Kastusyou rely only on the Belarusian money

In society G. Kastusiou, This campaign is the candidate of the Party of the BPF will be different from the campaigns of all the other contenders for the post of Head of State.

"Financing of political campaigns for foreign money is incompatible with the interests of Belarusian people. We do not seek foreign "investment policy" not to lose autonomy in their operations. My company at all stages will be carried out exclusively for domestic funds, but at the expense of the Belarusian sources of funding. It will be 100% Belarusian company ", — said the challenger BPF.

"Lukashenko is desperately seeking money for his campaign Project in Europe and Venezuela, several opposition candidates have already found financial support in Russia. I will rely only on the Belarusian Resources — a work of party activists on the donations of Belarusian businessmen to selfless volunteer help everyone who cherish our national values and the real independence of our country. I say: do not take Russian money — and still remain Belarusian politician "- said Gregory Kastusyou.

Commenting on Kastusiou, the head of his staff, the chairman of the BPF Yanukevich said:

"In today's political environment national forces is not only possible, but necessary to rely on vnutribelorusskie resources. Naturally, this is absolutely not the facilities associated with the current anti-Belarusian regime. Just thus we can keep the banner of national revival and democratic principles. The independence of our company on foreign financing will be the best evidence of its focus on the defense of national interests in the presidential election, upcoming destined soon. We hope to raise funds both entrepreneurs and a wide range of voters — the campaign Gregory Kastusiou should be a truly national way "- said Yanukevich.

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