Invasion of rats in Moscow

Residents of a house on the street Chertanovskaya seriously troubled from the sudden invasion of rats. Rodents climb on balconies and regularly annoy motorists, destroying the wiring in cars. They were so many that even the local public utilities are afraid to go to the basement.

"Here, even their food is sometimes. They drag under the hood of your own food" — outraged host "Lada".

Now it is not uncommon — a rat under the hood. Residents of house number 37 on the street Chertanovskaya have to get used to the unpleasant neighborhood. Rodents invaded lawns, basements and even a balcony, where they were taking on a gas pipe. A car parked in the yard is generally considered his property.

"All the wires ate them and I shook," — says the owner of "Volga".

Previously lived in the basement of a cat, they somehow checked the growth of rat tribe — while local DES have not decided to do rodents. Communal sealed the basement windows, scattered poison. Dead cats, rats survived.

"From the third entrance of a man bitten by a rat, making him 40 shots," — says a resident of house number 37 Valentina Ivanova.

Now, even the staff Deza the basement once again not to go down.

"They even say themselves: in the basement to go terribly, there's a lot of rats" — continues to Valentina Ivanova.

Rats have always been human companions. But it's hard not to notice: in recent years the number has increased dramatically in the city. And this summer the rodents began to appear even where there was none before. Lost their fear of people. Now, according to experts, each resident of the capital up to 40 rats. Does not help either broken glass or cement.

"We are filled with cement — but mink appear. Here's one, here's another one. It's useless!" — Recognizes a resident of house number 37.

In DEZah cause rat invasion considered a poor job of sanitation services. But the residents of the occupied houses rodents no doubt: public utilities are guilty.

"They say we morim! And why are they starved and rats running around? And they say, because such a stain: If you pay for a good, normal stain, we'll starve! And they pay the cheapest," — says a resident of house number 37 Irina Nikitina.

"If the poison takes to process, it is worth a specific amount — say, 50 rubles, and the funding they do not have — for example, are only 15 rubles, then, of course, is insufficient to effectively dezobrabotka" — said Acting Head of the Laboratory of biocontrol test lab center Moscow City Center disinfection Konstantin Shestakov.

While sanitation — a really effective method, if done by the book. Example — Sandy Street. Plot of land near the mine underground rat was chosen family. In the subway here — Dumpsters and a kindergarten. A lucrative, but the rats do not go there. Because here regularly see people in white masks.

"The fact that this is our obyazalovke. Once a month — maintenance work" — says the employee health service.

People who find themselves surrounded by rodents, trying to cope with the invasion itself — push away from houses bins to be erected on the lawns cat houses to scare away rats and try to teach the neighbors do not leave trash bags near the chutes. But all these measures to help the weak.

Leonid Shepelev

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