It's hot, rising prices do not pay attention …

Mr."Naturally, the energy rising in price. Of course, I, as the driver can feel it. Nothing else I can say special. "

Mrs."I do not notice it, it's fine, it's fine with me. They are growing and so can not be helped. "

Mrs."A little increase for dairy products and meat. This is what interests me the most. "

Young man"With such earnings rise ever felt. No, do not jump, of course, but never have enough. I only spend money on food and clothing as it was expensive, and remains. "

Mrs."We were recently very concerned about the problem of repair of apartment. So — building materials are getting more expensive: it worries us very much. "

Mr."Fuel is also grown considerably in fact, if not for the last couple of months, but it is expected that the newly fees. This is a basic problem for us. It turns out that the less we go and think — how much to spend on it. Other articles that would give money who are suffering through this. "

Mr."I used to follow the prices. Here's a nice anecdote about the Georgian denomination in 1961. The Georgians are asking — how do you feel about that denomination? — Positive attitude. — Why? — You know, before the fifty rubles, I could go to a restaurant once, and now — two. About and we have the same thing happens, people complain. Milk increased in price, the sausage. "

Mrs."What is it? Of course, we realize that the rise in prices — for food, I'm not talking about clothes. I am a pensioner, it is for me to exclude all ".

Girl"On the products they will always grow …"

Her husband"On the products at things on a bit of everything."

Mrs."I can not say, so I do not look at the price. Dairy products are expensive — something that often consume, it is felt, as well — passionately, do not pay attention. "

Her friend"Vegetables in the country has its own …"


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