International artillery calculations teach classes at the site CVO

Students gunners from 23 foreign countries began military training at the training ground of the Central Military Totsky neighborhood (CVO), told media spokesman of the CVO.

"In the Orenburg region Totsky landfill began field exercises with cadets Penza Artillery Engineering Institute (PAIiIZ). Among them are representatives of 23 countries — Algeria, China, Cuba, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, who are trained in a special faculty of the University of the military "- he said.

According to him, are participating in the exercises more than 300 people. In the program — performance standards for the change of indirect fire, artillery systems bring to the fight, battle work in the settlements in preparation for firing. Culminating in the firing of artillery calculations on international single and multiple targets from the 152-mm towed howitzers "MSTA-B" and self-propelled artillery "Nona-SVK", recently entered service in CVO.

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