Mexico is enthusiastic to Russian military equipment production

Mexican authorities are interested in Russian military equipment, which can be used in operations to combat international drug trafficking in Mexico, said Tuesday Nikolai Patrushev — Secretary of the Russian Security Council.

"We are engaged with Mexican partners and earlier issues of military-technical cooperation. Currently also open a discussion of military-technical cooperation, the delegation was Misha Dmitriev — the director of the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation. Our partners are showing interest in Russian art production, but need further negotiations," — Patrushev told reporters.

He noted that the Russian military equipment production in the world needs: namely, the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, a request was made by several Russian helicopters for their role in operations.

Now Russian helicopters, according to professionals, covering approximately 20% of the market of military helicopters in Latin America. Market civilian vehicles — 2%. When buying aircraft in the civilian sector has the highest demand for leasing services. For example, the enthusiasm for the use of leasing scheme showing the operating companies from Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. From their appropriate inquiries already received.

Patrushev also said that during the talks with the representatives of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and other departments issue was rising against international drug trafficking.

"We are concerned by the fact that the cocaine into Europe and Russia. Wanted to stop these supplies at the initial stage," — said Nikolai Patrushev.

In addition, in Afghanistan over the past decade creation heroin grown about 40 times. Now for the drug seek out new markets. He began to flow into Mexico.

In Mexico City, according to Patrushev also open a discussion on the issues of cooperation in ensuring Nat. security.

"We will be on the basis of a bilateral cooperation plan signed between the device Security Council and the structure, which will be determined by Mexico. Most likely, it will be MIA "- said Patrushev. The document may be signed as early as June 2012.

Secretary Security Council noted that no government will be able to cope with such neuvvyazkami as international terrorism, drug trafficking, transnational crime and illegal migration, without the help of others.

"To cooperate in combating such phenomena become more efficient, with Mexico we will work on the legal framework," — he said.

In recent years, according to Patrushev, Our homeland pays considerable attention to relations with Latin America. "Today is the establishment of a multipolar world, the formation of new poles, and the countries applying for it, you need to have a good-quality, permanent things that benefit each party," — said the head of the Security Council.

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