JSC AMW: 40 years on guard of the country’s defense

"Tankograd in several Russian and BTRgrad — just one!" — Once said to one of the veterans of the Arzamas Engineering Plant. In a small provincial town of successfully operating in Russia is the only company producing wheeled armored vehicles.

Open Joint Stock Company "Arzamas Machine Building Plant" is managed by LLC "Military-Industrial Company," which in turn is a subsidiary of OAO "Russian Machines". 2012 — the anniversary of JSC "AMW." During his forty-year history the company has grown from a factory of auto parts, producing components for conveyors GAZ (shock absorbers, transmissions, suspension systems) to Russia's only enterprise specializing in the production of modern wheeled armored vehicles, known all over the world. In the early 70's factory workers, collecting the first shock, and could not think that after four decades of the walls of their home businesses will come out perfect models of armored vehicles. In the production of wheeled armored vehicles AMZ is the leader and hold it in place. Today conveyors Arzamas Engineering Plant out BTR-80 and BTR-80A, BTR-80K ARV-K, K1SH1, BTR-82A, STS "Tiger." The company — a strategic partner of the state security agencies, Defense, the Interior Ministry, the FSB, the Federal Security Service and other agencies.


Arzamas machine builders annually successfully perform the task of national importance — provide the best examples of Russian army armored vehicles, which participated in the parade in honor of the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War — a reason of pride group of factory workers. May 9, 2012 armored vehicles, released on the AMA, the column headed emergency vehicles on the main parade of the country, traditionally held on the Red Square in Moscow. Latest designs of armored vehicles and "Tigers" also participate annually in the Victory Parade in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Chita, Grozny and other cities of the country.

The high technical level of emergency vehicles produced at the plant, the possibility of their use in different climates — from the taiga to the desert — have identified the demand for them in many countries around the world. Recently, supplies its products to the production of "AMW" has expanded: The company cooperates with 35 countries of the world and the UN peacekeeping force. Special equipment is available in a number of countries in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and CIS.

Confirmation of active foreign economic activity is a permanent part of Arzamas Machine-Building Plant in major international exhibitions and salons of weapons and military equipment. At the exhibition held in Kazakhstan "Kadeks-2012" was presented range of products of JSC "AMW." At the largest arms fair ground troops "Eurosatory 2012", which took place in the suburbs of Paris in June 2012, the company also demonstrated its-kind designs. No less attention armored AMZ enjoyed at the International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012" at the end of June in Moscow region (Zhukovsky).

Warranty service armored vehicles, improvement, repair and modernization of previously released products — that's what the company offers in addition to customers. Servicing is carried out both on the basis of AMP and in the buyer, which is especially convenient for foreign partners. Two years ago, the factory was established service center, which experts do not only carry out routine maintenance of equipment, refurbishment, but also training the operation …

As part of the export contract was recently mastered a new direction — the training of foreign specialists. The theoretical course is combined with the practical. On special trainers foreign professionals learn the skill of the driver and armored hand-gunner. This allows them to get the basic knowledge and skills of driving armored vehicles, the rules of operation and repair of machines. For two years it has trained more than a hundred international experts from around the world.

High quality allows Arzamas armored vehicles to be competitive and in demand both on the domestic and the international market. Each stage of assembly machines is strictly controlled and monitored. Monitor the quality of the factory experts and military representation. Experts "Military Register" on the AMA is constantly carried out inspection control. Last September, the company received a certificate of quality management system requirements of GOST RV 15.002-2003 and GOST R ISO 9001-2008 for a period of three years.

Product quality is directly dependent on investment in the modernization of the plant. Every year, multi-million dollar investment AMZ implemented projects aimed at the modernization and renewal of machinery equipment.

The pride of the company — the people. Currently, the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant 4,100 people work. Most — highly trained specialists have many diplomas and certificates from the management company, city, state, federal government. Several dozen factory workers have the title of "Distinguished Engineer of the Russian Federation." The experience will certainly be transmitted youth. At AMZ more than 30 percent of the company's employees — young professionals. Generally, it should be noted that the staff of the Arzamas Engineering Plant a relatively young average age of plant workers for 43 years.

Social policy — a priority activity of "AMW". Every year there is an increase payments under the collective agreement, to support social protection and plant workers. In order to increase the prestige of working professionals in the company is held annually professional contest "Golden Hands" among young people under 30 years, the enrollment of the most promising young workers in the reserve, their training.

Traditionally, the company organized socially oriented activities for mechanical engineers and their families. Much attention is paid to the organization of children's summer vacation. Only in 2012 in a children's camp "Malchish" rested about 500 children of factory workers. Today AMZ rapidly reviving sporting life, the results of which the plant was proud of in the old days. The second year a factory sports day in eight sports, participation in which mechanical engineers responded with pleasure. In addition, the factory workers take an active part in local competitions, contests, turslety.

Development of modern technologies, modernization of production facilities, training plant personnel, factory workers recruitment of young professionals — all this shows that the company has a future. Plant staff on the shoulder big tasks, like art, he creates.


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