JSC AMW in 2011 will increase production of superfine electrical tape

March 9, 2011

Of "Asha Metallurgical Plant" (ASHA city of Chelyabinsk region) has completed the implementation of which began in October 2010, the investment project worth more than 70 million rubles for the reconstruction of the third sheet-rolling shop (LPC-3). This will increase the production of ultrathin (50 microns), electrical tape, coated on 71.66% — from 893 tons in 2010 to 1,533 tons in 2011, or up to 127 tons per month.

As the agency "Ural-press-inform" the expert of "AMW" Public Relations Irina Khabibulin, during the renovation of a PRM-3 installed a new combined unit electrically insulating coatings, where degreasing operation, heat treatment and coating are performed in the same line. The unit is made with a computer-controlled predominantly own factory, drive technology has set the Ekaterinburg OOO "ACK", uncoiler, winder, chemical degreasing bath — LLC "Industrial Energy" brush-washing machine — specialized organizations).

The number of hydrogen bell furnaces for heat treatment of strip increased from five to eight. The processing of each batch of tapes in furnaces is 10 days. The new line is fully automated, is displayed on the monitors the entire production process. On the line are equipped with modern motors with frequency converters turns. Works contractors were Ekaterinburg Company "Uraldomnaremont", Chelyabinsk, LLC "hydropneumoautomation", OAO "Chelyabinsk repair plant."

Three additional furnace purchased from Volgodonsky plant metallurgical equipment. In order to produce hydrogen for bell furnaces in Yekaterinburg, LLC "Khimenergo" purchased a new cell. State land increased by 12 technologists. LPC-3 has received major three-year contracts for the thinnest electrical tape for the manufacture of electric transformers cores. More than 85% of the tape will be exported to France, Italy, USA, China, Israel and Germany. The share of domestic sales to reach at least 15%. Reconstruction carried out without stopping the current production.

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