Management wants, like Stalin and live — as an oligarch


The listener "Freedom" compares the actions of the head of Belarus with the behavior of the hero feature film and forecasts, which can cause economic consequences of his desire to supply Belarusian products to other countries, if the Belarusian market it is not enough.

"In Soviet times, the film was made, the names of which I, unfortunately, do not remember. The main character is played by Rolan Bykov. His character's name was privy. So, Lukashenko is very reminiscent of the hero. In the past year, to save Ukraine from svinyachaga flu, took drugs there, leaving its people without medication. In This year,, I suppose, after the arrival of the President of Tatarstan — the Tatars, as they call us Belarus — Belarusian remain without potatoes or the price will jump on it. And bread and pasta, respectively. As the price has jumped up on buckwheat. Would recognize the independence of Tatarstan sister, pleased Putin — and well. "


The leader of the "European Coalition" Statkevich comments on this statement:

"Indeed, the style of governing the country is different from how other countries govern, called rich. The fact is that everyone — hostage of the past. G. Lukashenko had no school of public administration, neither party school where they teach pluralism, are taught how to react to criticism, to develop regional organizations, etc.

His previous luggage — this farm. He directs our country, as once led the collective farm. This style can be taken only for a short transition period. If our neighbors had an economic life on a new basis, arhaichnasts and inefficiency of the Belarusian economy and political life becomes apparent. We have to pay dearly for the farm management style. "

Another call from our listeners to continue the theme. According to him, the Belarusian leader seeks to control Stalinist methods, but at the same time he wants to live as a well-known Russian oligarchs.

"More and more convinced that our current leader wants to control us, as Stalin, and he at the same time wants to live as a prominent Russian oligarch, for example, Roman Abramovich, etc. G. achieves its aims in different ways, which promises-a-brac, and where the usual deceit and cunning. I would say that is not always the trick G. substitute his reason. "

Anatoly Lebedko

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko shares this view.

"Personalities may change, but the system can remain the same. Lukashenko uses all the techniques, both traditional and non-traditional in order to remain in power. Where people want to hear from him a fairy tale fable, he tells her. Where people are given the opportunity of pressure on them, intimidation, he does it. Time passed, and the system remained.

A look at the good life changes a little bit. Of course, that Lukashenko does not ignore the sweet life. It says a lot that works, but the 14 hours already resting. He loves spas, and pulls him to riches. I think that Lukashenka — our only oligarch. Feature only in the fact that up to finance, which he has added to political power. Abramovich must envy Lukashenko, because that is also the first and the second. "

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