Leonov: To not have to buy more grain itself

August 15, Russian authorities have imposed a temporary ban on the export of grain and flour. Until December 31, prohibited the export of wheat, barley, rye, corn, and wheat and rye flour. Similar measures, Moscow offered to members of the Customs Union — Belarus and Kazakhstan, which, however, have ignored the call.

Moreover, Minsk expects to earn on exports of grain in Russia, where, because of the abnormal drought has already killed more than 5 million hectares of crops. But experts say that is unlikely to make — to the domestic needs of Belarus needs at least 8 million tons of grain, while able to collect at best a million tons less.

Belarusian agricultural complete cleaning of grains and legumes. As of August 16, agricultural companies harvested 6.6 million tons of grain, including farms figure is closer to 7 million tons. This is 2 million tons less than it received last year. However, during a recent trip to Minsk Region Alexander Lukashenko ordered the government to maximize profits in the face of rising world prices. Before Lukashenko expects to earn on Russia, which, according to him, is constantly raising the price of oil and gas, so it is logical to Belarus wants to get here, "happiness." By the way, the price of grain in Russia have jumped by 1.5-2 times.

However, the former Minister of Agriculture of Belarus Vasily Leonov, which is now engaged in agricultural business in Russia, is convinced that in Belarus there is no surplus grain for sale:

Vasily Leonov

"I will say unequivocally: if not to starve, then, God forbid, do not buy themselves. Therefore complete nonsense — Why would they be selling? Just pustozvonstvo, demagogy. But there is nothing surprising in this. Never know what can a person say? Tomorrow he will say something different. Therefore, in this situation you need to think not about exporting, and how to feed themselves. "

As follows from the analytical report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, prepared on the basis of last year's harvest, taking into account the actual consumption of food and industrial purposes, as well as the need for animal feed in the grain of Belarus together with the insurance reserve is estimated at 9.8 million tons.

For the first time almost entirely to provide rears failed last year. However, This year,, contrary to the intentions to reach the 10 million ceiling, raise more than 7,000,000 tons fail. Although agricultural science to set a goal to obtain the figure 40 quintals per hectare, the average yield on Belarus — 30 quintals. Russia, however, and these figures — as the sky. Meanwhile, Mr. Leonov not inclined to write off all of the extreme weather, because in the end, much depends on the attitude of people to the point:

Germans threshed on the same land 60 quintals of …

"In Belarus this he wasand very favorable conditions in most regions. I can also tell you what I encountered in Bryansk, but a lot of the same examples can be found in Belarus. There threshing rye 8-12 quintals per hectare. Like, drought, heat, and no harvest. But it is significant that the Germans threshed on the same land 60 quintals! Here you have an example gaspadarlivastsi. Because if well planted and you regret it all grows and varies the output is not more than 10-15%. "

However, the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus recognizes that the Belarusian grain can not be a significant export product on the world grain market, because it is not competitive due to objective climatic conditions. Accordingly, the output should be determined by national needs.

In addition, still a common cause of virtually excommunicated private traders and farmers. The low purchase price of grain, the inability to put on the collection points in unequal competition with the collective farms and state farms do not contribute to the expansion of grain crops. Says farmer in Minsk Oblast Vladimir Matusevich:

Vladimir Matusevich

"We say that all forms of property are equal, but it never happened, and now, no. There is an unspoken law — from private owners not to take. I myself have repeatedly faced with this, since I know some owners bases, shops, confirmed that — there is an unwritten rule: the farmer, from private owners not to take. A will take — will have problems. Primarily required to take the collective farms, collective farms because, first, to pay wages, and second — to give loans that were taken in the state. Therefore, if private owners are trying to take, then the last thing. "

In Russia before August 16 collected 39.5 million tons of grain, which is almost 12 million tonnes less than in the same period last year. However, even before the end of Lukashenka believes that Russia can really in a critical situation: "I do not think that today's Russia is not enough grain to feed the people," — said the head of state during his visit to Minsk region. — "It is enough. Do not even think that Russia will lack cornmeal. Therefore, it seems to me that the Russian government is still opened the curtain to sell their grain. "



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