 30 times!

— Emigration of people from Europe exceeded 30 000 families (those who dwelt along the defense line, paid lifting 5 rubles per family. ledger preserved).

— the welfare of the population (and paid taxes) during the reign amounted to several thousand (!) percent.

— for the time of the reign there was not one who was executed without trial, the total number of "repression" was from three to four thousand. (A times were dashing — think St. Bartholomew).

Now remember that you spoke of Grozny in school? What it bloody tyrant and lost the Livonian War, and Rus shaking in terror?

3:0 in favor of the West.

Speaking of stupid propaganda by Americans. Already in the 16th century in Europe came out a lot of brochures for every brainless layman. It has been written that the Russian tsar — a drunkard and libertine, and all his subjects — such as wild freaks. And in the instructions to ambassadors noted that King teetotaler, unpleasant smart drunk not stand firmly, and even banned the drinking of alcohol in Moscow, with the result that "drunk" only in the country in the so-called "Infusion" (where poured). Source — the study of "Ivan the Terrible" Casimir Waliszewski, France.

Now Guess — which of the two versions of textbook?

In general, our textbooks are based on the principle that everything that is said about Russia abominable — it's true. All that is said of good or intelligible — is a lie. One example. In 1569, Ivan came to Novgorod, which had about 40,000 people. There was raging epidemic, as well as smell rebellion. According to the results stay the sovereign fully preserved in the synodic memorial lists 2,800 dead mark. But Jerome Horsey in "Notes on Russia" indicates that the guardsmen were cut in Hovgorode 700,000 (seven hundred thousand) people.

Guess which of the two figures is historically accurate?

4-0 in favor of the West.

Russian wild cry and cry

And they constantly steal and drove into slavery dashing Crimean infidels. Arusskie cry, and pay tribute. Almost all historians poke a finger in the dullness, weakness and cowardice of Russian rulers, who were not able to cope even with plyugavenkim Crimea. And somehow "forget" that any of the Crimean Khanate existed — was one of the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, in which stood the Turkish garrisons and sat Ottoman governor. H and who do not want to blame Castro that he can not take a tiny American base at the island?

The Ottoman Empire at that time actively expanding in all directions, having won all the Mediterranean lands, stretching from Iran (Persia) and stepping on Europe, going to Venice and besieged Vienna. In 1572, the Sultan decided to conquer the wild and at the same time as assuring European pamphlets, Muscovy. From the Crimea to the north moved 120,000 troops, supported by 20,000 Janissaries, and 200 guns. Near the village of Molodi Ottomans faced 50000th squad governor Mihailo Vorotynsky. And the Turkish army was … No, do not shut down — cut completely!

Since then attack the Ottomans on the neighbors stopped — and try to engage in conquest, if you are not an army of nearly half cut! God forbid itself from its neighbors to fight back.

What do you know about this battle? Hichego? That's just it! Wait 20 years of Russian participation in World War II will also start to "forget" in textbooks. After all the "progressive humanity" has long and knows — Hitler won by the Americans. And "wrong" in this area Russian textbooks time to correct.

Information about the battle at a young can generally be classified as closed. Not, God forbid Russian rednecks know that acts of ancestors in the Middle Ages, it too can be proud of! He will develop the wrong identity, love for the Motherland, its conduct. And it is wrong. So, to find data about the battle at Moldodyah difficult, but possible — to specialized directories. Haprimer, in "Encyclopedia of arms," Kim wrote three lines.

So — 5:0 in favor of the West.

Stupid Russian loafers

Remembering the Mongol invasion, I always wonder — how they managed to collect so many swords? After all, only swords were forged from the 14th century, and only in Moscow and Dagestan, Kubachi. Such is the strange fork — forever we Dagestanis suddenly gets the same. While all the books between us is always a pair of hostile countries listed.

Nowhere else in the world have not learned to forge swords — it's much more difficult art than it might seem. Ho advancing progress 17th century. Sabre gave way to other weapons. Prior to the birth of Peter 1 left quite a bit. What was Russia?

If you believe the books, about the same as in Tolstoy's novel "Peter" — patriarchal, ignorant, wild, drunken, inert …

Did you know that Russia is arming the whole of Europe advanced weaponry? Annually Russian monasteries and cast house there sold hundreds of guns and thousands of muskets, edged weapons.

Source — here's a quote from the "Encyclopedia of arms":

"I wonder what the producers guns in XVI-XVII centuries were not only sovereign Pushkarskaya yards, and monasteries. For example, a fairly large-scale production was carried guns in the Solovetsky Monastery in

Kirillovo-Belozersky Monastery.

Possession of guns and very successfully used Don and Cossacks. The first mention of the use of guns Zaporozhye Cossacks refers to 1516.

In the XIX-XX centuries in Russia and abroad, it was felt that dopetrovskaya artillery was technically backward. Ho here are the facts: in 1646 Tula-Kamensky Holland plant delivered more than 600 guns, and in 1647, 360 caliber shells 4.6 and 8 pounds. In 1675 Tula-Kamensky plants shipped abroad 116 iron cannons, 43,892 kernels, 2934 grenade, 2356 musket barrels, 2700 swords and 9687 pounds of iron. "

Here you have a wild backward Russia, about which repeat at school.

6:0 in favor of the West

By the way, at times I found Russophobe, who claim that all written above may not be as even vysokoprogressivnye and development in Britain and France have learned to cast iron in the 19th century. In such cases, I argue for a bottle of brandy and leading man in the Artillery Museum, St. Petersburg. One of the cast-iron cannon, cast in 1600 there brazenly lies on the stand for all to see. 3 bottles of brandy at the bar, I have accumulated, but I still do not believe. People do not believe that Russia throughout its history, and for all

parameters overtook Europe for about two centuries. Ho …

Conclusions loser

Hachinaya his school years, we insist that all our history like a huge cesspool, in which there is not a bright spot, a single decent ruler. Military victories or not there at all, or they were in something bad (the victory over the Ottomans hiding as nuclear launch codes, and the victory over Hapoleonom duplicated slogan Alexander — the gendarme of Europe). All that invented ancestors — either brought to us from Europe, or simply unfounded myth. Hikakih Open Russian people do not, no one released, and if someone turned to us for help — it was slavery. And now, all around are historic rights of the Russian kill, rob, rape. If you kill a Russian — is not banditry, and the desire for freedom.

A lot of all Russian — repent, confess and repent.

A little more than a century of the information war — and all of us have sown a sense of inferiority. We're more like the ancestors, are not sure of being right. Look at what is happening to our politicians: they are constantly met.

No person needs to bring Lord Judd on trial for promoting terrorism and cooperation with criminals — trying to persuade him that he is not quite right.

We threaten Georgia — and not threats.

Denmark spit in our face — and against it do not bring even sanctions.

Baltic countries in establishing the regime of apartheid — a policy shyly turn away.

People demand to allow the sale of weapons to defend themselves — they openly call worthless cretins who on stupidity immediately kill each other.

Why should Russia be justified? After all, she is always right!

Say it is not solved by no one else.

Do you think — just today's politicians are hesitant, but instead about others will come. Ho will not happen HIKOGDA. Because the feeling of inferiority is laid not on the post of foreign minister. They gradually began to be brought up from childhood, when the child is saying, our grandfathers were very silly, goofy people, unable to carry out the most basic solutions. Ho to them from Europe came kind and clever uncle Rurik, was their own and teach them. He created for them the state of Russia in which we live. Poison poured drop by drop into the soul, and when one comes out of school — he was accustomed to look to the West as a good owner, more intelligent and evolved. And when the words "democracy" reflexively begins to stand on its hind legs.

That the Western world does best — so this is an information war. Blow was dealt to the place that no one had the idea to protect — on educational program. The West won. It remains to show a little patience — and our children will crawl on their knees to the side and humbly asked permission to lick the owners shoes.

Already crawl — a couple of days ago, I was able to see a piece of the program "Why Russia needs its own currency?". Correctly. Then it will be, "Why do we need an army? '. Then: "Why state?"

West won. Party.

What to do?

If you do not want the children of slaves were doing — you need not shout that we will fight when the time comes, but to save them now. Hour has arrived, the war is almost over for the overwhelming advantage of the enemy.

Huzhno urgently break the course of history teaching, changing the emphasis of training on the positive. My girls are still 4 or 5 years, but when they go to school — I foresee hard times. Claims about the poor quality of teaching is guaranteed. If the historian does not teach children to who was such an important person stories as Rurik, or does not know about Molodinskuyu battle — then have to pay fines out of pocket.

And even better — make a claim to the Ministry of Education about the spread of false information. Hanyat good lawyer and hurt, hurt their kick — even itchy. Ho on the "good" I have one no money. Weak chip to save good name of ancestors?

The second way a little to strengthen the position of the fronts of the information war — require the procurator criminal investigation into incitement of ethnic hatred by teaching false historical information.

Examples of mass. Recall the Tatar yoke. We'd say that the oppressed Russian Tatars, but do not say that the Russian Tatars plundered no less dashing. As a result, there is a Russian insult to fellow citizens by race. And the offense is wrong. All of us are good and behave the same way.

Or, for example, last year in Kazan celebrated (or tried to say) day of remembrance of the Tatars, who defended the city against the Russian troops. Ha face obvious opposition by nationality. Although in fact the city took no Russian, and Russian-Tatar troops. Cover strelets cavalry detachments provided Shig-Alley — and if he is German, I am ready to acknowledge himself Pope. Russian-Tatar troops took Kazan, eliminating the influence of Istanbul on the Volga River, and protecting civilians from the predatory raids freed thousands of slaves. Enough to recognize the part of the Tatars in this noble cause — and the national question becomes acute.

However, I is not a lawyer and do not know how to roll a statement in such a way as not to

dismissed and sent to hell.

By the way, there is not once mentioned the Dallas plan of inciting ethnic hatred. And no one paid attention, he realized. Also at school. Good teachers diligently sow discord among the largest national groups — Russian and Tatars. The whole course of the history of pearls tickle how Tatars attacked, as the Russian went on Tatars, etc. Ho nowhere states that the Tatars are our symbiote, a people-partner. Tatar often always formed part of the Russian army, took part in all Russian war — and the intestine, and in the battle against a foreign enemy. We can say that the Tatars — it's just the Russian light cavalry. Or Russian — Tatar forged army.

Tatars fought against Mamai at Kulikovo field with Moscow Ratiu, Tatars first attacked the enemy in the Swedish and the Livonian War in 1410 Grunwald joint Polish-Russian-Tatar army shattered the Crusaders broke the back of the Teutonic Order — and it Tatars took the first blow.

Sometimes people ask me why I did not mention the Lithuanians. So mention — Russian. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the Russian state, the Russian population, who spoke in Russian, and even deloproizvodstvovelos in Russian. And you thought that a little racist napoberezhe Baltic country was once great nation?

7:0 in favor of the West.

We lived four thousand years of the Tartars, side by side. Fought, friends, and relatives. Crushed the Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans, Poles, French, Germans … And now our children open textbook, and it drips from every page: enemies, enemies, enemies …

Legally, this is called the fueling national discord. But in reality — the usual information war.

The war continues …

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