Metaphysics of Stalin

Stalin's ghost is haunting Russia. These ghosts appear only in the crucial moments when at stake is the fate of the country. Some of his name, others curse, others were shaking with fear. If we ignore the sensory evaluations take this phenomenon without a plus or minus sign, and "mod", then saying that Stalin was a fundamental dimension in the lives of the majority of the population of, the center of one of the coordinate systems. To appeal to Stalin, to determine in today's chaos — and those and others. Stalin was now truly become "very much alive." It is — an active member of our confrontation, it burning.

Take this phenomenon in the sense of its scan. What compels a lot of young people from the "middle class" who do well in the "new Russia", as it were built on the anti-Stalinism, to vote in a referendum for a televised "Stalin." They are vaguely remember about the Soviet Union, they do not have any real idea of the "barracks socialism" the mighty Russian war — which raises the tide in their souls that name, it is an emblem of what they have become? Block wrote about the Russian man of the then privileged classes: "He's right so that the life of this blush fatty rejected." He has torn this is not a full life, did not help the poor, and even more so did not follow them to the barricades. He has torn blush, and it's already — Transformation.

But it similar in strength transformation we litsezreem and on the other side: a decent, well-arranged and fatty rouged people, educated and friendly, from the voting right from the chain broke, fled to squeal. For what? All of them have seized, their case now — hush social base of anti-Stalinism, and they run across the mat like a stupid petty. There are times when a benefit does not think even Shylock! Well, voted as spat in his face. Utris and pull on the brakes. No, the heart has gone. Metaphysics …

Take for example a couple of these "rosy." Here's Viktor Erofeev, who ministers on television cultural ladies, wrote in his article in connection with Stalin's leadership development in the project "Name of. Historical Choice-2008 "," Do not hurt the man who loves Stalin. Do not yell at him, stamp your feet, do not come to despair, do not ask of it unworkable. This is a very sick man, he has superhuman disease — the spiritual dislocation. … Never hurt a person who loves Stalin: he himself for life insulted.

Love half homeland to Stalin — not a bad reason to turn away from that country to put people on the cross. You vote for Stalin? I divorce my state! I spit in the face to the people, and knowing that this love is constant, open a mercantile attitude to the people. I look at it as a redneck, which you can use for my purposes …

Stalin — it's filthy chan, gurgling our vices. It is impossible not to adore Stalin when Stalin — the guarantor of our wholeness, the support of our idiocy. Only in our land, Stalin let the roots and gave fruit. His love for what we do on anything for yourself can not … We do not know how to live. We need a bell buzz with vodka and a whip, otherwise we will lose our identity. "

An aging ladies' man so to figure out what he in violation of the laws of the genre wail: "divorcing my state!" Do you think louse can discover ideas out loud indignant head, which powers? And this much noise as the gentleman: "I spit in the face to the people, I look at it as a redneck." Worthy subject for research. As the philosopher said, "I can understand the Lord's plan, anatomiruya louse." But no need to open just look under the microscope.

And here's another, such as lovely as Erofeev, but smart, of Odessa — A. Tsipko. He wrote an article, prompted by concern for civilization: "The results of the election online head behalf of the Russian Federation, and again forced to think seriously about the state of the spirit and values of a modern, almost all modern Russian civilization, and the first — on the state of mind of those who until 1917 was called the Great Russians . "

On the state of mind of the Great baked, "Despite all the starry-eyed expectations restructuring freedom from communism has not given any deepening of moral emotion, no resurrection of the spiritual forces of the people. … In the latest of, as in the old, pre-revolutionary, makes a point to know the usual for us indifference, indifference to the moral qualities of the individual. … And then I ask myself for the most important, a terrible question that has long years he was looking for an answer. Why do we, Russian, are, why we do not own wish? .. It wrote Anton Denikin … Of course, that like most Russian countless people of the Russian Federation not to this day, even something comparable to the Jewish concern for the preservation of their own people … The tradition of deifying leaders comes from the old, tsarist sentiment, the feeling of a slave. By the way, in my native Odessa Stalinists even in Stalin's time were rare, because of the birth of Odessa feel free people. "

That hurt Russian, A. Tsipko shits on the memory of the victory over fascism. He likens her victories of Genghis Khan: "The military victories get real value when they lead to breakthroughs in the field of culture, to the flourishing of civilization. In Genghis Khan had many military victories, he even made a majestic empire. But the victory echoed those of Genghis Khan in human history? I would venture to say that about Stalin did in Eastern Europe, the world socialist system, too, no one will ever remember the good word. … And if you think you are a cultured person, you have no right to maintain, and even more enthusiastic about those historical figures who encroached on the sacred, the right of a man to be a man. … We can not, for example, the British, to appreciate what is, real, tangible benefits and freedom. "

What was pushing people to vote for the name "Stalin" and causes the enemy a boiling anger? It is no longer possible to clarify the calculation of group interests in 2008, no differences estimates of certain decisions of Stalin 30-40-ies of the last century. As such, for themselves grayish old boy can not cause such violent emotions. The case — in the metaphysics of Stalin, the general attitudes to life of our people on a universal level.

Time and upheavals of recent decades shook off these plants and husks tactical detail, and the bitterness of catastrophic collisions at intersections historic election. There was specifically metaphysics — "conversation with God" about where we were going with Stalin at its head, as intended to live in their own "one country", with a population of land, with the descendants of what a mistake and saved. This conversation has divided us, but to avoid this has been impossible. The restructuring has already penetrated our unhealed wounds, broken our bones have been spliced. Moan of hundreds of millions of living people and caused the ghost of Stalin's grave. Now we ask him questions and he answers us without words.

Therefore, all these busybodies Svanidze with Posner and Erofeeva with Iscariot. It did not work in them! They were not able to downgrade and vulgarized paradox "Stalin". Television without reason clings theme of Stalin, without annoying remembers it, directly or indirectly, often with no apparent connection to the specific topic of messages between the lines. Power and the means employed by the haves, this television exudes hatred of Stalin — and at the same time groveling before him. We can say all the anti-Soviet segodnyaschy spirituality living ghost of Stalin, it eats its emanations.

One by one, go to t
he movies "Stalinist theme" to which both the black hole connected to millions and millions of petrodollars. A output — complete creative impotence. Actors pyzhatsya with their caricatures of the hero, but can not play or walk, no gestures, no smirk Stalin, not to mention the words. 'd Ever looked documentary films. They even garbage on his grave can not do high-quality, nor how much they pay and take.

All this humanitarian brethren consecutive gloss over that main historic choice, which "created" Stalin and joined those who choose this prochuyal. It consists in the fact that in the limit, the last point of bifurcation, still find that there are two vectors — either Stalin or Hitler. Personality, hymns and banners can be changed, but the essence is the same choice. And neutral in this division will be. This can be seen in any sample. Czechs want freedom from the Russian air defense radar? Get into their gardens South American missile. Milosevic killed my — get the Kosovar traffickers in colleges own dear children. We refused, albeit passively, to preserve Russian Alliance (went the way of Hitler) — and instead of a smirk on Gagarin Russia rose smile Abramovich. Do not wait to transfer to a foreign car — there were no tractors. Glad ability not pull the strap at the factory and at home — finished born babies.

But the last point we have not reached, we still have time to talk with Stalin at a highest level of difficulty. During the unrest, like the one we are experiencing at the moment in Russia, a man torturing question: what determines the viability of the country and the people? Why suddenly die burgeoning cultural decay of the country, the majestic empire with harsh army are powerless before the hordes of barbarians? We ourselves at the sight of almost 1st generation came the collapse of the Russian Federation in the form of 2-majestic global empires — first as a Russian empire in 1917, and then as the Union of Russian in just 70 years.

The usual explanation, though in Marxism, liberalism, at least in — completely untenable. What's brother shot his brother and his father in the son in the civilian war? Say, as the Marxists that the brothers killed each other out "due to the mismatch of production relations productive forces" — a mockery of common sense. Believe that the Russian people seduced dozen Jew Masons even more stupid. Say, as a Svanidze that farmers and workers envy holders — worthy of thinking rats. This is even more insignificant arguments Govorukhin which argued that the Russian people should not have to organize a revolution, as the beef cost 15 cents pound. Now, if 20 cents, then yes, he would have approved the revolution. The explosion of spiritual energy millions trying to explain the reactions of the stomach!

As sank Russian intellectuals, like chewing explanations for 30 years. Even free postmodernist and, in general, anti-Stalinist Slavoj Zizek writes that "Stalinism began as a popular explosion aimed at emancipation and equality."

Naturally, I would like to bang all pleasant, like a gentle May, but not enough on the ground postmodern philosophers, demolitions are people who dopeklo meanness "too well-fed."

About the explosion and speech, and hate him. And Stalin, who voted for the Web — a sign of the explosion. Why is rolled out this flame "red wheel"? Fold down the trite cliches of today's connoisseurs: a born sadism "proletarians", inhumane Bolshevism as an ideology, manic megalomaniac leaders. First reason is that in general brought the matter before the explosion — overheated society, very much swollen grapes of wrath are very tolerant people. This, by the way, note the current "elite".

The second reason — the complexity and faster development of the Russian Federation as a civilization. It was the scene of a collision of several metaphysical projects, multiple views of the City of God. Zizek writes, "popular explosion." So after a series of explosions.

How can we forget the bourgeois-liberal explosion in February! After all, he himself is on for themselves is enormous — it is analog Lofty French Revolution in Russia! The difference is that in France the revolution was able to fire and sword bleed peasant "Vendee", and in Russia had found his match. In France, the revolution has thrown its own burst outward, and its reddish wheel to drive through Europe, Egypt, Asia Minor, and has come to Moscow, where he mired. And we explosions went at each other, and they walked across the country and Makhnovshchina, and all sorts of "independence supporters."

But in each of these explosions was spiritual passion. All their Yesenin represented as flowers folk soul. He said it: "Flowers fought together, / And the reddish color was all Boycho."

Naturally, at this point not to Esenina in Russia COX its antipodes. But think about it-neuzh "Russian boys" of poor families are not going to kill the guards in white and breathe for the fact that the descendants of snotty "Cherkizon" staged it shameful orgies on Swiss motorways? After all, this is a sneaking kingdom of Mammon, which is staged in Russia, offends the memory of white almost stronger than the Reds.

Yes, reddish without Stalin had lost a step-by-step "elastic power" and lost in a strange war. It is clear that that stuff that reigns in Russia does not want and can not carry on the family tree "of Stalin." She did not Marano. But this stuff, originating from Sonya gold pens, endeavor to present themselves as descendants of a snow-white guard — and from that shame stir in the graves of white bone.

That's just it, "or Stalin — Hitler or the global Sonya gold pen." I think, if we could create other-worldly, would have seen the majestic shadow of snow-white campaign veterans transitioning after today's reform reddish army.

The flywheel of the Russian Revolution, the energy of which have gained a climax in the 30's and 40's, spun a long time. Lenin said that the mirror of the maturing of explosion — Tolstoy. But in Tolstoy he considered only one source of this energy — a social group that generated the particular cultural type. It was a Russian peasant community, and his brother-worker, yesterday farmer. The explosive potential of the community aware of Stolypin, who was trying to pay off that energy — it's too late.

Lenin is supposed to have been right, with an emphasis on modern social organization — the alliance of workers and farmers under the "party of a new type." This doctrine, as we have been taught it is permissible to allow the hardest prepyadstviya — and the seizure of power, and war communism and the New Economic Policy. And yet it missed the other side of Lenin, which Tolstoy hid behind nedogovorkami "non-resistance to evil." A source of strength, which raised the potential of social organization has been growing spiritual passion of the workers and farmers, and more precisely, of all people.

It has already been presented to, and in an unusual move explorers and Cossacks, in Razin and Pugachev, a monk and sectarians, strollers and anarchists in Pushkin and Mendeleev. It was a tremendous spiritual acceleration of the reactor, which is the early twentieth century drew to resonate throughout the country. Decent explanation for this phenomenon we do not have, and an army of scribblers now trying to divert attention away our youth.

This resonance is desired then the damage even many opposing forces — the monarchists and liberals, orthodox Marxists and the Black Hundreds. It did not work, they themselves were involved in this maelstrom. It is necessary to read the entire Russian poetry of the Silver Age to feel like this hurricane spun.

The explosion of spiritual energy — the connection of standards and interests, "the heavens and the earth.&qu
ot; The combination of the irrational nature of man and his need for freedom with rational social organization — a tricky business, here and there fratricidal conflicts. Flywheel hyped revolution was not the Bolsheviks, but to them as favorites, lay down the duty to subdue the revolution, but it's harder than it started. Yesenin wrote: "audaciously flicked over the limit / poison us freedom." Means "a country in a raging flood / need to chain into the concrete."

How to connect the unconnected? Go to preach love and wait for moral self-improvement? People tear away these sermons, they could not believe the only common cause of universal scale. Kingdom of justice in the world — that's the level of inquiries. And Stalin has earned an incredible force of his own love of the millions since felt a formula combining the "heaven and earth". He built such an image of the future, which began to rally the people and the bulk of those "pacified" revolution. This is — the fact and let the young people to think about it.

Lenin had a remarkable ability to rationalize is impeccable. In his logic image of the future kingdom of social justice resisted settlement. This allowed us to keep going hawking social reactor under relative control. But after 1922, the Russian government has become an arena of conflict rising currents of Bolshevism with very different objectives flawless, out of which grew a fundamentally different doctrine. "Permanent Revolution" with access to a global level is one thing, "the construction of socialism in one country" — is quite different.

There are a lot of unknown, but it is clear that Stalin was thinking in a different logic, if Lenin or Trotsky. Got up the energy was not channeling millions into the trade and mutton shop "craftsman without a motor." Even GOELRO not pulling on their own scale. It took a "common cause" — Industrialization of, a massive scientific breakthrough and majestic victory that changed the world. In other words, the common cause gallakticheskogo size, as it heralded the Russian cosmists. This energy is not sought evolutionary increments, and the abrupt transition to a new level. Only in this way can unite freedom and justice, without that burst of energy berated the country. At the moment, we do not feel as if it was saying.

Stalin supposedly absorbed and processed in the program from a huge number of apocalyptic predictions and insights for two thousand years. Naturally, with all this passion emissions shook the country. Try to clarify the appropriate new surge of fratricide in the 30s, and of the reality of the Gulag. Why try to justify and embellish! All this was done by our, us native people — and we would be doing, then we live. Look or revise the movie "Mirror for a Hero."

Could they do not run, do not give rise to a new hotbed of confrontation, drawn in a meat grinder and uninvolved people? Trotsky himself was killed in this slaughter, wrote in his own main book ("The Revolution Betrayed", 1936): "It's pretty clear that any revolution hitherto evoked response after themselves or even counter-revolution, which, however, has never cast a civilization absolutely backwards … The victim of the first wave of an evil were, in general rule, pioneers, founders, zateyschiki, who stood at the head of the masses in the offensive during the revolution. " That's the root of the repression.

They say that Stalin was a cruel and violent. But how to measure the severity of the desired limit, when a mysterious force that collective irrationality that raged in people? And because she perceived a variety of forms, broke through in unexpected locations. After hopping to other energy levels occur and "down" with the paranormal degradation of individuals and societies. Civilian heroes of the war were in jail for spending — for the sake of fur for a Lily Brik. This is not written in the textbooks, we raised in the greenhouse. Trained a cheap moralizing, and peer into the life of weaned.

Such degradation, particularly pleasant in the NEP years, mystically feared people who survived the revolution. Right to suicide. Much has been written in the 20s. This shift had intended to "barracks socialism" to totalitarianism and unite in a kind of "detachment." It came up out of the collective memory of the majority, as the only way to survive a future catastrophe. Well, throw a stone in it for their own grandparents' Cats Win! " Now opponents of the Russian Federation has not, it is not necessary neither the army nor industry, nor the collective farms. Excellent settled! But compare that built and made the 20 years under Stalin, and did for 20 years when you humane democratic rulers.

And then came the repression, after the disaster of the first wave of collectivization. Repression is judged by the standards of Euro humanism, which there arises a rather short periods of well-being. But Stalin and all our people are not there and do not live in such a time. All were in strastnom state, it was felt even after the war. Scary to say, but perhaps only in this state, and we were able to defeat in the war and still a long soak in the "cold" confrontation with the West.

From time to time, in contrast, defenders of Stalin's repressions try to explain properly — they say, it was necessary to change the "passionaries revolution" modern educated elite with its vector of modernization and development. Ancient Guard is based at the apex of power, down, become bureaucratic, imbued with selfish interests. So I had to make a chaos, "cleansing", that violent means to free the way young cadres. It seems logical, but logic is not only moving life. Even if the total cleansing confirmed this guess, the reason was different — then people did not think in those terms. It worked metaphysics of the revolution, and she was taken upstairs and across the bottom. She could not disobey.

Trotsky, perhaps, the most ardent hater of Stalin, in his diary recorded February 18, 1935, that "Stalin's victory was sealed. That outcome, which is credited with onlookers and doodles personal power of Stalin, at least, his unusual tricks was laid deep in the dynamics of the forces of history. "

Stalin was aware of the meaning of events, and relied on it to make decisions, conscious of their responsibility. In this sense he was a catastrophic figure. In the conflict of incommensurable values, he acted in the interest of the whole, and knew that "idlers and fools" simply refuse from it. But he earned the love and the hundreds of millions of his contemporaries, and she goes out. What did they call? Is it not necessary for us to realize it now!

Stalin — not a god, he did not send us up to understand our earthly affairs and atone for our sins. He himself — a product of the mind and emotions of those millions who have made the latest social reality, driven by a sense of "great sorrow and love for humanity." They knew each other and were close, though it's hard to explain. Some historians point out that Stalin — the mysterious ruler of the Russian Federation: "more or less clear what was in the mind of Nicholas II, Lenin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin. Not so perfect, but there is a working model. And that Stalin — is unclear. " But it's not, it's not about. Metaphysics Stalin was clear to then the people of the USSR, although retell it would be very difficult.

That is why Stalin and vote for people who understand the fear of reprisals. (From RP: "Fears of reprisals", to put it mildly, very much exaggerated. Oh and about who was persecuted — traitors and thieves really come and vote the people they know who was the "victim" — as the hunt of these "victims" Again — people just crying out — "Offenders s
hould be punished, no matter the posts or the old award." And Stalin — just a synonym for a just and terrible in the eyes of the judges of the people, well, not only the judges — and the greatest builder and patriot. Therefore the vote, and not "contrary to" the theory of repression.) And it is not as "calculated and forgiven." So the question and could not stand because it is much higher categories of counting and forgiveness. Surprisingly, it is explained to Slavoj Zizek again. He said that Stalin was responsible for some of the more horrible atrocities of the XX century, "saved the humanity of man." Philosophers are wondering what it would mean an absurd statement, but it's just very clear.

It's not about "good governance", and specifically in the metaphysics of Stalin. He was able to channel this passion to bring people that they are at the state level (and even large) experienced a catharsis. They really felt themselves the creators of a just peace — and rose to a new level of humanity. It's not just to save humanity, it is to understand it as a universal humanity, metaphysical dimension of humanity. After all this and kept the Russian war against the scum of the world's population.

Today's anti-Stalinist away from the fact that does not fit into their "model." Built under Stalin "barracks socialism", with all its hardships, was perceived overwhelmingly as historically necessary and therefore just. If he could not people, jacked outrageous injustice, morally depressed and physically, to survive and defeat in the war itself. After all, this was a mistake of the West, by "rational indicators" who considered the Soviet Union a giant with feet of clay. None of these characteristics are not without their metaphysical context.

Stalin realized (maybe faster, feel) what is called the aspirations of the people. He became the spokesman of the "Russian idea", being at the top of government. Only this can explain the "cult of Stalin." Erofeev, after reading the texts of which there is a strong desire to wash your hands, explain the cult of slavish soul of the Russian people and alcohol? It makes no sense to speak to a similar audience. Let's hear what Academician VI Vernadsky, who wrote at the end of 1941 on the inevitability of the victory of the Soviet Union. This conclusion was made by comparing them with the First World War: "It is quite far. People seem to be reborn. No commissary, profit and robbing. The army is supplied, apparently perfectly. A lot of help farms. Lost discord between the officers and soldiers. Many professional people … achieves the highest military positions. "

We fix: people seem to be reborn. But this is the estimate of Stalin in the most critical moment — after the repression and the apparent defeat of the army. How can our anti-Stalinists of the highest rank to ignore such estimates. Well, would be pronounced something like "Vernadsky, the old fool, absolutely crazy." Yes, in general, should be able to add softly, "And our homeland crazy." After 30 years, this cult kept, well, now is not completely gone. What did utter the President RF, with all its FSB and analytical services? After all, he must somehow explain the train of thought of his subjects!

What is all the same error against our rulers impose on the country in which the remains were born and which supplies up to this time. What are the dunces are they people who worked, trained and fought a war of terror before Tipo whip illiterate despot — and for all that loved and respected him! Think about how you split consciousness! Here's to you, Grandma, and the modernization of the whole country …

Metaphysics of Stalin — a difficult subject to study, to Him we have just started to approach. Stalin worked in the criteria, when the statement of the features of their own views was difficult or even impossible. They were necessary to "pack" in the framework of the conceptual apparatus of Marxism. On the interpretation of the expressions of Stalin just start (perhaps even more in the West than we do — there is need of reliable knowledge and the Russian Federation). Assessment, prediction and Stalin have to track projects by circumstantial evidence, and most importantly — the results.

Recall the Vernadsky, "The people seem to be reborn!" This is the result. As for him going? How is it that the Russian authorities have gone to serve the king's generals and ministers who have seen it specifically in force for the restoration of the historical Russian Federation? The more typed material of that period, the sharper the image of an unusual phenomenon: people and Stalin were transformed together with them and the cult was cooperative.

When all primary qualities of Stalin as a person, he was created by reason, conscience and will of the four to five million man, which are embodied within itself the cultural style that made the then Soviet Union, and industrialization had defeated in the war. It is written by historians, were in the main young educated natives of small towns and villages of central Russia, which had been brought up in the trenches of World War I, and later civilian. And you can say what Stalin was designed and made with the help of all physical and spiritual resources of the country, this new cultural type.

Building the kernel of this great community — Stalin's "Order of the Sword" — was innovative and adequate historical challenge. It embodied the knowledge and principles developed Russian history and polished revolution. What was the outcome of the assembly, showed the Russian war, a reliable examination. Contrary to the predictions of the West, against the "invasion of Europe" led by Germany, the Soviet Union managed to set a new cultural and social type, which proved to be more persistent and creative, better students than the staff of fascism. Education of the Russian people since it was a great cultural applets, during which it was invented and built a number of new social forms disclosed the ability of this person.

Again, we can say that if we had not mastered this experience, and for 10 years did not collect similar in strength and creative power of a new type of Russian people, "they crush us."

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