Kuwait has exceeded 50 heat. But this is only part of the problem

According news.gismeteo.ru, the first day of summer, the Middle East was the hottest region of the planet. The highest temperature recorded in Kuwait — 51,2 °. This heat was a record, even for the Arabian Peninsula. As the head of the emirate Weather Service Musa Ramadan, 1 degree broken record of 50 years ago. Usually, this heat is set in late July — early August, but then the temperature is never so high. Situation of the population is somewhat simplified humidity, which dropped to 5%. But the next day, as is often the case in any region after heat blew a hurricane. A strong wind picked up in the atmosphere clouds of sand. On the vast territory, including Kuwait, Iraq, part of Iran and Saudi Arabia, June 2, there was a strong sandstorm. According to the monitoring network, the visibility deteriorated to 200 m A day later, the sand continues to fly.

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