Kletsk activist asked for political asylum in Poland

An activist of the movement "For Freedom" from the dumpling Sergey Ponomarev asked for political asylum in Poland. He is now in a refugee camp near Warsaw. In Belarus against him a criminal case under article 369 of the Criminal Code (insulting a government official).

As the Internet site of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Familiar police warned his wife Sergey Ponomarev Svetlana that her husband was an urgent need to go abroad. Allegedly, the police department came Kletsk KGB, had with him a folder with the name of opposition, and said that it is necessary to "finish." In Warsaw Sergey Ponomarev came through Moscow and Kiev. In the capital of Poland, he was met by representatives of the Fund, "Freedom and democracy» («Wolnosc i demokracja»).

August 23 Slutsky District Court to begin criminal proceedings against Sergey Ponomarev under an insult of power. He will be judged against five officials of a dumpling: the chairman of the district executive committee Kletsk A. Boyko, District Court Judge A. Gastseyava, chairman of the regional council of deputies P. Duduk and dumplings police Kononovich A. and C. Gadfly. According to the investigation, Sergey Ponomarev insulted officials articles in your newsletter "Courageous Kleck."

Moreover, August 26 Nesvizhsky district court against Sergey Ponomarev will be considered an administrative action. Against him in court is the chief dumpling Housing, Alexander Novitsky.



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