International NATO naval exercises begin in Estonia

International naval exercises NATO Navy Open Spirit , 2012, during which the search will be carried out and disposal of naval mines since the second World War, Sun will begin in the territorial waters Estonia, said the headquarters of the defense forces of the country.

Teaching, public perceive the role of the 19 ships, divers and units from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United States and Canada, will be held from 14 to 25 May.

During the exercises will be practiced ability to detect and destroy sea mines left over from the 2-global wars in the territorial waters and economic zone Estonia in the Baltic Sea. Search mines will be carried out in Tallinn Bay north of Naissaar, near the island of Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Virtsu straits.

The port on the peninsula Suursadam Hiiumaa will run an international team of divers, which included underwater combat engineers from the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands and Estonia.

"Mine trawling Open Spirit — this is always one of the most anticipated events of the sailors, as this is not a drill, and the real operation, during which it is necessary to destroy the true mine "- said operations manager, chief of staff of the Estonian Navy, Lieutenant Commander Ivo Verkių.

Teachings Open Spirit held since 1997 on the initiative of the mine fleet of the German Navy alternately near the coast of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
During the first and second world wars in the Baltic Sea was laid around 150 thousand minutes, including about 80 thousand — in the Gulf. Since 1994, in Estonian waters was found nearly 700 mines and other explosive devices.

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