Meteor flying in the skies over Hungary

Meteor flying in the skies over HungaryAccording to witnesses, the stories have been published on several websites, late at night on August 5 in the sky over Hungary was seen burning meteorite.

Photo of the meteorite was made by an amateur astronomer from the town of Nagykanizsa (Nagykanizsa).

Hungarian portal, published a photo of the meteorite and the article, based on the testimony of witnesses who observed its motion across the sky for about 3-4 seconds.

A few minutes later near Lake Balaton was a loud explosion.

An eyewitness who placed the photo of a celestial body on the page amateur astronomers association Nagykanizsa ( said that they thought that the meteorite, so close that they almost did not go looking for it.

Other witnesses said that the fireball was seen in Budapest, Hungary to the east of the city of Miskolc.

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