JSC Apatite and TGC-1 started the project on construction of heating from Apatity CHP to Kirovsk (Murmansk region)

Kemerovo (Murmansk region). November 25, 2011 g.OAO "Apatite", the group "FosAgro" and JSC "TGC-1" have begun to implement an investment project on construction of heating from CHP to Apatity and Kirovsk reconstruction of heating systems Kirovsk. This is the first in Russia outside of the heating duct, designed for low temperature characteristic of the Murmansk region.

 Photo source:tgc1.ru

In a solemn ceremony of welding the first joint of the heating duct was attended by Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin, the governor of the Murmansk region, Dmitry Dmitrienko, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Valery Yaz, Minister of Energy and Utilities Murmansk region Gennady Mikichura, CEO of "FosAgro" Maxim Volkov, director of the branch "Kola" JSC "TGC-1" Alexander Antipov, General Director of JSC "Apatite" Konstantin Nikitin and management of construction and contracting companies.

The project is implemented under a tripartite agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Murmansk region, OOO "Gazprom energy" and "FosAgro." It provides for the transfer of heat supply pos. Kukisvumchorr and Kirovsk fuel oil boiler with a more economical source of heat generation — coal, which is the main fuel for Apatity OJSC "TGC-1". Such a comprehensive reconstruction of the energy infrastructure will displace the fuel balance Kirovsko-Apatitskogo district a significant amount of oil, the prices of which are constantly growing, lower costs of "Apatite" for heat, increase utilization of Apatity thermal power station, which has a significant reserve capacity, and increase the reliability of heat supply schemes Kirovsko -Apatitskogo district. The project aims to improve the ecology of the area, reducing the cost of heat and stabilize the growth of tariffs for heat energy for JSC "Apatite" and consumers Kirovsk.

For its implementation of "Apatite" and OAO "TGC-1" on a parity basis of "Khibinskaya Heating Company" (JSC "WTC"), and the decision on the allocation of investments totaling 800 million rubles. In addition, the financing of the project of "Well-Tempered Clavier" plans to use the borrowed funds in the amount of about 2 billion rubles.

The completion of the heating main from Apatity CHP to Kirovsk and reconstruction of heating systems Kirovsk is scheduled for 2013

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