Lilacs bloomed in Krasnodar

Lilacs bloomed in KrasnodarLilacs, flowering, which usually takes place in May and June, flourished at the end of September in Krasnodar, said on Thursday the broadcaster "New Television of Kuban".
This week in the capital of the Kuban was around 20 degrees and above.
According to TV, lilacs bloomed in the yard of the local resident Lyudmila Ustinova. According to her, a week ago started to dry scrub and exfoliate, and then "suddenly came to life and let the flowers."
The warm weather in September to Krasnodar — not an anomaly, but rather a common phenomenon. Scientists Krasnodar Botanical Garden explained flowering lilac "exit of plants from hibernation, in which they run during the heat."
On national signs, if the trees bloom a second time, and a long wait for a warm autumn. But forecasters say that people's forecast did not come true: October in Krasnodar will cool. Next week the air temperature drops to plus 13-17 degrees.

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