Lukashenko is ready to change the grain of oil and gas

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko expects to receive "maximum profit" from the export of agricultural products, given the difficult situation in a number of states. He stated this during his working trip to Minsk region. It also became known that Belarus will receive this year, 7,000,000 tons of grain instead of the planned nine.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus has no oil and gas, which annually Belarusians raise prices. Therefore, they say, "we also want to sell and with the increase in hydrocarbon prices and the cost of other components to get the happiness in the prices." Lukashenko said that the need to provide assistance to drought-stricken regions of Russia. They say, "they pay, they have plenty of oil, gas, and we are ready to change."

He noted that "the need to sell grain in exceptional cases, animal feed, flour — in limited quantities, as prices rise further, so today it is necessary to sell milk and meat." Also, Lukashenko expressed confidence that the Russians would "take malting barley and malt. This is a good source of revenue for currency. "

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Michael blond, already received applications from Varoneskay and Ryazan regions of Russia, Tatarstan on the acquisition in Belarus feed, fodder, potatoes. However, the minister said, that Belarus does not intend to sell the grain.

Commenting on these statements, the economist Leonid Zlotnikov noted that Belarus itself is not much grain.

There will be some loss of the global harvest, but a little bit to have such great prices.

"In the very grain of Belarus will be about 7,000,000 tons. And it's less than received in good years. And that's bunker weight. This is not the grain, it may chance, if it dried out and spent. So in Belarus itself is not much of this grain. Second, prices on the world market are determined by the interaction of many grain-producing countries. If, for example, in Russia the small harvest, but this year the expected large crop in the United States. There will be some loss of the global harvest, but a little bit to have such great prices. And Belarus has not be able to sell their grain to Russia at prices that will dictate it. After all, Russia may buy grain and at world market prices in other countries. In This year, will not be such that Belarus could sell a lot of bread, so even at great prices. "

Political scientist Alexander Klaskouski considers that the statements of Alexander Lukashenko in the first place have a public relations nature, to show that the position of the official Minsk is not very weak in the current harsh confrontation with Moscow.

"However, the Belarusian export opportunities in this area are quite modest. And in general, think that by grain can solve strategic issues of security and development of the country — is, to say the least, naive. To think in those terms subsistence farming — is outdated. Therefore, it is primarily designed for the electorate. It is rather a kind of pre-election statements than slogans strategic development of the country. "


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