JSC Aircraft Engine provides a unified PS-90A3u

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Moscow. October 20. Airports — JSC "Aircraft Engine" is developing a new PS-90A3u (y — unified), reported on October 19 held the conference "Actual problems of operation and maintenance of engines PS-90A" Managing Director — General Designer of the "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Inozemtsev.

He noted that the decision to create a new modification in the family PS-90A engines driven by the need to offer existing and future customers, the operator drives created on the basis of modern design solutions and concepts, and the possible implementation of stated improvements and the construction of a new engine, and the repair is existing engines.

The chief designer of "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Semenov told in detail about the project PS-90A3u, the preconditions for its development and prospects of production of a new modification. According to him, certified in 2009, PS-90A2 engine was originally designed to improve the performance of the level reached at the base of PS-90A. When designing a new engine designers set themselves the goal of ensuring the interchangeability of PS-90 and PS-90A2. However, if in the geometric and weight parameters, as well as connecting nodes achieved a complete interchangeability, then the interface there are some differences that needed improvements. Such improvements have been made on the interfaces flying laboratory Tu-204-100, which was one of the engines of the basic PS-90, and the second — passing certification tests of PS-90A2 reminded Semenov.

According to him, "Aircraft Engine" in 2010 decided to establish a unified engine that would use all of the technological advantages of the PS-90A2, but would not require revision aircraft. The engine is designated as PS-90A3u — unified.

The main structural difference between the SS-90A3u from PS-90A2 is the use of the fan housing from the base of the PS-90A, Semenov said. He recalled that a certified according to the strict standards of the AP-33 PS-90A2 meet the certification requirements for the retention of the rotor blade fan in the event of its failure "by the roots." However, reinforced chassis fan has a lot of weight, which does not fully meet the requirements of technical specifications for the engine. In turn, the SS-90A3u does not satisfy the requirements of the AP-33, but it has already been certified by Russian standards NLGS-3. The PS-90A3u get easier and cheaper PS-90A2, but it has all the advantages of life cycle cost, and that the PS-90A2, said chief designer.

The next task of the designers was to rework the automatic control system and engine control. "Our task — to alter the system of automatic control and monitoring so that the PS-90A3u could be put on any aircraft operated", — said A. Semenov. According to him, has developed a new software that will allow the engine to operate the new Tu-204-100, Tu-204-300, Tu-214 and others. In January 2011, the SS-90A3u certified standards NLGS-3, while for 2012 it is planned to approval for use on airplanes. "I am sure that this engine will serve much longer on the wing (the PS-90A -" AviaPort "), at a lower cost to repair," — said the chief designer.

In this case, Semenov said that airlines can not just order new PS-90A3u, but also to refine the existing PS-90 by replacing the high-pressure turbine, the installation of new parts back support. In addition, subject to finalizing the details of a low-pressure turbine and combustion chamber, a high pressure compressor, install new software ACS. These improvements significantly increase the supply of gas temperature before the turbine, said chief designer. He recalled that, during certification testing of AP-33 PS-90A2 with a similar hot part confirmed his time between 18 hours and 45 minutes at takeoff.

Regarding the prospects for introducing the engine into operation, Semenov said that at present, work is underway with the "Perm Engine Company" for the development of new products. "Many documents on the SS-90A3u already been issued, there is a production of design documentation. We will try to get one IL-96 and IL-76 alone put one PS-90A3u to advanced developments. We will also convince airlines and airplane people accept this offer ", — said A. Semenov.

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