JSC Askold put into operation metal centers

On the Far Valve Plant OJSC "Askold" (Arseniev, Primorsky Krai) started operation metal centers, upgraded to meet the requirements of modern production.
Two processing center IR500PMF4 domestically produced, after upgrading to the machine-tool factory in the city of Ivanovo, set in one of the shops of the Far Eastern valve plant of "Askold".

The diagnostic results modernized machines have shown that they brought to the requirements of the new equipment. Completely replaced motors, drive electronics, hydraulic system, control system, etc. Remains the only frame, the main mechanical parts of the machine and appearance. To meet the modern demands of domestic engineering, machine tools equipped with modern CNC firm FANUC.

Now machines has been tested. IR500PMF4 work with when machining 3D models. Basic operations — boring, drilling, milling, threading. Parts manufacturing error does not exceed 0,005 mm. On these machines, "askoldovtsy" will produce precision parts for shipbuilding, oil and gas and nuclear power. IR500PMF4 indispensable when you want to process body parts, dies, molds.

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