JSC Venta to supply equipment for a new generation of electric

JSC "Venta" (part of the group of companies "Atomenergomash") has signed a contract to supply equipment for «Ural Locomotives" (SP group Sinara and Siemens AG).
Under the agreement, the company will manufacture over 2012 fans TED party, BDP, VTS14-46-2, as well as cyclones blocks for a new generation of electric freight locomotives. The contract amount is more than 250 million rubles.

Under the "Ural locomotive" from 2010 to JSC "Venta" serial production of the fans for modern freight locomotives with direct current produced by JSC "Ural Railway Engineering Plant."  
Each of the drivers of the energy consumed is 10% less than the previous counterparts. 
The cooling fans traction motors (TED), and the cooling fans start-up resistors (BDP) in 2011 accounted for nearly 30% of the total output produced by JSC "Venta", in 2012 this share in terms of value will be increased to 225 million rubles.     

JSC "Venta" is the largest manufacturer in the Urals industrial equipment for ventilation and heating. The activity of "Venta" is developing in two directions: production for nuclear power plants, heat exchangers, Chemical Engineering, storage equipment, and equipment for oil and gas, production of series production — industrial equipment for ventilation and heating.

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