Mass mortality of sardines in the south — west coast of Sakhalin

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Scientists explain the reasons SakhNIRO mass ejection sardines on the beach south-west coast of Sakhalin
In early October, on the coast of southwestern Sakhalin were fixed mass emissions Far sardines, more known as the herring sardine.
According to data collected by experts SakhNIRO emissions of the fish were observed on part of the coast from the village to the town of Apple Novosibirsk on October 2-3.
The width of the tidal bands, which are marked emissions sardines, varied from 4 to 1 m length of the coastal area and the density of the layer stranded fish indicate that these were not isolated individuals, and notable for the number of clusters.
At present the reasons for this phenomenon are clarified by experts SakhNIRO final conclusions will be made after the biological and chemical analyzes of samples. Previously it can be said that most likely, the emissions sardines on the coast of Sakhalin were caused by abnormally rapid decrease in temperature of air masses and coastal waters.
Far sardines — is subtropical (heat-loving) species of fish, which periodically makes migration to the coast of Sakhalin Island in the summer months, when the surface layers of the sea are well warmed and formed a favorable environment for its feeding. Since the beginning of the fall cooling sea water it begins to southern migration of the Sea of Japan. Moreover, its clusters are often formed near the coast, the most warm areas of shallow water. However, the sharp decrease in the temperature of water in those areas of the sea (for several hours) may result in an abnormal state fish: the fish is snuloy, inactive. Flocks of these fish in the vicinity of the intertidal zone, usually thrown ashore, where she finally dies. The emissions snuloy fish in the fall season on the west coast of Sakhalin were noted earlier. For example, in the years 1950-1960 in the area there is an emission of herring and Japanese anchovy. However, of interest is the very appearance of clusters sardines in the Tatar Strait in 2011, as we know, this type of fish is about 20 years did not show up here, including the west coast of Sakhalin, due to a significant reduction in the number after the 1990-1991 years. Detecting clusters Far sardines at the southwest Sakhalin fall 2011 can be seen as the first sign of a growing population and the gradual recovery of stocks, the press service CTUU FAR.

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