Land of castles and palaces we lose forever


The listener outraged promise of Alexander Lukashenko to Vitebsk region responsible for the supply of agricultural products in Tatarstan. In This year, because of bad weather, many areas have not collected a planned harvest of grain, vegetables, and potatoes in Belarus will also be less than it hoped farmers.

"If the potato crop in the Vitebsk region of Tatarstan Lukashenko secured, it shows its relation to the collective farm serfs Vitebsk region. I think that it is necessary not to sell to those who first come running in Minsk for potatoes, and the one who gives more. Introduce and export duty, then farmers in Belarus will be better to live! "

Comments on this policy statement Mikhalevich:


"It is important that Belarus had its export position to Our country exported its products to the real world market prices.

If this is for real prices, it is good. If this happens for some contracts and knows how barter is overloaded, then, of course, Belarus loses on this. Be exported for hard currency. "

Students share their thoughts on the causes of the information war against the Russian media of Alexander Lukashenko, talk about why the Belarusian authorities refused to recognize its independence.

In this connection, the listener "Freedom" asks the question:

"Tell me, please, if the opposition comes to power, or you recognize North Ossetia and Abkhazia?"

Answers this question policies Vintsuk Vyachorka:

Vintsuk Vyachorka

"The independence of the countries that have been enslaved by the Soviet Union and were under the Soviet regime — it's worth and for the people these countries, and geopolitical value.

It is absolutely clear that the attempt to cut off Russia from Georgia chunks of its territory — an attempt to redraw the geopolitical map of the region of the world. Therefore, in any case, these imperial habits should not be approved, and these processes should not be recognized. However, they recognized three very distant and rather marginal countries of the world. "

How to treat the former holy places in Belarus, converted to jail? Whether they were saints? Reasons listener Freedom:

"Belsat given video clip on how to Grodno efforts descendants Lithuanians are sanctified by the crosses on the site of the areas where there were churches and cathedrals — existed before, but did not survive the war and Bolshevism. One woman said it namolenyya place namolenyya centuries by our ancestors. And I came to this idea: a place namolennye believes the former monastery of the great and the remnants of the church, which is now a prison in the Deep, the best in Belarus? best in the sense — as a fortress.

When Napoleon in 1812 went to Moscow, then, seeing the church in the Deep, said that such beauty of the Catholic Church is still in Paris. Only two of these, like that. Rich and interesting history of the monastery. And time went with him brutally. The Bolshevik gang completely defiled it. Only the facade of the church recalls. The monastery — now jail. Maybe that is left in the drawings of Napoleon Orda or Jazepa Drozdovich, or anyone else. Perhaps there are people who might be more accurate to say about it.

I'm going back to the question: namolenae or nenamolenae a place in the Deep? And if you dream, so to speak, unscrew the back story, and now would be going here thousands of pilgrims from all over the country and beyond, thousands of tourists! That would be quite another deep. These historical monuments are hiding in other cities and towns of Belarus. Land of castles and palaces we lose nazavzhdy.Ale, maybe it is not so? Maybe the young and dedicated will be able to save memory of the centuries? Without this there is no memory of the future of the Belarusian ".

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