It would be interesting to NTV gave the word to the Belarusian authorities

Comment of the Belarusian head of Radio Liberty Alexander Lukashuk for Russian students to the third part of the movie "The Godfather."

Russian television showed on Sunday, the third part of the movie "The Godfather." The film became a political sensation of the summer in Belarus. Perhaps, with one caveat: most of the audience in Belarus did not see him because that is NTV is not available. Those who have seen — is the opposition and nomenclature, which looked at it, mostly on youtube. Neither for the first nor for the contents of the second film is not a sensation. Nomenclature certainly knows a lot more than what was shown in the film, and about the actual charges — kidnapping, economic corruption, mental illness Alexander Lukashenko — all of this Belarusian opposition for many years, wrote in the independent media. It is important not what, but who.

The fact that the relations between Belarus and Russia have deteriorated, no news this summer. Suffice it to recall the gas, oil, milk wars previous years. But. After a few months of the presidential election in Belarus. Not once in the last 15 years, they did not open and fair, but Russia has always supported Lukashenko. Whether it will support it in once? Here's a question for the opposition. For the nomenclature of such a question is not. Yesterday, I suppose, at night the majority of the range discussed in whispers film — they are too tied and intimidated.

As a journalist, I have two questions for the filmmakers. First, not all of the evidence base will withstand analysis in court, although the court may have other arguments. And second, where the same words or arguments the other side? It would be interesting to NTV presented to the Belarusian authorities in the time of its broadcast. After all, the original "Godfather" four series.



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