Masonic plans chipizatsii plans and the creation of man — Cyborg

Notice under what sauce it is presented and by whom. The list of members of this global project, you will find the Masonic family crafty politicians from different political parties and social organizations. What unites them all but one. Membership in the fraternity of Freemasons.


On the subject:

Surrogates — Film — Fiction

Original title films: Surrogates
Name of films: Surrogates
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Year of premiere: 2009
Genre: fiction, thriller
The performers: Bruce Willis, Jack Nouzuorti Michael KUDIC, Michael O'Toole, James Jinto, Rosamund Pike, Valerie Ezlinn, Radha Mitchell, Ving Rhames
Country: United States

About the film:

In the film "Surrogates" virtually all of humanity has found its replacement-driven robotic surrogate. And the whole world has turned into a typical utopian, no killings, crime. But at what price we have achieved this. Humanity has forgotten the basic quality of a person to love himself to be what you are.


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