Larissa Heniyush and stalinazavry


Meeting with stalinazavram. Photo from the archive of the poet

Scientists claim that a species that is considered to be extinct, under favorable and unchanged for millennia conditions (for example, in the depths of the ocean) There may be quite a long time. Albeit within small populations.

Something similar is observed in the Republic of Belarus, where vestige savetskastsi become part of the lives of entire generations. It would seem that in the last twenty years, which was not only one-sixth of the earth's firmament! Disappeared and only the ruling party broke up a huge empire, the Byelorussian SSR was renamed in Belarus, which has received all the attributes of statehood.

But — by and large — nothing has changed, and the time seemed preserved in the streets of all the Soviet Belarus (and the presence of such street in each regional or district center — required). Modern Belarusian official thinking and acting in Soviet-style.

"Twenty-five years after that anyhow in Soviet Union did not give "- said to me one such mastodon from ideology, when I reminded him about the imminent century Larissa Heniyush. Frankly, to me and very excited. sitting in front of me is not backward-gebist retiree, and my age, which is, I suppose, and Solzhenitsyn read, and the extent of repression in Belarus had an idea. On such figures Larissa Heniyush for his life seen enough, and even lines devoted to them:

Dawns. Innocent rose from his knees,
And the dead are left on the laurels.
And only the truth hidden in the shadow
Last stalinazavry.

July 27 2010 stalinazavry out of the shadows Vawkavysk and frustrated with a commemorative plaque was transported from his home Zhlobovtsy poetess.

August 4 of the same year stalinazavry crawl out of the shadows in Zelva and breaking the law on private property, they took the sign with a bas-relief of Larissa Heniyush Zelva her home.

Stalinazavry that they have found a cozy cave at the Ministry of Education, threw "Confessions" Larissa Heniyush of the school program in literature.

Stalinazavry in judicial robes continue to believe Larissa Heniyush criminal, denying her rehabilitation.

All they arrogantly consider themselves winners in a bitter struggle with the poet. But Larissa Heniyush unwinnable. With perspective eternal victory was hers. And how wrong the main Belarusian stalinazavr when confidently declares screen BT that he, you know, "take care of the Heniyush." Larissa Heniyush wins it. It will not help and files, on trumped-up poet and red-tape-monger Tsanava hidden behind lock and key in their sad department.

In general, all stalinazavry should know: The war with the writers, the literature is meaningless. Fight with the literature — how to shoot a slingshot at the stars. And yet there are some fighting fans. Who is a slingshot, who with spear. Not taught their Soviet past to draw conclusions from past mistakes. Of all the species of fossil stalinazavry were the most tenacious. But they will become extinct.

"When the battle in the fight against the kings …"
When in battle, to fight with the kings
was desperately famous Constantine
He had a little spring in the background,
and in the heart — one of Belarus.
Had even his eternal, sermyazhnyh
greedy happiness working people,
he wanted freedom unattainable —
award of all awards.
Pain and chains, and with strange darkness
someone else's image, bullying someone else, a stranger pan,
Only a heart like a fire, faith
People in the justice zmagan.
Only the power to Yasko from Vilna
Fiery, advostranyh words
and under the wings of a gray shirt
and scope, as in the spring of eagles.
Wanted freedom, freedom of the people,
did not reflect, do not whine, and burn.
Behind them was bullying trouble
before him — freedom or death.
Oh, the freedom! Your breath — like spring,
resurrecting of despair, of longing,
lift peasant braid
and Kuyosh wrestler servants
The roof of righteousness, in the dust ruining
padnyavollya yoke on the hump.
Oh, the freedom! He does not die,
who fall in battle for you.
He is tenacious scaffold falls
forced through the muck of suffering,
victory ignites the heart,
displays them on a heroic ground.
No, no gentleman, and equal to all
severely departed from us,
leaving the sample and the name,
and undefeated eagle mandate
to be the sons of the Fatherland, the people,
that we were not able to break hearts,
protect freedom for future generations
nd every inch of his native land.



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