«Iron Dome» has been tested fight

Since the recent operation «Cloud Pillar» and did not reach the ground phase, all combat actions during the week took place on the same circuit. Israeli combat aircraft struck at targets in Gaza and scout drones and control fruits attacks. Anti-Israel coalition of organizations Hamas, the National Liberation Committees, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was responsible for the air strikes only harsh statements and constant attacks on Israeli areas. The vast majority of attacks from the territory of Gaza was carried out using different types of rockets. Because of this, Israel would use its missile defense system. Due to some peculiarities of the rocket attacks, the vast majority of combat operation had to do calculations missile defense systems «Iron Dome.»

Detailed consideration of the introduction of «Iron Dome» should start with the official figures. According to Israeli military operations this week «pillar of cloud» over 875 missiles launched from the territory of the Gaza Strip fell in uninhabited areas or agricultural areas without causing particular harm. 58 missiles were able to break through to the intended purpose and fell into Israeli towns. Another 421 missile was destroyed missile defense systems. So makarom to different objects of Israel could fly at least 14% of the total number of missiles that could hit the target. As for the 875 munitions that proparhali past some buildings, the Israeli defense gave them quietly fall away from possible targets.

The main Israeli missile defense system «Iron Dome» («Kipat Barzel»), which became the main character of reports on the progress of operations, has a number of exciting features. Fall enemy missiles in unpopulated areas is a direct consequence of some of them. The complex is equipped with a missile defense radar EL/M-2084 development company Elta Systems, which is designed to detect and track targets. In practice, this radar can look for a missile of any type available in the region, but support is taken only targets that can be hit antimissiles available. If the enemy missile has a very higher for the «Iron Dome» speed, the information is forwarded to other missile batteries that can cope with it. In addition, the radar gun calculates EL/M-2084 line motion enemy missiles and anticipates the place of its fall. In ballistic computer memory map of the area available, which are validated against data on the point of impact. If this point falls on any settlement, the command for launching missiles. If ammo enemy flies in a deserted area, the electronics only accompanies it in case some configurations line of motion. On the basis of such methods of radar operation «Iron Dome», it is easy to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of rocket attacks from Gaza. Little count indicates that about two-thirds of running wow «Qassam», «Grad» and «Fajr» could not even get close to their targets. More «lucky» missiles, in turn, were attacked and, in most own, shot down. Only four percent of the total number of issued rockets have gained their own purposes.

As a result, Arab rocket attacks on Israel terrain 6 people died and 239 were injured to varying degrees of severity. For comparison, we can recall the numerical nuances second Lebanon war in 2006, one of the results which at one time was the creation of several complexes of missile defense. Then two months of hostilities Arab militias fired at Israel over 4 thousand missiles. Little more than a thousand of them fell on the ground populated Fri Loss in the midst of the civilian population of Israel were 44 dead and more than 4 thousand the wounded. In addition, in 2006, caused a real rocket damage in excess of one and a half billion U.S. dollars. As we see, the effectiveness of the latest missile now proven in practice: the goal is not cried down 25-26%, and only 4 percent of the total number of issued missiles. Immediately it should be noted, and increase the effectiveness of fire unguided rockets in 2006 Arab fighters sent paramilitary organizations «in milk» three-quarters of the missiles, and 6 years after that — 60%. There is some increase in accuracy. In light of this fact, the presence of anti-missile systems becomes even more vital matter.

Another fascinating side of the «Iron Dome» is the financial component of its operation. According to reports, one of the interceptor missile launch Israeli military costs 35-40 thousand dollars. Multiplying this figure by the number of missiles flying to Human Fri, get a multi-million. Regarding prevented antimissiles harm, then there can only guess and make approximate calculations. Or take into account the logic of the Israeli military, which they perceived to adopt new missile defense system. Either way, with a large modicum of probability it can be argued about pretty big savings alone compensation for the victims, not to mention the cost to restore the destroyed buildings.

In discussions about economic efficiency «Iron Dome» is often rises theme prices Arab missiles. Fully say that no matter which of the missiles used by the Arabs, whether «Qassam» or «Fajr», is on the order of, or even two, cheaper just one interceptor missile. In addition, comparable to a small amount of anti-missile systems (of 5 batteries) does not allow to capture a huge amount of rockets at once. So makarom anti-Israeli forces are fully capable to arrange a massive bombardment, such as MLRS combat vehicles, as a result of which a large part of unguided missiles will be able to reach their goals. Israeli command is aware of these risks and therefore have long stares the movements of suspicious vehicles. As it is clear, in the operation «Cloud Pillar» by the Israeli Air Force destroyed several vehicles transporting rockets launchers or left on the position to fire. In the case of the introduction of Hamas or even any other similar organization harsh combat vehicles result will be the same. In view of the deteriorating situation on the borders with Gaza and Palestine, Israel a few months back the intensified patrols insecure areas using unmanned aerial vehicles. So makarom machine MLRS, with appropriate appearance, with a large modicum of probability will be destroyed, most later, after reaching the firing position. In addition, the introduction of such technology can have nasty Arabs international response. Because is used only handicraft made launchers.

Currently, Israel has five panels «Iron Dome.» The same number can be put on duty within the next couple of years. Nedavneshnego time before the construction and purchase of new complexes have been the subject of controversy. But passing operation «Cloud Pillar» has demonstrated the effectiveness of this system. So, most likely, Israel will find managing the funds to purchase a few more batteries. As shown, the complexes, their service and the introduction of martial state treasury will cost even less than the restoration of civilian objects and compensation to the victims.

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