KGB again against SCC

In the State Security Committee does not comment on the arrest of the chief of the Investigation Department of Financial Crimes Investigation Committee of State Control Dmitry Adamovich in connection with allegations of corruption. Observers say a new stage of struggle KGB and the National Audit Office.

Detention Dmitry Adamovich happened last week. According to the publication, "Diary", KGB officers caught and arrested the chief investigator on the porch of the SCC republican prosecutor's office, where he allegedly went after he was invited to a meeting in the KGB.

"Had an active resistance. But there is also strong guys, twisted it. This is seen through the windows of the prosecutor's office. And if I had time to go through, perhaps, would avoid arrest, "- said the journalist Sergei Satsuk.

Detention of the chief investigator of KGC was preceded by a check of state controllers, set up by the Security Council. According to reports, the inspectors found evidence of reimbursement for money crimes entrepreneurs and KGB agents, who further developed the information, gathered evidence of corruption. Ostensibly, other than the investigator Adamovich, fell under suspicion and adviser to the chairman of KGC Victor Pisarik, which was suspended from work. In connection with the scandal is also known as the Deputy Director of the Department of Financial Investigations Victor Morozov. In the State Control Committee that information has not yet been commented on.

Well-known journalist Pavel Sheremet, who was busy theme of corruption in the top leadership of Belarus, suggests that the onset of another KGB's State Control Committee is a team of Advisor to the President Viktor Lukashenko, which gradually takes control of all law enforcement agencies.

Pavel Sheremet: "As far as I remember, before a three-day Naumov Pisarik delayed, but it has stood up for Breaking and order released. New deviation of the man who was involved in the cover of Zeno Lomat power — it is a sign that the days of the notorious State controllers to an end. But no matter what Victor wanted, whatever plans he might scurried inZeno Lomat there is the trump card — it Alexander Lukashenko, of which still depends on the fate of Lomat. One day, Lukashenka has already saved Lomat from arrest, but now it is not excluded, the case is over, if not arrested, the resignation. "

In February 2008, according to the independent media, Victor Pisarik really detained, allegedly with the consent of the prosecutor's office. According to the "People's Will", reported on the activities of Pisarik even the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. Then the paper published a response to Victor Pisarik information about his detention. "No comment" — then said Zeno Lomat adviser, who was on the loose. To get a comment from Victor Pisarik now also fails. According to information from the SCC, more than a month ago, he went on vacation and still on the job is not. The sources did not rule out that Pisarik also arrested.

Prosecutor's Office of Belarus refused to comment on the information about the arrest of the investigator Adamovich with SCC, including the report gave prosecutors a warrant for his arrest, and possibly an arrest Pisarik, or just did not give. "They conduct business there, even commenting," — said the prosecutor's office in relation to the KGB. I repeat, the KGB comments yet either.

The war between the security forces have become a sign of the time for today's Belarus. One of the most high-profile victims of these wars was Anatoly Gramovich, former director of the Department of Financial Investigations SCC, which is now being tried in the Belarusian Military Court, along with other customs. Gramovich accused of abuse of office and bribery. It is noteworthy that the crimes are suspected Hramovich it, according to the investigation, did when he worked as Deputy Chairman of the KGB of the Brest region. The case of Anatoly Hramovich the Investigation Attorney General Svetlana Baykova, which is now also in custody in the KGB prison.


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