Metals may be not only the dark, and white

Many people understand that there is a dark and non-ferrous metallurgy. And few people know that there is metallurgy, which is a good reason can be called pure white. First project of this kind have already operates in the Urals. There can not entertain the fact that, even in the criteria when the lasting effects of the crisis in the country are developing not only new services. For example, consumers can not simply plug NL-rates Megaphone, and elect a better offer from a huge number of options. But also created a new enterprise, and even, perhaps, a new industry. For example, a project on which it is until it is unique not only in the country and in the world. He developed under the auspices of the CTRP — large regional holding company. Type of industry, which has been dubbed the experts at "snow-white" suggests an entirely new level of production, with the latest modern technology. Including technologies to automate the processes of obtaining very end products also provide unprecedented for the industry working conditions of employees. Indeed, it is difficult to discover that the workers of metallurgical plant will roll the tube in white robe, as the employees of high-precision production. But in the case of enterprises with a snow-white metal, things will be exactly alike. And the metallurgical plant more resembles a modern laboratory, if a workshop for the production of the necessary hardware.

Killing shop, received the original title "Height 239", located on the territory of Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant. Information on the project for a long time kept a secret. After all, the question here was not just about the next upgrade of an existing production. Workshop marks a new step in the development of modern metallurgy. Specialists have called this by creating a snow-white, as opposed to dark or non-ferrous metals. As such, the project was presented not only to the general public, and the country's leaders, who were present at the launch of first section.

In contrast to conventional production, this workshop is equipped with more modern equipment. The admiration of all who know him, is the situation in the shop, where there are not only the most complex machines and equipment, and live plants. In the design of its designers participated, paying attention not only to ensure good performance ergonomics, and the decoration of the workplace. The interior is a kind of futuristic and transfers as if the guest in the future.

It may seem that the final products manufactured in similar workshops can be only most complex chip or computer equipment. And yet, in this shop at the Chelyabinsk plant produced single-seam pipe diameters from 508 mm to 1420 mm. As a provider of elected Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, and more precisely, its recognizable "mill-5000." The annual volume of the shop is about 600 thousand tons per year. While maintaining the competitive prices, quality products, produced in a similar workshop will be significantly higher than those of other manufacturers of similar metal. Although some plant on the background will look outdated.

Innovations such as these — is not only an opportunity to raise the quality has long been recognized mass-produced products to the latest height. It's also an opportunity to ensure competitiveness of Russian metallurgical companies in the global market. If the shop will be measured to ensure full capacity, it will be possible to abandon the import of pipes in Russia for the construction of large diameter pipelines for various purposes.

Shop employees were 1,400 people who were trained for earlier on the best specialized companies in Germany, USA and China. They will constantly increase their qualification for special programs when necessary.

Because shop of this kind is unique in the country, and of the world, during its construction for the possibility of excursions to all interested parties. Namely, there is an elevator that takes guests to a special viewing gallery. It extends around the perimeter of the shop. So Makar, inspection facilities can be conducted without the need to disrupt the production process.

Creating a project required investment of $ 21 billion. An important factor was the fact that enterprise was included in the list of companies that have strategic importance for the country. Municipal guarantees in the amount of 10 billion rubles were received in 2009, despite the crisis. In the construction of the plant and assumed the role of "Gazprombank", issued loans worth 5 billion rubles. The shop is the first object of the metallurgical industry, which was put into operation immediately after the acute phase of the crisis.

In the workshop equipment installed German manufacturer of SMS Meer.

The unusual title of the shop — "Height 239" — was given as a result of the competition held in the middle of the company's employees. After all, as the original creation, on the views of all those who participated in the project, and must have its own unique name. So it may be soon, and other Russian companies will be able to choose not only the gold numbers Megafon, Beeline or another operator, but also the title of its own production plants. What still concerns described by the shop, its title is the height above sea level, which is determined for a place where it is built. Uniqueness of the company is also in the fact that it is the "high-rise" enterprise of its kind in the country areas. It remains to hope that the reputation of its products on the Russian and world markets will be equally superior. After all, the importance of similar projects in Russia, even without considering the consequences of the crisis, is at the present time very highest. And the company can be a good example for other Russian industrial organizations of very different orientation.

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