International Table of Ranks as part of a propaganda campaign against Russia

Russia once again underestimated in the international ranking. Now, in the "Global Competitiveness Ranking 2012-2013" prepared by the Global Economic Forum. Usually, we wedged somewhere in the seventh decade, putting, as if guilty, exactly between Iran and Sri Lanka. Opposition opment is gratifying rubbing their hands look, they say, Our homeland is uncompetitive! We supposedly fell during the year from the 66th to the 67th! Here it is, the cost of Putin's stability!

Relatively similar ratings, which inevitably Our homeland is in the company of various "failed states", has been said a lot. And about a very special methods of their calculation. And about the incomprehensible professionals that add so subtract numbers differ. And about the impact of information war waged against Russia, in which, in the opinion of the enemy, not bad by all means that lower our country. Not once has it happened that such ratings are completely discredited themselves preparers. Get at least unhappy "rating peaceful", drawn up in 2011 under the title sharashkas Vision of Humanity: it was our home for 136 place — not only immediately below the top three U.S. military campaign, but even the lower North Korea and Georgia!

And yet every time there is another such report card, some of our citizens grabs his head and howls: "All is lost!". Because it is useful to clarify once again that after all this for the ratings are and how to relate to them.

So, what to do when faced with yet another ranking of states for some indicators, trumped-up "experts and analysts"? First, you need to find out who it is such a smart compiler Rated. In the case of the ordering of the WEF, the drafters were a few lesser-known characters from the globalist institutions, also, and most importantly, their "partner organizations" working on individual countries. Specifically, they arranged the initial assessment of their own states, which then are boiled together, "senior colleagues".

In our case "for Russia" already worked two "think tanks". This Bauman Innovation & Eurasia Competitiveness Institute and Stockholm School of Economics. These names to you about something they say? No? Not surprisingly. The first couple — this is the usual "institutions of the 1st person," not only do not have any work to Bauman. Bauman, but even the official websites. "Stockholm School of Economics", which placed the consulate in RF, — More of a desk. It is not clear just why this foreign business schools assigned to "cheat" our country in the rating, even if in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, this was done by local organizations.

The subsequent step in the study of ratings — look closely, in fact, to the indicators on which countries are ranked. Here we open up new surprises. For example, in Russia WEF pull down characteristics such as' goods market efficiency "(134th)," the effectiveness of antitrust policy "(124th place) And "the level of customs barriers" (137 th). Increase as our position, namely, "the number of mobile phones per capita" (5th place), "the size of the domestic market" (9th place), "the prevalence of higher education" (12th place) and "quality of railways "(30th place).

Interestingly, does not it? For the codes that can be accurately calculated and measured, a RF all right. There, where a subjectivist evaluation only, for some reason, a complete seams. Oh, not to researchers matter? After all, the prince's quote attributed to Stalin — "It's not like voting, as calculated" — in the near future is finding a greater response in the soul of the various "globalist": from Ukrainian "Maidannikov" to the control of the Republican Party of the USA, on the day or surprise the world with their electoral fraud in Florida.

And later, the indicators themselves are chosen amazing, is not it? Take, for "effectiveness of antitrust policy." It is clear that in the case of the Russian Federation konkurentnst impossible to do in this, for example, the fact, as the development of railways or gas production. First economically viable for private companies, the second will bring considerable cost country — quite imagine the dismemberment of "Gazprom" on a bunch of small property owners.
Or take the "trade barriers." In-1's, it is not clear how the United States, with their never canceled the Jackson-Vanik amendment, now ranks 48th place, and we — 137th? As assessed the "experts"? That knocked them in the head? It is not clear.

Here is another index, in which we are already at the 133-m site — "the prevalence of foreign ownership." It should grieve because foreigners in Russia have such a little bit of national wealth? Will we be on this account to shed tears? Apparently not.

In the end, that really appreciate the quality of Rated, rather resort to common sense and an open mind just to compare these or other countries. There is, for example, such a marvelous country — Greece, which is about to start selling their own island, just to get out of debt. So here, in Greece WEF is above of, for example, in such terms as "the protection of minority shareholders", "authority Professor of Management", "availability of financial products", "availability of modern technology" and "the quality of local suppliers." Hardly of the rating could vyhlestat himself stronger.

On the whole, but we must acknowledge that our country still lacks subtlety in such a fundamental matter as an international public relations. It is time for us to tightly engage the world "expert community" and, among other things, to organize their own ratings. Almost everything on the planet would then fell into place.

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