KGB arrested state control inspector

The Company is also removed from office assistant to the chairman of the Committee of State Control Victor Pisarik.

It is reported online edition of the "Diary."

In the State Security Committee of Belarus has not comment on the detention of Chief of Investigation Department of the Department of Financial Investigations of the Committee of State Control Dmitry Adamovich. "No comment," — said BelaPAN Head of the Information and Public Relations of the KGB Alexander Antonovich. However, he did not rule out that some information may appear in the near future.

The detention and dismissal D.Adamovicha V.Pisarika the press service of the State Control Committee told "Liberty" reported that "for the dissemination of such information in the media is not."

Journalist Pavel Sheremet suggests that the onset of another KGB State Control Committee is a team mate of President Viktor Lukashenko, which gradually takes control of law enforcement agencies.
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"Diary" offers a version.

During the inspection of the Financial Investigation Department (FID) of the SCC Security Council has identified the scheme, according to which "otmazyvalas" from prosecution businessmen. Moreover, the central figure in many episodes of such schemes is being held prisoner now head of the crime investigation FID SCC.

Schemes and worked just perfectly legitimate: the criminal investigation was suspended from any reason (for example, in connection with the search of the suspect, who will not concealed), and then forget about it for 5, 6 or 9 years until the end of its involvement in criminal liability or until eliminated from the corresponding article of the Criminal Code.

After the test results were reported to the leadership of the country, began the swift development of financial investigation by the Belarusian State Security Committee, which is now playing a leading role in the fight against corruption in law enforcement. The blow was directed against three officials: Advisor to the Chairman of KGC Victor Pisarik, Deputy Director of the FID SCC Victor Morozov and the head of criminal investigations FID SCC Dmitry Adamovich.

V.Pisarika in his time lobbying for appointment to the post of deputy director of the FID KGC V. Morozov, who completely changed the structure of the investigation of financial investigations. This was done under the name of corruption prevention.

First territorial consequence of financial investigation was derived from the direct subordination of the central investigation department of the FID KGC, and to further strengthen the control of the investigation, the Department created the Office of procedural oversight. As chief investigative and oversight controls Morozov puts two of his close friends, which directly subordinates. In this case, the investigation department was set up another department, which bend under him all investigations of financial crimes, where featured large amounts. Lead the department Morozov appoint its hresnika hooked in on itself and thus a consequence, and control over the FID in the SCC.

SCC head

The very same Morozov was on close friendly relations with Vladimir Pisarik, which provided him the favor of Chairman of the SCC SCC head.

This scheme was adopted by the KGB for labor, so to start developing in the first place was initiated by removal of the B. Pisarik. And it was done at such a level that the chairman of the SCC was not able to protect his protege.

Last week, the KGB conducted in respect of the anti-corruption FID KGC unprecedented operation, — the "Diary."

First, "the hot" was arrested intermediary in the transfer of a large bribe officials FID SCC. He testified against the head of the crime investigation FID KGC D. Adamovich.

August 3 D. Adamovich was asked to come to the KGB allegedly in order to coordinate their positions on a joint rapid development. Adamovich himself and said subordinates that goes to the KGB. Never to be seen again.

How to tell "Ezhednevnik" the Committee of State Security, the original chief financial investigator Dmitry Adamovich really went to the KGB, but the road suddenly changed his mind and went to the Attorney General's Office, where he was captured directly on the porch of the building. In this Adamovich had resistance KGB operatives, but his twisted, pushed into a car and drove in front of prosecutors.

For a warrant to arrest D. Adamovich security officers came to the Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Kuklis, but the sanctions have not waited. After that, an arrest warrant gave the KGB chairman Vadim Zaytsev.

KGB is now preparing a report for the President, in which not only describes these events, but also give estimates of how arrested D. Adamovich, his immediate superior, V. Morozov, and other people of their team and the Deputy Attorney General M. Kuklis.

What will happen will depend on the President, — concludes the "Diary."

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