JSC ISS The next stage of construction Express-AM5

The specialists of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" (ISS) Academician MF Reshetnev "made design of the payload module telecommunications spacecraft" Express-AM5. "Module design satellite payload sent to the company MDA (Canada) to install the repeater equipment.

Express AM5 — Russian satellite, placed in orbit which is scheduled for 2012. The satellite is designed to provide a package of communications services (digital TV, telephony, video conferencing, data transmission, Internet access) to create networks VSAT, as well as for the mobile presidential and governmental communications. It will create the necessary infrastructure to support the population affordable multi-program digital television and radio broadcasting.

According to the project "Express-AM5" subcontractor JSC "ISS" to develop and manufacture a repeater supports Canadian firm MDA. Setting the repeater on the design of the payload module will last nine months, the press service of the Reshetnev Company.

During this period, "ISS Academician MF Reshetnev "module will be made official systems of the spacecraft, after which it will be interfacing with the module of the payload.

The design of the payload module satellite "Express-AM5" is unique to the JSC "ISS". It is distinguished by a particularly large size and the use of a large number of honeycomb panels with carbon-fiber skins. This material is stable under the influence of the size structure of temperature fields in space. This is due to the fact that a space vehicle requirements to ensure the accuracy of the antenna pointing to Earth.

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