Interview with Drunvalo




May 30, 2004

Diana Cooper: We have a connection Drunvalo, world-renowned lecturer and author. His name may be familiar to you, the seminar "Flower of Life" and recently published a new book, "Live in the heart: how to get into the Sacred Space of the Heart." Drunvalo, you have traveled the world and seen many things. What are you currently working on? And what you would like to tell us today?

Drunvalo: First, I would like to talk about the physical world in which we live, a world culture that is being formed, and that the effect on its formation. And then, towards the end, I will move to the inner worlds and spaces, to the heart, through which we can lead the world in harmony and heal him. As far as I can tell, will save the world is not technology, but the human essence of who we really are. That's what I'd like to talk about today.

Diana: Great, let's talk about it.

Drunvalo: I contrast the physical and spiritual world, they are often referred to as the outer and inner world. The outside world — is all that we see around us, the physical aspect. It's not only the Earth, the stars and planets, but also other dimensions, parallel worlds. And the inner world — our dreams, thoughts and feelings, all the visions that arise within us — all that we have inside. The two are inextricably linked, I think so. And if we go in the same direction as now, then find ourselves in big trouble.

Humanity has existed on Earth for a long time. Our modern DNA of at least two thousand years. If we turn to the evolution and look into the more distant past, people there are on Earth for millions of years. However, the scale of the galaxy is just one moment, and we are a very young race on a young planet, from this point of view, we are here just recently.

However, over the last hundred years in the evolutionary development was a sharp jump, everything changes very quickly, evolution occurs at an exponential rate. One hundred years ago, people rode horses, and now existing ideas would have seemed fantastic — no one would have believed it was possible. Such ideas could exist in the imagination, but no one would believe that in the near future, people will land on the moon, or fly to Mars, or will be holding an instrument such as a cell phone, giving the opportunity to talk with another person in any place on the planet. All of it was absolutely incredible. However, we have created all this for a short time.

In addition, the world has become more closely: a hundred years ago, cultures were divided by mountains, rivers, oceans, each culture was to some extent protected. Now that protection is gone, and a variety of cultures, religions and lifestyles collide with each other, and not always successfully. The war in Iraq and other events are a consequence of the fact that we now live in a small world. And no one knows what to do. We adore technology, but, as I said, I very much doubt that technology will help us find a way out of this situation, which, moreover, continues to deteriorate. I am a scientist himself, and in this sense he is involved in this issue, but I still do not think you can find out that way. The solution lies in a much more delicate area, deep within us.

To begin to act, we need to have some information that our government hide from us. We are talking about the state of ecological systems. It is known that the environment is exposed to stress factors and that worldwide there are problems. Currently, however, began a profound ecological crisis of this magnitude with which modern humans have not yet encountered. Now the crisis is just beginning. We need to know that it happens, and know how to rectify the situation and restore the balance.

Over the past 12 years during El Niño changed 11 times. This is extremely important for those who know the value of this phenomenon. Usually, if the current El Niño changed at least once, which means that weather models around the world are undergoing significant changes. But at eleven changes for the twelve years we should expect great changes in weather patterns around the world. Over the last 6-9 years (this is the spread of data in different sources) the structure weather patterns changed beyond recognition. Over the last year in the U.S. Midwest tornado passed by 400 per month. Three or four days ago, one day there were 77 tornadoes.

Or take hurricanes originating in South America, in Brazil. In Brazil never had a hurricane, no one even knew they were possible. Everywhere there are abrupt changes in the weather, and we can not explain them. At the very least, ordinary people around the world are wondering what is happening.

More recently, another event took place that has great significance for the immediate future culture of the Earth. It is therefore a must for us to know about it. In the Atlantic, there is the Gulf Stream, that is, the flow of water reaching the surface of the ocean from the southern to the northern hemisphere. There, the stream descends into the depths of the ocean, and flows back, carrying the cold water back to the source, where the stream rises again. So between the hemispheres are continuously circulated streams of warm and cold water, forming a pattern reminiscent of an infinity sign. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Western and Northern Europe, and the eastern United States and Canada do not freeze. It also has a very large impact on weather models worldwide.

This year, there was a whole series of phenomena. People who have studied them, are very concerned about the value of these events and the changes they entail for themselves. David King, a leading British scientist working directly under the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has come to the conclusion that the phenomena observed in the Atlantic Ocean, the greater rigor pose a threat to the national security of the UK than global terrorism — these are his words. But he was not allowed to talk about it. Then he is against the will of the published this information in one of the leading scientific publications (in my opinion, in the "Science Neuse" — "Science News"). It was in January of this year. He immediately silenced. He can not talk about it, otherwise he could face prison.

However, next month, in February of this year, another man, now in the United States — Andrew Marshall, the Pentagon, aged 83, and who is directly involved in issues of national security — also wanted to tell you about this issue. The U.S. administration refused to cover this topic. Then Andrew Marshall appealed to the magazine "Fortune" ("Fortune"), which on 9 February this year published a report prepared for the Pentagon. The content of this report is unbelievable. This it is that within three years of the five first Gulf Stream will slow its course, and then stop. This is an unprecedented phenomenon. What does it mean? 1300 years ago during the Gulf Stream slowed — not stopped, just slowed down. The result was the so-called Little Ice Age. Weather models were destroyed, and this resulted in the devastation in Northern Europe as well as in the territory of the modern United States and Canada, that is really all over the world. But then it did not stop the Gulf Stream. The last time it happened stop 8200 years ago, and it was followed by ice for a period of about a hundred years. This means that Northern Europe was covered with a layer of ice vosmisotmetrovym. A region from New York City to the east coast was the same as it is now Siberia. This, according to the Pentagon, there will be now, for three-five years. So experts say.

Furthermore, it was now revealed the following. (This is very important to know, and we will soon publish the information provided by several scientists. We hope to do so in the next month.) Several months ago, the Gulf Stream began not only to slow its course, but also to change the form and disintegrate. This is happening now. Not to be us in the future, three five years, and is happening right now, in the present moment. This explains the weather, monstrous storms are raging everywhere.

Jade Wahoo: That is exactly this explains the strong winds that blow over the past few years over the north-west coast of Europe over England, Belgium and so on?

Drunvalo: That's right, all of these incredible presently observed phenomena are explained by the fact that at the present time is for slowing down.

Jade Wahoo: Drunvalo if you heard about the melting of the ice caps at the North Pole? It is a consequence or cause of slowing the Gulf Stream?

Drunvalo: Based on my research, we assumed that it is influenced by the melting of ice at the South Pole only because of the water it pass between South America and Africa and directly into the convection over the Gulf Stream, which affects the temperature regime. Thus, they slow down the Gulf Stream, cooling it. However, the Pentagon has said the following. First, the report shows what a long time, no one wanted to admit: Satellite image shows that the ice at the North Pole is melting. The report presents photographs taken in 1970 and in 2003. They suggest that the mass of the ice at the North Pole has decreased by 40 percent. The same thing happens at the South Pole — it's just incredible.

Jade Wahoo: This morning on the news channel "EarthLink" I read that under the ice cap in Antarctica, scientists have discovered an active volcano that spews lava beneath ice shelves and heated water. As far as I understand, it also contributes to the melting of the ice cap at the South Pole. And all the water is released into the ocean.

Drunvalo: According to my information, there are three active volcanoes. Larsen A ice shelf broke away 2.5 years ago. When it broke off a huge chunk of ice about the size of Rhode Island (1300 sq. km.), Scientists have said that this is not so bad, because it lasted only 10 thousand years. But who is behind it Larsen Ice B does not break away ever, because he has gone through many ice ages. You can read the report, which states that it is not so serious. But last year, broke the Larsen B Ice, which is 2,850 square meters. kilometers (1,280 square miles) of ice. When this happened, the scientists could not believe it. Then they, with their inherent great wisdom, said that the ice will melt half a year, but in fact it took 35 days. As a result, global sea level rose by nearly 2.5 cm (one inch). Next is Ronne Ice Shelf — a block of ice, running a few miles inland. The only thing that kept the Ronne Ice Shelf — is the Larsen B shelf No one knows Ronne Ice secede or not (we recently tested the data and have heard that it is cracked), but if that happens, the sea level will rise by 5-6 meters (16-20 feet).
It will be a powerful signal to the world. If completely melted polar ice, sea level rise by more than 60 meters (over 200 feet). This process is already taking place, it is a fact that proves the article in the magazine "Fortune" for February 9. But the most important fact — it stops the Gulf Stream. That it raises numerous tornadoes and other problems. The Pentagon says that the number of tornadoes and hurricanes will continue to increase, and will increase their speed. And what is the average wind speed in the world — it's phenomenal! — Increase by 24 km / h (15 miles / h). It's just incredible.

For the United States, the researchers believe that the entire region of New York, and further north is like Siberia, — almost uninhabitable. A middle part of the United States, according to the researchers, is almost completely converted into the desert. In the western mountains all works out, the entire Southern California is a desert, to the valley of St. Fernando. And it will not happen for a long time, as most people believe, and very quickly.

Jade Wahoo: So there will coexist two climatic extremes.

Drunvalo: Yes. And it's happening now, the process is well underway. The Pentagon is trying to figure out how it will affect the world migratory patterns, because if you live in northern Europe, where the thickness of the ice cover is about 800 meters, you're obviously going to have to leave. That migration patterns are very concerned about the Pentagon. And the war that would arise as a result of all of this. According to experts from the Pentagon, the cause of war is not the oil and energy — wars will be fought for food and water. So the world now needs planning.

In all this is the real, the technical side. I think it's important what David said to King and Andrew Marshall: we need to know about it, to be able to prepare. But it seems to me that the training should not only be physical, material, because it will not solve all the problems. Much of the training should be in the spiritual realm. If humanity is to become truly integrated global culture in one world, to live in harmony, loving one another, we need to change radically. Israelis are of no use to continue to kill Palestinians, Israelis and Palestinians. This could go on forever. It is essential to us in a fundamental change has occurred — in who we are and what we live.

Based on everything I've learned from all the religions around the world, such a change can only occur in the human heart. Inside the heart is a sacred space, the existence of which was kept secret. In the past about him almost nothing was written. This knowledge is transmitted only orally from person to person or from group to group. Now is the time when teachers around the world are beginning to realize that the human heart is the key. Inside the heart is the secret sacred space. If a person's spirit leaves his head out of the pineal gland (epiphysis) of the brain and the skull and travels to the heart, then everything changes, changes all potential opportunities. And then what happens in the outside world, it is not that hard to fix. We just need to connect to their hearts and begin to create a new world of their dreams, where the output of the difficult circumstances are expressed or where the problems are being resolved in the world. Who knows how it will happen, all in God's hands. We do not need to worry about it — we just need to live in your heart, and then everything will come into harmony. Of course, much will continue to change. But the solution lies in this area.

The different cultures of the world, Aboriginal culture, such as maori in Australia, New Zealand, the Zulu in Africa, Kogi Central America, kahuna in Hawaii or American Indians — remember that. They have preserved some fragments, but they remember that if we live in the heart, we are one, and the one being able to solve the problem. When we are centered in the mind, there is only duality, good and evil, light and darkness, and we can not get out of it, because we all make judgments, all tried. The heart does not judge — it just knows it knows which way is correct. Today, I am here only to inspire people to find this out. Not only based on what I want to say, but on what they want to say, many people around the world, and especially Aboriginal because Aboriginal people managed to keep their world for millions of years, and they did it by focusing its being heart. And now everything is falling apart. Unable to find a way through the mind. We will never be able to do this with the mind.

Institute of HeartMath, and Stanford University conducted a thorough study of the heart. Scientists say that when a person enters into the heart, to feel the love, he can not enter into a special space in the heart, because there are two kinds of love. There are two heart chakras, one is located just above the sternum, and the other — by 7.23 cm higher than the first. That which is above is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain, and it is in it we experience human love. In human love is opposite, as well as in the brain. Thus, loving someone, we can feel a very deep love for this man, but if he at some point say something wrong, we can instantly hate him. We immediately rush to the other extreme and sometimes feel so angry that this man barely tolerated. And then, two minutes later, again feel the love. This love, coming out of the right hemisphere, from the top of the heart chakra — it is our emotional body, residing in duality. It was from him all these woes. When do we get to the heart, there is no duality, the heart does not know the other side of the coin, it knows only unconditional love. Love emanating from this particular space, is able to solve our problems.

Going into the space inside the heart and finding that love, we find that in this space all the hearts of all people — and in fact, and all life everywhere — are the same. There we will see who are our brothers in fact, and what they need. We will know exactly what to do — without conflict. We will know exactly how to act in such a way as to solve the problems of every living being. Our mind will always be judged. We will always call it love, but it's pseudo-love, which has a dark side. Unconditional love — this is a vibration that is the very living creation. And if we will find it, we will go through all the tests.

Jade Wahoo: How do we find her, Drunvalo?

Drunvalo: I am looking for ways to do it. I feel that I have found, and continue to explore. I do not want to say for sure that he had found what he was looking for, but I think it is. I learned so much in the religions of the world — this way I was shown the natives. In my book I give almost all of what I know so far about how to enter into the space of the heart. I spent that way for about 4,000 people, and about half of them managed to enter into this space. If we have a warm, emotional trauma, if we have experienced the pain gone through a divorce or are faced with people who are deeply hurt us, it is difficult for us to overcome and enter into the space of the heart. So often need emotional healing to fully enter into the space of the heart and to be able to live it, breathe it, translate it into reality.

Diane: So this is, in a sense, a different perception.

Drunvalo: It's a completely different view of the world. You do not see good and bad, do not see anything wrong. In fact, in the heart of everything looks absolutely perfect, holistic and complete. This leads us to what is called the cosmic DNA. Operating from the heart of the space, it is impossible to make a mistake. Everything is perfect. In it you rather just a witness, watch, enjoy, and you know what happens in the end.

Jade Wahoo: It turns out that the internal work in which we are so deeply involved in itself is not a spiritual path — it is important to lead us to the place from where the spiritual journey in the heart of hearts.

Drunvalo: Yes, that is my understanding: most spiritual paths associated with foreign operations or engaged in an inner spiritual work which leads to the point where you are, all life everywhere and God are one, and this point is closely related to the heart — I deeply believe in it .

Tibetan Buddhists also know about the space of the heart, but for a person to be entered in this space in their methodology, you need 13 lives. However, in the current situation, we need to find a way to do it now — not in the next life, and now. Kogi very clear about that. They are well versed in what's happening. But the way in which they are injected into the space human heart can not be used in the Western world. Kogi recommended to me in the following way: go in a completely dark place where there is no light, and stand there without sleep, food or drink for nine days and nine nights. They said that as a result of man is bound to be in the space of the heart. But not many people can pull it off! It would be difficult to pass and through the first day. This discipline was elaborated by them for a very long time. However, I had to find other ways.

This helped me HeartMath Institute and Stanford University, who discovered that there is a box around the heart in the shape of a torus. The fact that the heart has an energy field, which is generated by the heart and the sacred space within the heart — as we believe. This toroidal field is the largest electromagnetic field around your body, it's more than a field emitted by the brain — a surprising fact to many scientists. This field diameter of 2.5 to 3 meters (8-10 feet) has the form of (i.e., similar to a donut). Inside it is another torus, smaller, which is key to the space of the heart. The fact is that by entering into the heart, you will find there the space — for all the people it is different. Within this space is a smaller space — it's the mystery is the mystery and contains all. One study from Stanford University showed that this energy field is a rotating vortex entering directly into the sacred space of the heart and generated by them. I found that after some training, you can use this vortex, and he brings a person into the space of the heart. Then, about a year ago, in Germany, we have found another way, it is very simple. And since it's so simple, many people can not use it. The first method — a male, it is associated with a particular form, and can be accurately described the other person what to do. The second way — a female, he has no form: you just move, using your intuition, and in this movement let your intuition lead you into the sacred space of the heart. Some people fit this way.

I'm sure there are other ways. Recently published a book Glinda Green on this topic. It offers a space to enter the heart in another way. Now all over the world there are people who talk about it. This is a phenomenon — I think that the very Mother Earth seeks to awaken our memory. People all over the world to discover ways to enter the space of the heart. I do not know, but I think that the process is not one.

Jade Wahoo: Drunvalo, when you talk about the Earth, comes to my mind that's what. The Earth has its own magnetic field, which has the shape of a torus. We, the people of Earth, talking about the heart of Mother Earth. It is itself a pulsating field of consciousness deep within the earth's core. Perhaps it relates to the human heart of hearts.

Drunvalo: We studied the sacred geometry of the field around the human body in relation to the Mer Ka Ba. The fact that there are several electromagnetic fields extending into the space around the human 17-18 meters (55-60 feet). About these fields was discussed in my first two books, "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life." These fields have a specific, distinct characteristics, they are located around the body in a certain way and have the shape of a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron. These energy patterns are identical structures located around the Earth, with the only difference being that the Earth they are much larger. I believe that the Earth, like us, have a heart, and the heart of the space inside the earth, which the ancient Egyptians called the Halls of Amenti, exactly the same as ours, there is a special space. In the Halls of Amenti is Flame of Life, from which the individual was a flame of life of each of us. Yes, the Earth is just like us, has a special space.

Having found a space inside my heart, we are united not only with the Earth, but with the sun and the other planets, with the Galaxy, around which there are exactly the same structure — with All Life Everywhere. And in whatever direction you may move: up, in the macrocosm, or down into the microcosm — you will find the same structure around the atoms and even electrons around — around all around the entire matter. Life has a deep relationship, and it is the awakening of the memory of this relationship Lifetime is currently our spiritual journey. No matter by what spiritual or religious path we go, we all come to that, to remember that there is only one Spirit, one God, only one life. We just forgot about it.

Diane: Let's go back to the beginning of our conversation to the situation in the world today. I know that many people are afraid because of what is happening. And those who have the "knowledge" — spiritual knowledge — to be honest, it's also quite worrying. Worry about survival, of course, peculiar to human nature.

Drunvalo: Yes, here it is necessary to show concern and care.

Diana: If you imagine that on one side of the scale we have the current situation in the world, the third dimension, what is happening in the world right now. And on the other side of the scale — the entry into the space of the heart. Let's say that most people will enter into the space of the heart. Outline a picture of how the transition could occur in this case.

Drunvalo: It's an interesting question, I spent a lot of time thinking about it. And what conclusion I came to, when we are focused in the mind, and our spirit is in the head, when the spirit of the works of the mind, there is some problem about which he does not know. Gregg Braden wrote the book "The Isaiah Effect". It is based on the scrolls found near the Dead Sea Scrolls and telling how to work wonders. To a miracle occurred in the human spirit must be simultaneously involved certain aspects. The body, the mind and the heart, or the emotional body (in fact, it said, it is about him) must be active at the same time that a miracle happened. At the same time, all this, nevertheless, proceeds from the mind. And whenever and whatever created the mind — for example, if he is praying for the world, if millions of people are praying for world peace, but pray from the mind — then, because this tool is used, dual in nature, there is a dual the system. So if people pray for peace throughout the world, as a result of the world and the world will be, and the war — this is a property with the creation of the mind. If you create from the heart, it does not, because the heart works differently. Mind creates by thought and logic. If a change occurs, if A is converted to B, it is possible to build a logical chain as it occurs. The heart is quite different. The heart works not through thought and logic, it works with dreams, emotional feelings and their very existence. Thus, the process of creating Sci and logic is not used therein. Therefore, when entering into the heart, we all begin to create, we can see in the outside world that does not fit into the framework of logic. The world is just changing. How did this happen? I can not tell you. The ocean just got clean. Or clear sky. Why? No one knows. It just happened.

And I believe that it is at this level we will be able to go out, and we will be living, working from the heart, not the mind. But you asked how it happens. — I do not know! Because everything depends on our universal dreams, as we want to do it, or how it is conceived by God. I can not say what will happen. I only know that if we all humanity will enter the sacred space of the heart, the world will come into harmony and all our problems will go away. But as it happens, I can not say.

Diana: Maybe if we prayed about themselves that would connect us to the one-world community. Prayer is born within me with these words: "May the all the creatures in this single thread of life in which we all dwell." That is all we want to live, we all want to be happy, we all want to love.

Drunvalo: There is another point, which is connected with the fact of what you are saying. About this time in the Bible, and including it is said that children will show us the way that children first begin to live this way. They find their way into what in Christian terms is called the Sacred Heart of Jesus (and this is nothing like the Sacred Space of the Heart). That is what we find when we begin to study children. All over the world, including China, Mexico, Russia and Bulgaria — have kids that can do what Jesus did, the Buddha, Lao Tzu and Mohammed. Recorded many, many hundreds of such cases. Seeing that children do, scientists can not explain how this happens. So it was with five thousand Chinese children, which investigated the ability of scientists in China. A six year old child came to the table at the far end of which was sealed bottle of pills. Not being able to touch the bottle, just looking at her, the child took out the pills. The glass is not broken, but the pills turned out to be on the table. And then the baby just put up a coin and put it in a sealed bottle, which thus remained intact. Having seen it once, the researchers wanted to find out how. And further, were found five thousand children are capable of doing the same thing.

The mind is not able to explain how the heart. But this is a real phenomenon, the most surprising of all that is happening in the world. And now we're shooting a big documentary about it. I think when it comes out, it will not only inspire people, but also show that it is true that these children are able to do all the things they wish they had. Whatever they thought, this is happening. In fact, Jesus did the same thing: he walked on water and performed all kinds of miracles. And children. In China, there were two children who could walk through walls. Just try to explain it! However, they do that. This is even a magazine wrote "Neicho" ("Nature") — one of the major scientific journals in the world. That is, scientists have recognized that this has happened, but can not logically explain how this could be because it is on a different level of creation.

In my opinion and that of many other researchers with whom I am connected, sometime in the future, perhaps very soon, these children come together, connect through your heart space. After all, they are doing exactly that: a part of the space of the heart, in a tiny place within it, and while staying there, they know everything. They can tell all of you, to give any information and are able to create all the external world, what they dream about. But if they are all connected, then … — you just imagine! — It will be really the birth of a new humanity. And if we go after them, they will show us the way how to get into the heart of humanity, and how to be a single Living Spirit. At this point, no problem at all.

We did everything by the mind, the entire science and technology is a product of the mind. In the space of the heart, there is one very interesting aspect that was a shock for me. When I walked into the space of the heart, it took several years before it opened inside pass out, and there were all the stars, planets — are exactly as they are known to me. And I realized that the outside world is also mind and heart. And that's where it came from — I know it now. One day I was reading one of ancient writings, which dealt with the same thing: having entered your heart, people discover the stars, the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Thus, the outside world, we seek to expand by means of rockets, spacecraft and technologies available to every person on Earth at any moment: it is inside the heart. And there at any moment, everything is possible, which can only imagine the heart. Need no spaceships, in which we could sit down and make a trip, do not wait for them to appear — you can go right now.

This ancient knowledge possessed by each person. Everyone can enter into this space, and it has everything it needs. This is not an exceptional ability or knowledge of teachers, gurus and so on. Anyone can do it. You only need to make a decision and to strive in this direction — and people will find this space, I am convinced of this. When all the people will find it and connect in our hearts, we know that in life there is something far more incredible than we imagined.

Diane: And then, with this knowledge, it is possible there will be radical changes in the world situation, be it war or the environment.

Drunvalo: Sure! Problems will disappear with the environment, the war will disappear, we will begin to heal, and looking into the eyes of each person, we will see that God, the Creator of All Life Everywhere, is in this man, because we know this man my heart. I was able to enter into the space of the heart to another person and actually get him to swap the body to go into the world of the third dimension on earth in the body of another man while he was in my body. In this fixed, crystallized, the world in which we, in our opinion, we live, we are in for a pleasant surprise.

Diana: It would be a wonderful outlook despite propaganda spread by now.

Drunvalo: The situation will get worse, and I know it will get worse and worse. At least my internal drivers told me it would be so bad that people stop believing in the possibility of finding a solution, it would seem that this is the end. And at the last moment will change: we understand the nature of the heart, get into it — and took amazing, incredible new world, a new life.

Jade Wahoo: People walking on the spiritual path, they know, or at least willing to take a real manifestation of the features you're talking about. But people who are deeply immersed in the existing tradition, the world's political leaders, no doubt, also be aware of these symptoms in children faculties of man, that we talked about. How, in your opinion, they will apply this knowledge in their actions in this situation?

Drunvalo: At the moment our government and corporations do not particularly apply this knowledge. Our administration is using the old methods, "if they do not do what I say, let's go and beat them, declare war." As corporations begin to realize what is happening, it will affect their work. They will work carefully before you make a move, they will really think about all the living and the most carefully examine not whether their actions will cause harm — such an approach, in the end, will be the only one possible. Because when people come into the heart, they simply will not support corporations and businesses with other principles work. And some of the changes in this direction are already taking place. Environmental awareness is becoming a necessity for corporations — financial necessity. But this phenomenon has not yet reached such a scale that the previous attitude was completely eradicated in the world. That is, our corporations use child labor, they will do everything to make the dollar and the stock market continued to exist in its present form. Understanding of the world from the perspective of the heart must enter not only in family life, but is in all other spheres of life. How will it happen? Now it seems impossible. Especially in the current situation where in many ways darkness thickens.

Diana: I am very interested in the new film, "The Day After Tomorrow," which will be released this weekend. Sometimes gets the impression that humanity (even if the view is not on a global scale, and at the level of groups and families) acts the same pattern: people always wait until there is a need to act. However, it seems that many disaster movies, among others, the message is: if there is a disaster that will affect the entire Earth (eg, asteroid, space sickness or any similar disaster), then — and only then — will unite the nation , corporations, different people. They come together for a common purpose, and that purpose is clearly survival. For me it is a very interesting point.

Drunvalo: And once the threat is gone, they may again return to his former life, if the essence of human nature will be a reason, like now. Because we all have egos, we are separated from the spirit (although in reality it is not so, but so it seems). And, being separated, we always think about ourselves. Any political or financial body also thinks only of himself. Often it is possible to face the fact that a financial institution turned to another with a proposal: that's the technology that will be useful to you, and you can save by applying it around the world? So no one enters, because the mind prevails everywhere. But I believe that in the end we will reach beyond the frame of mind and move on to the mood of the heart. All that remains of the past, we will overcome it and move on.

It is essential that people understand the concept at first, and then took an internal decision to find out true or not. If it is correct, then you are sure of its truth. If it is false, you too will know about it. We need to find a solution to all of these questions, because we believe in it or not, we are in danger. What is going on in the Atlantic Ocean, will destroy the existing models of the weather, and then water and food will become a very important resource. As I understand it, based on the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" (although I did not see) is the knowledge that the Gulf Stream stops, and the film shows the consequences of this.

Jade Wahoo: It's based on the book Whitley Strieber and Art Bell.

Drunvalo: Yes, but at the same time it is based on scientific data on what is actually happening.

Jade Wahoo: Yes, the book is written on this basis.

Drunvalo, for example, there are three steps that students could take in my life right now. What would bring people to the entry into the space of the heart?

Drunvalo: For me, the first step is to realize that the inner and the outer world are interconnected. What is happening in our families and the people around us, our friends, at work, etc., — internally all inextricably interconnected. It is impossible to do anything in secret. You should know that the whole world — one. How to see and deeply understand this? With the help of sacred geometry can be shown that this is the case, to obtain absolute proof of unity. When evidence is obtained, the left and right hemisphere begin to connect. And then you can start looking and find a secret space inside the heart. And I think (because I watched as thousands of people were in this space) is that when you become aware of the existence of the space within the heart, when you remember that space and start looking for, you are sure to find it.

Once in this space, you begin to change ourselves from within. Then change the relationship with the members of his family. In the words of the Dalai Lama, "first family", the family — this is the most important. You do not take up the global aspects of life, but start with his entourage, with, what you can touch. Changes are beginning to gain momentum, as the seed from which sprout appears and begins to grow, turning into a tree. So you allow this process to increase, gradually going on in the world. And then you begin to see how to solve a particular problem. If you lead a corporation, you find a way to change her job. You can continue to make money, but without prejudice to the earth and helping people. It's a slow process of growth, starting with a single cell and is gradually expanding. I do not know any other way to do it.

Jade Wahoo: It sounds quite clear and legible. Thank you.

Diane: Yes, it's wonderful. Thank you for what you have been with us today, and shared his knowledge. Students may apply to sites and and find information there about what the Drunvalo.


1. World ViewZ

2. Abnormal warm seasonal surface current in the eastern Pacific Ocean; develops sporadically in the summer when passing near the equator cyclones (in Spanish El Niño).

3. This publication can be found in English at

4. Convection — moving parts microscopic fluid (gas, liquid), resulting in mass transfer, heat and other physical quantities.

5. The news of the "Spirit of Ma'at," leaving a message on the melting of ice shelves Larsen A and B. They can be read in Russian:

6. Drunvalo says, "Ross", but the glacier is on the opposite side of the Larsen Ice, and it is located near a glacier Ronne.

World Vision (World ViewZ)

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