JSC Uralkhimmash (Ekaterinburg) has shipped equipment for JSC Angarsk

Catalytic distillation column K 203 is designed to enhance the conversion of isobutylene by removing reaction product of MTBE in a distillation process. The column will be used in the equipment section 200 of MTBE production unit at JSC "Angraskaya NHC." 

Column weight is 80 tons, the height is more than 51 meter, internal diameter — 1900 mm, wall thickness — 26 mm.

The equipment operates at temperatures up to 260 ° C and 1.47 MPa pressure.

Shipment of the equipment carried by rail.

Under the terms of the agreement "Uralkhimmash" must produce and deliver for JSC "Angarsk" three column equipment units, two of which have already been delivered to the territory of the customer: Column water washing raw C4 fraction and water washing column C4 raffinate.

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