JSC KAZ: military crane KS-45719-7M — ready for service

Military crane KS-45719-7M production JSC "Klintsovsky truck crane plant" (KAZ) has come a long way from the project, embodied only in the outline drawings and engineering calculations of designers, to a full production model crane "Klincy", the press-service of JSC "KAZ".

This is not just another novelty KAZ — the plant is a new step forward, a new word in the Russian lifting equipment. KS-45719-7M, a newcomer to a number of military cranes KAZ, was designed specifically to replace consisting Now contentment Russian army obsolete machines.

The principle that has guided Klintsovskaya kranostroiteli was simple in form but complex in the incarnation: to combine in one machine strengths of military and civilian crane. In fact, it was necessary to combine mandatory military machine reliability and absolute security with improved performance characteristics of modern crane.

In the end, destroying the confidence of skeptics initially put this problem in the number of unreachable, a military crane KS-45719-7M high expectations. As proof crane passed factory tests, and in October 2011, has successfully completed the state trials, received the honorary title of the production model of "KAZ".

As the press service of the plant, now the fate of a crane designed to meet demands and wishes of the army of specialists depends on the decision of the Interdepartmental Committee meeting which is scheduled for the first ten days of November 2011.
Commission will need to determine the fitness of a new crane for the Russian army (which is counting the crane manufacturer, because the machine was originally designed with an eye to participate in the procurement and tenders of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation).

In case of favorable decision of the commission, the Russian army will soon be able to get a modern, meeting all requirements of the job in difficult and dangerous conditions crane KS-45719-7M. In addition, the cranes will be available for a "civilian" consumers who value the reliability and safety.

JSC "KAZ" among the top three domestic crane building, occupying 15% of the Russian market of special equipment among domestic manufacturers of mobile cranes. According to the company, in terms of sales of "KAZ" occupies the third place in Russia and the CIS.

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