Lukashenko wants to deny service to Russia in the construction of nuclear power plants

Alexander Lukashenko does not rule out that Belarus deny service to Russia in the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant. Lukashenko today for the first time acknowledged the existence of problems with Moscow on the issue of joint construction of nuclear power plants. How falls "Interfax", the Belarusian leader admits that it is worth thinking about another investor.

During the working praezdki the Minsk region Lukashenko said that the Russian insist that they were building nuclear power plants. And then "because of purely subjective factors have started to press down." Lukashenko, in turn, link these factors with all other attempts to pressure on Belarus, which Lately occur.

Then he ordered the government to spend the last negotiations and directly ask you build or not? As a result, Moscow immediately exposed double-counting, and then proposed the creation of a joint venture that will sell the Belarusian electricity to the West. By putting a rhetorical question — what the Russians are unrelated to the Belarusian product? — Lukashenko stated: "They are there in Russia, undignified conduct themselves." And he said that in the near future to determine who will build the nuclear power plant in Belarus.


Russia, nuclear power plant

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