JSC Armalit-1 continues to ship manufacturing of valves for multi-purpose corvettes

In mid-January 2012 of "Armalit-1" shipped batch of valves for multi-purpose corvette "Resistant" modernized 20380 under construction at the West of "Severnaya Verf".

The agreement between the St. Petersburg shipyard and armaturostroitelnym now the products for the acquisition of marine pipeline systems was signed in 2010. At the moment the contract is made more than 90% of products. The package includes more than twenty items of various types of valves. The first batch was shipped to 25%. Complete supply of scheduled until mid-spring.

According to the plan "Resistant" will be launched in 2012, and the service in the future will be in the Baltic Fleet. Total 2020 plans to build six Project 20380 corvettes, two of them, "Guarding" and "savvy" has entered the battle of the Baltic Fleet, the third — "Courageous" should be adopted in the coming year.

Project 20380 corvettes are multipurpose ships, intended for short-range maritime zone against surface ships and submarines of the enemy, as well as artillery support for amphibious assault. Upgraded project 20381 is different from its predecessors armament and renewed realization of the air defense ship.

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