Larissa Heniyush participated in the II All-Belarusian Congress


Yuri Vitbich, Larissa Heniyush, Constantine Ezovitov, Natalia Arsenyev, Alex Anishchik-hellebore. Minsk, 1944

In the summer of 2004 in Vilnius, I had to meet with the last remaining while alive delegate II All-Belarusian Congress Alexei Anishchik-hellebore. We were sitting in his cluttered bookshelves small apartment. The host from time to time to get up off the couch and pulled out from its hiding place cubbyhole that rare Western magazine, the stack of old photos, the autograph on the book by Natalie Arsenieva "Today" (1944) …

Before our meeting, I read a collection of materials II All-Belarusian Congress, issued by the Belarusian Central Rada in 1954. It was listed with other participants and the name Larissa Heniyush. Naturally, I was interested in, and other details that were not included in the transcript of the Congress. And Alex Anishchik-hellebore readily recalled …

On how his June 27, 1944 struck the building of the Minsk City Theatre, decorated with white-red-white flags, and well-trained soldiers with the Belarusian regional defense carried the guard around the building and in the courtroom.

On how more thousands of people under the orchestra sang "We will leave in serried ranks," and many of those present had tears in his eyes.

On how his, one of the speakers at the floor pulling off the podium chairman of the Congress Yefim Evseevich — for exceeding the regulations …
To my question, was present at the congress Heniyush Larisa, Alex Anishchik confidently answered — no. With a poet he met after the end of the Congress — the Belarusian cultural community. Here the owner fumbled on one of the shelves and put the picture in front of me, which were recognized by Yuri Vitbich, Larissa Heniyush, Constantine Ezovitov, Natalia Arsenieva and — my interlocutor.

On his non-participation in the Congress and the poet wrote in "Confessions." So why is her name put on the list of participants? However, in the same collection of materials placed the report of the Credentials Committee, which shows the number of delegates from the districts and foreign Belarusian Association. Past, there were 16 in including from Warsaw, Riga, Lodz, Krakow, Konigsberg, Vienna and Berlin. From Prague — do not have any. So who was represented at the congress delegates enrolled in Larissa Heniyush? How it all got in the front with a cozy Prague Minsk in June 1944?

A week before Congress on the table, the German official in occupied Prague Franco lay an urgent telegram signed Sturmbannfuhrer SS Andres, which reported: "With the approval of the Commissioner in Minsk on 27 June the anti-Bolshevik congress organized by the BCR, which will address the issue of secession from the USSR, Belarus . in the Congress should to participate members of the Belarusian Committee in Prague Michael Zabeyda-Sumitsky, Ivan Heniyush, Larissa Heniyush Rusak and Basil. "

These telegrams were sent to other foreign cities where there Belarusian community. Lyric tenor Zabeyda-Sumitsky was on the next tour, the doctor held the Heniyush at work and housewife Larissa Heniyush had to go. In case of disobedience to the occupation authorities awaited her severe punishment.

The poet came to Minsk, but with a delay — Congress has ended. This delay seems to me no accident — Heniyush ironically belonged to the head of BCR Radoslav Ostrowski, who also belonged to the poet without much sympathy. These look like their relationship is quite clear — Larissa Heniyush took political testament of the hands of another president, and competition or conditions could not have been here.

In Minsk, Larissa Heniyush rest of the way into the apartment of Natalia Arsenyev, but then he met the poet Alexander Nightingale and mass Sednief with novelist Jurk Vitbich. Last, saying goodbye, showed his poet prepared for a long journey suitcase, which are among the most needed items was a book "Hell relatives." Fellow writers expected lifetime emigration. Larissa Heniyush — homecoming in lattice car. Only four years …

Larissa Heniyush. "Well, it takes off — that fearless eagle …"
Well, it takes off — that fearless eagle.
Live — it is only for the cornfields to the gate.
I bow before you, man,
young, good song.

When someone asks again in
about my life, pain, maimed,
answer, look — my youth
in young songs, alive and eternal.

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