Meeting earthlings with UFOs

In the world today, few people doubt the existence of UFOs. First flying objects were discovered in 1947 and officially registered.

Then the pilot of one of America saw nine objects that were similar to the plates, and the rate they were just awesome. Since then, and started the registration and announcement of flying objects. By now already seen more than 8,000 cases in which they appeared. And if you want to follow the UFO out of the house, buy a powerful graphics card for your computer and watch them online, on specialized sites.

According to many scientists predict, every year the standard of living on the planet Earth is significantly reduced. Correct position is only by a so-called brothers in mind. Thus, for example, already in 2050 our population will amount to 9 billion people. Of course, everyone has heard about the oil and gas and that they are being phased out, but then not to be missed and more essential to the life of materials.

When compared with other civilizations of the Earth, we can assume that our planet — it's lost island in space and someday we will be joined galactic guests who will purify the atmosphere, as well as teach our people how to control the weather, invent a perpetual motion machine, and various other non- less interesting things. It is worth noting that the alien spaceships capable of traveling great distances, but in order to reach Earth, they must be equipped with only the latest engines and thus excellent fuel use. So, in turn, aliens may well be an excellent source of oil and gas, which are currently used by our people.

Thus, the government does not make sense to hide the facts about UFOs, because they know the technologies that can further save our planet from destruction, of course, provided that they have to start using today.

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