Iudohristianskaya plague

Bright Witches — Beregin burned crusaders dedicated.

The first "miracle" of Jesus
And the world will lead the baptized
At each station inn

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Only the blind now sees a direct relationship between the increasing number of construction (at taxpayer expense!) Churches and the increase in alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, poverty and death. Criminal Yeltsin regime, on the orders of the international bankers Kahal conducting purposeful genocide of the Russian people, the solder was not only a spiritual booze from alcohol poisoning alone killed several hundred thousand people a year. With regard to the number of deaths to the number of births is equal to one, begins depopulation, ie Extinction of the people, we have the ratio 1.63.

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Ceremonial drink of the Slavs of old had a beer and fermented honey and hops (haoma ancient Iranians were akin to our hops). These magical drinks — the gifts of nature and at the same time its mystery: chemistry can not explain the principle of fermentation.

All ancient peoples intoxicating potion preparation and their use has been associated exclusively with religious rites. Drinking was sveschennodeystvom, leading to a state of delight, admiration, ecstasy in the original sense, what gave these words of nymphs. Such intoxication revered divine prophetic, because people created a sense of communication with the Spirits of the patron during the festivities in their honor. Inebriety in ancient societies were not: a cautionary Spartans to show young adults drunken helots.

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The transition from the religious use of intoxicating beverages to domestic abuse Russ owes half-breed-vyblyadku Vladimir, changed FAITH vvergnuvshemu ancestors and the people in the millennial Judeo-Christian bondage. Describing the life of the pagan princes Oleg, Igor, Svetoslav, chroniclers says not a word about the unbridled obschekievskih binge like Vladimirov. Priests taldychat like rusichi be in vice, if not for the Christianization: but that the preachers of the Bible "virtues," such as "holy" fratricide Vladimir and differ mostly blatant wickedness.

All mortal sins accused "enlightenment" of the Judeo-Christian Slavs — "idolaters", but not in the drinking. CORE VALUE Prosveshchenie GENTILE WAS health, prosperity and procreation. In the pagan world could be drinking, leading to deformities, infertility and degeneration. Born to love to drink can not, as popular wisdom says (translated from Russian to literary). And if they fall in love, it will produce "not a mouse or a frog, but unknown to little animals."

Alien religion began the march on Russian soil with "harmless" sayings, "Do not drink only in heaven but on Holy Russia — who are not raised it." And it follows already leads directly to a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the first miracle of Jesus.

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The wine was the most common drink of the Jews. Wine in the Bible — one of the foundations of life: "The children cry: bread and wine" (Lamentations Ier.2.12). Who was rescued from the flood Jehovah of hosts? Repulsive drunken Noah. Another favorite of God was "righteous Lot" cohabit in a drunken stupor with their daughters. Wine was used not only as food for religious ceremonies, it was and remains an important part of the Sabbath and holiday meals. Therefore, the Jewish families from childhood accustomed to rather weak alcohol. Already eight-child is given a drop of wine immediately after circumcision. Got his drop and small iisusik, the one whom other pravoslavstvuyuschie zhidoedtsy worship the "true Aryan" and even "Russian God."

The whole "sententiousness" Gospel story of what happened in Cana is that when a wedding in the village did not have enough to drink, Jesus willingly satisfy the thirsty and turned water into wine, putting it top of its childishly boastful "miracles." Jesus emphasized that he does not fast and not mortify, and lives so that people say, "Here is a man who loves to eat and drink wine." But if a healthy man in the prime of life is eating meat, drinking wine, but does not want a woman, but prefers to recline with unmarried youths — students, it is thought-provoking …

Unnatural hatred in Christian woman, went to the fire over 9 million (!) "Accomplice of Satan" comes from the medieval monasteries, whose inhabitants, zealously follow their Lord, were unscrupulous muzhelozhtsami-alcoholics.

The fact that homosexuality is an outward sign of spiritual perversion, knew even at the time of Zoroaster. The main danger of Judeo-Christianity is not in its misery. Jesus did not just insane, he is obsessed with vengeful anger. His actions clearly visible sinister intent. He knows what he's doing when kills a fig tree — a tree, personifying life, fertility, handsome terrestrial. This is yet another of his "miracle" symbolizes the curse of Mother Nature. Hence the frantic struggle with the glorification of obscurantist SUN, FUN, LOVE, with groves and Prosveshchenie midsummer dances, with paganism as a permanent holiday communion with nature. Anticipating a sea of blood shed "glory of God", came to worship the baby Jesus, the Chaldean astrologers, warlocks …

There is no doubt that Jesus possessed extraordinary mental strength and weakness of the crowd used to miracles. No doubt, also, that occult influence on the physical plane in order to create a "miracle" — a lot of cheap witches, but not spiritual seekers. In vain Jesus' miracles is not divine inspiration. His walking on water devoid of any spiritual value and dignity Is a fakir. An ancient legend says, as a wise man met on the River Yoga, and asked him: "What have you learned in your life?" Yogi said, "I can not go in the water to the shore." The sage shook his head: "You spent so many years that is available to everyone that pays a few pennies boatman."

Regrettable "poor in spirit", it was believed that miracles are to bring the pig to suicide, driving them as "devils." Every sincere seeker, improved, sooner or later spontaneously acquires magical powers, but do not use them: they are not necessary, because nature itself, in response to his handpicked successor, nenarochito and gently helps him even without any request on his part. Everything that happens to a man, it seems so natural that it is difficult to see here what can be called a miracle of spontaneity.

The main feature of the artificial, book, profane religions (Judaism and his two siblings: Christianity and Islam) — the belief in the supernatural God and in miracles. In paganism is no place for God or his miracles, for Divine and miraculous nature itself.

Alcohol was obtained in 1334, inventor of the first French monk moonshine — alchemist Arnold Villneva. In the middle of the XV century. in one of the monasteries was born near Moscow, Russian vodka. The first "tsar's tavern" was solemnly blessed by the clergy, opened in Moscow in 1533, vodka was our national drink, and neotmolenny sin for soldering the people fully in the church, fiercely fought with beer as a legacy-relic "blasphemous paganism." In the XVI century. All historians are unanimous in rapid coarsening of Russian customs. "The vice of drinking is so common in this nation in all classes, as the spiritual and the secular in individuals with high and low, men and women, young and old … drink vodka often" — written in the "Journey to Muscovy Adam Oleary and Persia.

Around the worst in our national character, we have to "Russian" Orthodoxy. That it spoiled Slav, instilling him before utterly inappropriate, the Byzantine faults: servility and bondage, pohabstvo and bloodthirsty fanaticism and drunkenness. In the XV century. Metropolitan Hilarion in the "Sermon on Law and Grace" taught: "First we were like animals and cattle …". Here's the first example of Russian samooplevyvaniya, suggestion aversion to his own "curse" the past, the ancestors — "infidels" to the entire family — national — natural.

"Millennium Holy Russia" is a good example of how to live Ivana, renounced KIND:

Neum and unkempt, always polupyan,
In our walks homespun zipunishke Ivan
You can drink one hundred glasses, just a tray,
How many of them, such Ivanov, in Holy Russia?
(NA Nekrasov)

Drink too much, as a rule, people with a good sense, easily vulnerable soul, naked and defenseless. Their drunkenness was a peculiar protection of the terrible and unjust reality. After the baptism of the Slavs became slaves twice: and the Lord of the manor. Orthodox landowner with the blessing of the Orthodox priest disposed Orthodox serfs as a thing. It is conceivable at the time of the pagan liberties?

Surprisingly quickly subdued "fire water" and the brave, independent peoples of Siberia. Having suffered a total defeat in their attempts to Christianization, the missionaries did find a weak spot: baptized received a pack of tobacco and a bottle of vodka. Travelers described cases, when a few days later, the natives were ready to be baptized a second, third time, just to get the due poison. Whole tribes were dying, infected universal "values": Christianity, syphilis, vodka.

Among the negative characters of Russian fairy tales special place of honor given to the Orthodox clergy. Not only in fairy tales and songs, but also in Proverbs and in byvalschinah and jokes — all pop — first propiton, a glutton and a clitoris, and all his "Duryan breed" — one joke. Greed, stupidity, extortion, disgrace "paunchy Stallion" — the subject of national scorn: "Pop that bug, too, drink human blood," "Our Father Titus and Lent fornication," "Our Father Damian, and on Good Friday drunk."

Christian church, and especially Orthodoxy announced the so-called heretics. Aquaria or gidroparastatov, ie absolute teetotallers, administer the sacrament water, not wine. If priests got drunk before "provisions Reese", the monks — "to hell." Ivan the Terrible lamented: "… a monk haircuts … to always revel; upivanie immense, debauchery, sodomy. The abbess and Father … robyata young all kelyam live unhindered. " Necessity is the mother church spawned Taverns and whole hordes of freeloaders — monks foolish lousy, stinking nischebludov, blissful idiots.

To have an idea of the terrible booze in feast day, just look at the picture from life to write Perov "Rural procession on Easter." "Drunk people are easier to manage," — used to say Catherine II.

The tsarist government issued liquor trade at the mercy of the Jews. The vast majority of pubs in Russia belonged parhatomu zhulyu. Tavern and inn was a brothel, where poor, deluded rusichi sold for next to nothing all that they had, getting into a lifelong bondage to the lender, the innkeeper. With the open connivance of the church, the Jews brought to utter ruin of the peasants, accustomed to vodka to such an extent that it has become addicted to our national disaster. Nothing Russian peasant measures do not know, "he worked to death, to a pulp drink."

Now the power of secular and ecclesiastical authority — again accomplices: one hand washes. Church Mafia has fabulous profits from duty-free trade in tobacco and alcohol, and (!) And encourages people not to complain, but to pray and drink to the health of the Kremlin mafia. Due to market "values" of capitalism, for the first time in the history of Russia, death rate exceeded the birth rate. Alcohol makes men effeminate cowards, and of the women — mannish Koblov unable to give birth. Nation die, if not cleared of millennial-alliluyno bormotushnogo dope.

The only antidote to this misery are awakening can only native RUSSIAN SPIRIT, our co-eternal to the people and inspires him long before Jesus was born on the shores of the Dead Sea. We revival RUSSIAN SPIRIT — RUSSIAN NATIONAL IDENTITY — a return to his native roots — paganism — the culture of ancient, pre-Christian carrier in the world is not suffering and disease, and the light, life, joy, victory!

Familiar and forgotten
Prophetic soul of the people is embodied in its language and in the name, that he gave his welcome sons and daughters. Wonderful Names worn by our ancestors. These names have a secret power and miraculous properties. They gave their owners the joy and inspiration, courage and strength, love and charm, health and childbearing.

Sounding name is the image of man, his guardian and an omen, largely determine his fate. Magi Prosveshchenie Imyarecheniya rite associated with his newborn Rod, Homeland, Nature. The child, called a national, natural name, Beregin Spirits Slavonic Patrons Rhoda perceive as their own, native. A person with high birth and noble name of eminent persons, mine, famous and not rootless renegade.

Loss of proper Names have loss of national identity. People who had lost their svetootecheskie names, there is a nation-orphan. It is no coincidence iudohristiane begin a bloody subjugation "idolaters" — Slavs eradicate nevi, light solar names. In an effort to depersonalize and castrate people, breaking the magical bond between generations, obscurantist cursed our good old, favorite names as pagan, ungodly and sinful. Fire and sword implanted alien, pernicious biblical nickname: Ivana yes Mary, Gabriel, Daniel, yes, Michaels …

Priests branded babies nicknames those fools who were honored in the Church of the eighth day after birth or in the period of the time. Eighth day came as the day Jesus circumcision on the eighth day after his birth (seven times before, cut once). For information void of understanding grief-nationalists revere Jesus circumcised according to the Jewish tradition, the "true Aryan" and even "Russian saved ': 1 (14) January marked the first of five great feasts of the Orthodox Church -" Circumcision of the Lord. "

Hot iron, burning generic memory, priests appropriated imyarechenie and people were allowed to be called only by the church calendar — "calendar" — the most common name was Ivan: the reason is repeated many times in the name and calendar. VIDal counted 62 Ivan the year. And according to the compiler of "Dictionary of Russian personal names" I. Petrovsky in full calendar Ivan is mentioned 170 times as much! Hence the unnatural combinations — "Russian Ivan" and "Ivan Kupala". After Ivan (John) — a simplified Jewish name that sounds like Iehohanan Hebrew, meaning "Jehovah Allah have mercy."

Living connection with the native light forces through SPRING — box on the head. During the black-magic ritual of baptism is a place of special ordered mixture infused with kabbalistic curse. Thereby blocking access gracious influences Rod and people become "servants of God" (ie slaves "God's chosen" people.) That's why our people are still 1,000 years ago, and nicknamed geeks voluntarily baptized, John, not their roots.

Just awakening of freedom-loving Russian spirit will inspire the people to exploit the uprising against the capitalist monster.

A revival of the Russian spirit must begin with raskreschivaniya with purification from the pernicious contagion and taking genuine Russian names.

Here are some of them:
Rodostav Vojislav Svetlana Beloslava Vyatich Dobrognev Milan Gortseslava Svetoslav Vedamysl Joy Mstislav Kudeyar Duhoved Siana any Svetoyar Tverdislav. Jaroslav Ladoslava Rodoslav Mecheslav Wisdom Ognevlada Bueslav Buelik Dobromila Ogneveda Zveropolk Svetolik Arrow Lyubosveta Zareslav Yaropolk Mlada Belosnezha Yarobor Ognepolk Delight Druzhana Ratibor Svetopolk Miloslav Vedaslava Lyutobor Dobromir Zhdana Chestislava Dobromyslov Budimir Ladimir Yarolyuba Lubomir Yarolik Miloneg Yar Tverdolik Mechvolod Milovzor charms Lyutoyar Mstivoy Miroslav lovely Blagoyar Rodomysl Krasnoslava Diva Ogneslav Veliyar Dobrodeya Sineok Velislav Churoslav Domoslava Lyubogneva Vedogor Ogneyar RUSAL Dobrosvet Velimudr Lyutolik Tsvetana Lyuboyara Gremislav Voleslav Zvenyslava Bayan Yarognev Ratislav Rodosveta Prem Emberstrife Velibor Vesnyana Slavunya Svetomysl Budislav Nenaglyada Radmsha.

Ponder, Rusich, the mystic meaning of the original, great name, and you'll feel all the indomitable courage of men of military names and all the enchanting beauty of just women. And the glory of the ancestors, Call Churov, the successors harmonious, glorious name!

Iudohristianstvo: Crimes Against Nature and People
Crush the snake!
Every little bit thinking person would ask why the evangelical preaching "love and mercy" has for two thousand years has not had any impact on the ennobling of human morality? Why do I get just the opposite? Reigned religion wallowing in blood, multiplying physical and mental suffering, the fruit of human wickedness, tyranny and crime. Why the followers of this most "benevolent" religion observed the greatest number of scoundrels and immoral perverts of all stripes?

Jesus not only in this life, but even after the "ascension into heaven" is not able to improve people's morals. Why? The answer must be to see in blatant corruption of evangelical MOST MORAL, primarily in the command of Jesus: "He who believes in me shall be saved." According to this first commandment of the kingdom of heaven came "prudent" robber, that is a rapist and murderer sentenced to crucifixion, but before he died believed in the Lord. Involuntary Christian role model was the villain, has not made life any good business, but repented on his deathbed.

The clergy, in fact, condoned vices and promised paradise scoundrel. Penitential prayer was normal haggling: Rich bought their sweet spot in paradise, bequeathing the loot of capital for the construction of the church or to sing your song of his brethren.

The priests were told that "savior" because so called, which was sent down to save sinners, to redeem their sins. Bogomolny sinner is a clear preference to the virtuous atheists. What people are dirty, the more you are certain to God, is acceptable to him. Clergy, aware of his powerlessness to attract good people, invited to his every scum, scum. All religious pious prostitutes of both sexes was to fornicate, then whine — "cleared" by confession and communion, fornicate again and again to get forgiveness …

No accident that the majority of early Christian "blessed righteous" — a repentant sluts, "rushing between chapel and the boudoir." They came up with this: do not sin — not yet, and do not repent — not saved. Easy everyday indulgence only contributes to their relentless repetition. But Christianity is not only tolerate evil, but he indulges, it justifies constant atrocities throughout human life: it is necessary to believe and be baptized, and thou shalt be saved. Thus, the Khazar fosterling perjury Vladimir, treacherously murdered brother legitimate heir Yaropolk, declared the "Saints."


Adoration of nature in contrast to the deathly, dogmatic Judeo-Christianity, is worldview natural, innate, do not be deceived. Paganism — this is a great intuitive truth professed people, their living millennial experience. Pagan spirituality has nothing to do with bad biblical flavor. When Gentile felt guilty, he atoned for it is not prayer, but by real deeds.

If the defining motifs act iudohristianina is faith in God, "fear of God" and the hope of an afterlife reward, the pagan inherent natural virtue, when he does so, and not otherwise, not from a desire to encourage or out of fear of punishment, and follow his own conscience. If among the early iudohristian were fewer violations they have taken the moral obligations than the Gentiles, it was not because the new converts are more virtuous, but because it offered for paganism person much higher moral demands.

Sugary commandment of love of neighbor hypocritical. On close examination it turns out that love your neighbor should not out of sympathy, not from a desire to a good man, not for the sake of the neighbor, and to achieve a selfish goal of personal salvation. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus describes moral precepts that define the responsibilities of believers and promises appropriate reward for their diligent execution: "If you forgive men their trespasses, forgive you your Father in heaven." "… And your Father who sees in secret, will reward you."

This is a typical transaction Zhydivsky: forgiveness is not valuable in itself, but only insofar as it is financially advantageous. Afterlife is something of a sound bank: puts in their money to get a decent interest rate. Such usurious ethics could be guided only by deliberately wicked race, a born-shameless. And if God became man in the world to give people such commandments, it could only be a Jewish God. Genuine morality is not based on promises of heavenly bliss and the threats the pains of hell, but only on the inside, unselfish, supra needs service of good.

Every decent person should be natural moral law, who lives in his heart. Highest award for his performance is the very consciousness of duty and moral satisfaction, resulting from this identity.


The prevailing attitude to the higher powers in iudohristian fear and servility, to the Gentiles — the agreement and sympathy. Unlike iudohristian Slavs saw themselves as God or products, even more so, his slaves. Jehovah of the Jews from "nothing" has done, and the kind of Slavs from itself spawned! This understanding takes contrasting natural and divine spiritual and material, Prosveshchenie and worldly, nature and man.

The fact that out of nothing happened, nothing needs and address, and the Slavs believed to be descendants of the progenitors — KIND, his blood-relatives and spiritual nature of the Incarnation of his earthly inheritance. Hence their high human dignity and innate nobility.

Rod raised brave, cheerful people, combining spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection. Loyalty, honesty, sincerity, raduyte — these precious qualities for thousands of years entrenched in our subconscious, in the ancestral memory. In other languages, there are no words that amount so our concepts as good, though, feat, will, VETCHE arising precisely from the pagan world perception Rusich.

Each man was a warrior, able to protect themselves, their family, their country. Slavs cultivate fearlessness. Against them it was difficult to fight not only because of the high physical fitness, but also due to the nature of their faith. Our ancestors believed that immortality is achieved by selfless service to Mother Earth. Perun himself led a formidable squad, consisting of souls who died in the cross section of fighters. "Dead shame no shame!" — Such soldiers in the open field were invincible. And they knew how their generosity in forgiving personal enemies, for forgiveness is only entitled to strong. Forgiveness does not cost anything, if forgiving is powerless to punish.

The deep meaning is contained in our ancient, pre-Christian greetings parting "Goodbye." Man before parting asks another: forgive me incessantly, goodbye every time remember me, because we can no longer witness …


Iudohristiane, in contrast to the Gentiles, no forgiving: the fires, which were writhing adherents Slavic faith blazed across Russia seven centuries. The whole history of the Church shows merciless ferocity against all those who experienced "forgiving" hristonostsy. Extreme intolerance of other faiths to Christianity and Islam inherited from their parent Judaic monotheism: the jealous one God in its essence hates the other gods, and those who worship them. Only when monotheism may be "charitable" religious war to the death penalty and other faiths.

Following the Old Testament prophets, Christians were convinced that all religions, except one, are wicked. Gentiles were deprived of all human rights. God said, Thou shalt not kill. But who? Gentile is not a man, but the enemy of God and Christians. Hatred of wrong pious, killing his soul-saving. Here, again, a direct legacy of Judaism, stating that our planet Jehovah created exclusively for his chosen people, and all other nations, except the circumcised Jews, are not people, and the two-legged animals, and sveshennaya duty to exterminate the Jews and enslave them. It is interesting to note that some of the tribes where cannibalism was common until recently, a word meaning "man" refers only to the tribesmen and therefore eating a stranger, in their view, was not, strictly speaking, cannibalism. By the way: the international Kagan, vopivshy about human rights in the Soviet Union (now in Belarus), is also the word "man" meant his people embezzlers, homosexuals, spies, speculators and other trash.

In pre-Christian Europe flourished tolerance, based on the true freedom of conscience. In Rome, hundreds of religions lived in peace. Unwritten law says all religions are true, and every god — master in his own church. Such an outlook exclude religious wars among the nations: their beliefs were, by and large, only different kinds of the same NATURAL RELIGION OF REVELATION.

In in different places and at different times of the revered idols of different, but this is not an excuse for tribalism. Simple-Slavs long before the Christianization was permitted (the misfortune) iudohristianam build their church. One of the worst effects of the Christianization — split the Slavic world and all Indo-European religious conflicts. Many millions of Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Roman shower brought a bloody sacrifice on the altar of insatiable vampire Jehovah. The history of medieval Europe in most of his was a struggle for the "purity" of the Gospel teaching. Inside the asylum some crazy beat other …

Three monotheistic religions (Judaism and its side shoots — Christianity and Islam), who declared himself infallible possessor of absolute universal truth, any possibility of a branded world Satanism. All the spiritual values of the pagan world, his art churchmen anathematized. First they burned the churches, the academy, the manuscript. Burned Pergamum Serapium, the Library of Alexandria. Stilicho burns Sibylline books, which were to continue the book of fate nine centuries of the Roman state. Are in our museums antique statues with a broken noses, heads and arms mutilated that time. Much different in the pogrom Germanic tribe Vandals, addressed to the Arian branch iudohristianstva.

Public knigosozhenie invented the apostles, not the Nazis. The first bonfires of books burned in Ephesus, where Saul destroyed many precious tomes (worth 50,000 pieces of silver!) With the teachings of Pythagoras, Empedocles, and other luminaries of pagan wisdom. Fifteen hundred years later the priest Habakkuk wrote: "Plato and Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Diogenes, Hippocrates and Galen — all these things were made and Mudri ugodisha into hell."

Having entered into the taste, the clergy began to roast the living. Iudohristiane current state that the inquisitors have distorted the teachings of Jesus. But it is — a lie! Jesus put it very clearly: "Whoever does not abide in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered, and men gather them, and cast them into the fire and burned" (John 15:6). On a valuable indication of "savior", justifying auto-da-fe, and recalls the Inquisition, both Catholic and Protestant, and Orthodox Christians. So no distortion: the verdict handed down by the mouth of the Son of God. Spaniards in Mexico and Peru were baptized Indian babies before burning them, "the glory of God" and "without the shedding of blood." Then they were quiet: these babies are sure to get to heaven.

And Jesus taught: "Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire." It is known that the worst fruits designated in Judaism and Christianity fruit "besougodnoy" pagan wisdom. Fanatics consider any appeal to the forces of nature dyavolopoklonstvom, that is a crime, worthy only of death at the stake. Incidentally, the fanatics (ie, "of believers") in ancient Rus called new Christians, characterized incredible cruelty to the Gentiles. In Novgorod Birchbark unknown hristonostsa says: "We went to the infidels. Lord God formed the — the people have broken free account, old and young … "In the church charter of Prince Vladimir laid punishment magicians and sorcerers — burning.

Forced Christianization of Rus, conceived in ozhidovevshey Byzantium included as forced eradication of our national religion. Blood Vladimir, with squads baptized Kiev, unleashes fratricidal internecine carnage, attaching "infidels" of the word-Novgorod, northerners drevlyan, Radimichi, Krivichi Vyatichi and others to the "true faith" and enslaved pagan freebooters. "Do not leave alive anything that breathes" — coached Joshua Jewish conquerors of Palestine. Vladimir punitive expeditions, distinguished biblical ruthlessness, accompanied by mass executions rebellious. "Good News" implanted only with fire and sword. In comparison to all the massacres committed atheist "popoedstvo" — no more than Pummel. In baptism alone White Croats Vladimir wiped out 10 cities and burned more than 500 villages. The Christianization of the East Slavs continued in effect until October 1917, and started again on the orders of Kahal in August 1991 (the priests, we now like political officer and second secretary for ideology).

But, perhaps, the violence was done despite the fact that he preached, and Jesus? No: Some basic aspects of his teachings contradict not only the precepts of forgiveness, but even simple requirements of justice. He somehow painful voluptuousness constantly threatens horrendous tortures those who do not believe in it. It sends the "fiery furnace" of any doubt, and disagrees with him. And whether his power, would have sent in the literal sense, as did his forefathers — "meek" King David (again, not the Nazis invented the crematorium for living people, and "Holocaust victim").

It is not known whether there was a historical Jesus at all, but if you believe the Gospels, we can only wonder how he is obsessed vindictive, petty, clearly pathological hatred inherent li1n his tribesmen. To take at least one of his "miracles" — pointing to the fig tree damage, described by Matthew and Mark. The fact that Jesus was a child, had the evil eye and kill people with the power curse, says even in the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas: "Everyone who calls his anger dies." The fig tree that's what happened, "he was hungry and saw a fig tree … and went, not find any thing on it, but, having come to it, he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the time for figs. SKA-1 hall to her Jesus henceforth let no man eat fruit from you forever … And … He said to him: Rabbi, The fig tree that you cursed has withered! " (Mark, chapter 13).

So, Jesus met a fig tree at a time of year when the fruit just could not be. What does he punish any innocent creature? Prosveshchenie killing the tree in the East, who represents life, so far has not received the attention which it deserves, because it is a crime — certainly symbolic and ritual: it means IUDOHRISTIANSKOE Curse of the earthly life and the offering of the New Year's trees bloodthirsty Jehovah.


The commandment of love for God is "the first and greatest." Jesus teaches! "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me …" "Love of God" — but love — this heartfelt feeling, it does not tolerate the request; any compulsion. Love! — In the imperative mood sounds just like Moses: the order, the law, which is completely ridiculous, and can only lead to a fake feeling, acting.

"Love your enemies" and "hate the family" — all turned on its head. The first thing a man can not, and the second he has to do. One can only imagine what confusion in the soul caused the execution of such commandments, meaning of family break-up, blood ties. Mother Nature teaches responsibility for life. Magi admonished procreation — duty to embody the Ancestors, conception — sveschennodeystvo; lining family ties, the fruit to the glory of children Rod and homeland.

But Jesus said, "The enemies of man — his own household." And Christian "holy" — is despised nature, turning away from their parents and relatives, who refused sveshennogo debt continue to race. Performing the Gospel commandments leads to corrupt the mind and perverted morality. Muzhelozhtsu Jesus was generally a pleasure all unnatural …

They say that in church sermons have something good, for example, the condemnation of envy. But here, too manipulated the concept of "good" and "evil." Rusich inherent contempt for moneylenders, huckster and parasites priests announce envy and lecture: "It is not good to envy the rich." Not for nothing, stuffed purse, fraudsters like Katz (Luzhkov) built in: for the lop-eared people — the church (where the priests inspire robbed that envy — a sin), but for themselves — the synagogue.

It is also said that iudohristianstvo condemns adultery, gluttony and other vices. But for what? In the name of the race? No. Just to get into heaven. Too small for the general Russian character, which are best suited Vivekananda's words: "Even if you have to go to hell, working for others, it's better than to reach the sky, looking for salvation."

Biblical commandments — then the list of prohibitions in relation not only to God, as to the people. These bans include requirements to their masters tell peasants: "Thou shalt not kill," "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house," etc. The Slavs living veche communal way of life, did not know slavery, did not know Mr. in heaven or on the ground, and did not need any bans. Slavic highest morality astonished missionaries, though they themselves Slavs observance of moral prescriptions are not considered a virtue, it was the usual pattern of behavior, intuitively satisfying the requirements set pradedovskih unwritten laws — bullying (a concept that was perverted iudohristianami). The demand based solely on internal beliefs were so natural to agree with conscience, that otherwise one could not do: whole soul heathen knew choice because choice was not anything else. Innate human impulse is noble desire to speak the truth and do right. It would even try to explain these strange capital moral truths. They are in our ancestral memory, the voice of the Ancestors.

"Thou shalt not steal" — do so was the commandment of the Slavs, which Otto of Bamberg, said: "Honesty is a partnership, and among them are such that they are completely unaware of theft or fraud, do not lock their chests and boxes. We had not seen a lock or a key, and the people themselves were very surprised, seeing that pack boxes and chests Bishop lockable … They do not fear no deception, because it had not. " Hence the extraordinary credulity of the Slavs, who played into the hands of the treacherous hristonostsam.

Gelmold in "Slavic chronicle" surprised that atheists Slavs had no beggars swarmed lousy in Christianized Europe, where the church justify their existence: they supposedly need to alms-bags could atone for their sins. As the same happened with the care of the poor of our pagan ancestors? Yes way. Because the poor in the good pre-Christian times in Russia was not simple. Community being excluded the tribal system is a social evil. Needy, disabled, orphaned kinsman helped the whole world, and these donations were not considered good deeds, but as Prosveshchenie DEBT, failure of which would have been unthinkable. Here it is — RUSSIAN ASSOCIATION, co Bratchina. Self-discipline from the heart, not by force, of this healing spring we quenches our thirst for truth-aboriginal justice. Social justice is not an invention of the Bolsheviks, and millennial expectations of the people, truth-lover.

In pre-Christian times dokrepostnicheskie poor could derive other than from the side. Slavic word "poor" is related to the Sanskrit root of "foreign" and originally meant stranger, a beggar, "no kin." How is it, gentlemen zealots of Orthodoxy? For many centuries the Slavs lived — not grieve in prosperity and an amicable agreement, but when built near Almshouse yes monasteries, where he taught "love your neighbor" as a Christian, as immediately sprouted countless hordes of the poor, the needy, blazhennenkih, drunkards, walk, stray, homeless . The further decline of morals in fringes and okoloknyazheskih circles accurately reflect the construction of new "holy abode", as evidenced not only victuals travelers, but even some church historians (eg, EE Golubinsky).

Monks, sweet singing of the bliss of heaven, yet preferred to "bird in the hand." Monasteries and Laura became large landowners. They amassed enormous wealth acquired by the severest oppression attached to them peasants. Led wholesale, lent money at usurious interest. It is clear that the rebellious people denounced not only the prince's chamber, but churches and monasteries. "Prince! Come to Kiev, — said Vladimir Monomakh messenger in 1113, — If you do not come … there will be a great misfortune for all the boyars and monasteries. You, Prince, will be responsible if the people defeated the monasteries. "


In the natural religions of pre-class society moral precepts advocated by the so-called taboo — the unwritten rules, prohibitions and restrictions. Written laws are not needed when the rights of conscience, not fear. So it was in the eastern Slavs before Christianisation, there was only one law — LAW KIND. But Jaroslav Lame written laws introduced so-called "Russian Truth", putting their own hazing above and put it top of the serf enslavement Rusich. For the people, however, the prince of Law, blessed alien religion, moral force had, even in its name was apparent Byzantine falsehood.

Indeed, in the prophetic language rusichej concept of truth, always include both objective truth and moral rightness, fairness. In the depths of the soul of the people, these concepts have been inextricably linked. Yaroslav encroached on this unity.

Yaroslav's reign was hardly reflected in the epics. If his name is often mentioned in the Norse sagas, the epics it is not perfect. Not mentioned a nation Hromţov kind word. But the church in gratitude for his mockery of custom-Churov ancestors nicknamed Yaroslav the Wise and his wife, Anna canonised "saints." Not for nothing it all. People remember that Jaroslav overthrew, expelled, killed and defamed his older brother Svetopolka lawfully occupied the throne, but has not accepted Christianity and opposed him. Not only that, Jaroslav abused dead, accusing him of the murder of Boris and Gleb (later the first Russian "saints"), and clericalism branded Svetopolka nickname "Cursed" (see Philistia GM History "crimes" Svetopolka Damned. Minsk, 1990 .).

In his suppression of popular beliefs church built on Princes geeks (treason Native Faith in Russia was considered the worst crime tantamount treason Mother Earth, Rhoda Rusich). In response to the anti-clerical and anti-feudal rebellion XI century princes issued a comprehensive set of laws "Russian Truth" retribution for damage to the princes and clergy, their servants, their property and possessions. Charter "Russian Truth", composed in Novgorod after the uprising in 1209, establishes the methods of handling the free serfs in bondage, prohibits serf testify in court. The articles "on the monthly Reza" (percentage) details usury …

Our misfortune that we "know" about Atlantis, Hyperborea and Shambhala more than about ancient. In 1991, the power by the CIA captured the "new Russian" Jews and the pendulum has swung from the basest, vulgar, forced the "scientific" materialism to a more primitive, vulgar and shameless promotion of orthodoxy, issued a cry of the Russian soul.

Christianization is none other than the expected DOVLENIE devalues national history of any nation, but "God's chosen." The so-called orthodoxy — just mop needed in front of the synagogue. Our pravoslavstvuyuschie shabse-goi of "Literary Russia" and "Russian Messenger", competing in a servile zhidoobozhanii, diligently typing "sacred history of the Old Testament." Jewish history, of course, the "sacred", well, my dear, domestic, national — is just a story, and started with only 988 years.

Interpretation and teaching even this incredibly emasculating stories (and in general public education), headed by nine centuries possessed chuzhebesiem priests yes nobles, then 75 years of parochial "Jewish internationalists," and the last ten years in this field, spontaneous notorious parhato vykresty-dressing. Whichever way you turn — everywhere kike shop.

All historical sources since Christianization were written, the clergy: the chronicles were entirely in the hands of the church. Reigned on the ruins of pagan Power Svetoslav, it began to create their own, new history Russes, withdrawing from it or mud poured all her evil. Obscurantism-monk who composed the lives and teachings, cut off all memory "of great national culture, the names and acts of our ancestors, those who with his life example could inspire the young: generation feat overthrow the hated yoke. Written history of Russia and in the following centuries, it was written and Karamzin, and Soloviev, and Kliuchevsky, but it was not popular, and the history of the Treasury, the writings of the masters. And the people sang songs of Stepan Razin …

What is happening to us? Is it time for a Russian man so inclined as to God-seeking, and to the rebellion, ask yourself a simple question: Why should I, "old" Russian, Jewish circumcised God? And not because you! so terrible share fell to us in the last millennium, it is permissible! betray their desecration we RELATIVES sacriplaces? We pray to God alien, strange prayers in strange temples, chanting his executioners, making them his "holy." Who benefits?

Who accepted Christianity, he acknowledges the superiority of the Jews over their own people. So nothing to complain about: Confirmed — means flunky Jewish life. In Christianity, the Jews laid masochistic installation on self-abasement, self-blame, self-crucifixion, that is the program to fail. To go into battle without destroying the program — madness. A foolish priest Dudko all Mudita and dudit as twit in his tune, accompanying Kobzon and other Freemason.

One suspicious fact that the unprecedented support of the church has ohuEltsinsky pro-Zionist regime in the service of the IMF, and the unctuous sermons on "the road to the church," we all ears buzz our worst enemies — the radio "Freedom" and rossiyanskoe telavivdenie where Russian is the day the fire is not find — a fact that should at least alert. But the virus struck iudohristianstva immune system of the nation, stifled healthy instinct of self-preservation. Intoxicated people can not popyat whose fault they are so humiliated and impoverished. They have to focus not see the enemy, and, therefore, can not, resist. And they can not think of one who hides under the guise of felicitous "Russian" Orthodoxy …


Universal "values" — the Bible, infected with syphilis and vodka iudohristiane and "open" nature of children. F. Mouett writes: "As for the cheating, and stealing, then until their edges" white ", the Eskimos did not even know the words and meaning." Where pure nature, there was clean and people. Bishop Innocent in 1843, admitted to Metropolitan Filaret: "Many of the so-called wild much better so-called enlightened morally. Throughout the Diocese of Kamchatka, one might say, not at any theft or murder. " The same is informed about the Zulu Haggard, Jack London on Kanaka, Maclay of Papuans, Morgan on the Iroquois. There still exists misconception that Indians scalp with a defeated enemy: in fact, this was done iudohristiane white, who saw the extermination of all the Redskins charitable and pay for the scalp from 50 to 100 dollars, depending on the person with whom he was shot — with men woman or child …

Christian racism stems from the racism of the Old Testament, from the biblical dogma of the superiority of the "chosen people of Israel" above all others. Under the pretext of "saving the Gentiles" missionaries of all kinds during the colonial conquests infested countries in Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, preparing the invasion troops. And then began the extermination and enslavement of indigenous peoples. Only twenty years after the voyage of Columbus was a mass slave … "Savages" — sun-worshipers, from time immemorial lived comfortably in harmony with nature and with his own conscience, iudohristiane joined to "progress" and its bazaar "values": the free market and the free-sex " of love. "

With the emergence and domination of monotheistic religions and their rule is known to be associated with the destruction of the clan system and with the development of relations of exploitation, approved and wicked attitude to nature. Monotheists announced our heavenly abode vulgar, heartless creature, devil every kind of filth. Modern man lives in an artificial world, and religion in his artificial, profane, is as false as it is false. Environmental disaster — is, above all, the logical and inevitable DISASTER IUDOHRISTIANSTVA first commandment which was to fight the "ungodly" Mother Nature, that is disastrous attempt of ritual matricide.

Greedy, prirodopozhirayuschaya civilization that has dominated the modern world in which Jews, exercise their power over the people, is doomed because it indecent and unnatural. And NO arguing against nature, to suppress. So "eating pineapple …"

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