Michael Bashura can translate into Zhodinsky insulator

An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashurov charged with forgery, for which he faces up to three years in prison. It is possible that tomorrow detainee transferred to Zhodinsky insulator.

The activist was accused of 1 and second parts of Article 380 of the Criminal Code. This is a "forgery, manufacture, use or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms." Maximum sentence — up to three years imprisonment, or 5 years of restriction of freedom, although the court may be limited and a fine. During the second half of the 16th of August, the investigator of the Soviet Minsk police department put Michael Bashurov this charge and signed a decree on further his detention.

On Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko, Bashura not guilty.

Tamara Sidorenko

"We believe that this is the result of error, not some intent. Indeed, the information proved to be inaccurate, he himself led the calculations, but I was mistaken. This is just a mistake. Thus we do not accept the blame. "

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko has filed a complaint with the prosecutor's illegal, it considers the contents of Michael Bashura custody. According to the lawyer, with Mikhail Bashura actively conducting investigations. Tamara Sidorenko not rule out that the investigation was completed by the end of August.

Actions that are charged with Bashurov occurred two years ago. According to investigators, Michael Bashura to get a loan, presented a forged certificate of income.

On the evening of the 6th of August to still Michael Bashura held in the Minsk detention center Akrestsin Street. Conditions of detention, according to relatives, he does not complain. From other sources it became known that on August 18 activists can carry in Zhodinsky detention center, known for its more stringent conditions of detention.

In the "Tell the Truth" talk about politically motivated prosecutions of Michael Bashura and reminded that it was from his rented apartment disappeared tens of thousands of signatures collected by the activists of the campaign to rename a street in Minsk street Vasil Bykov.

A spokesman for the campaign "Tell the Truth" Julia Dranchuk recalled the repression that hit the activists of the "Tell the Truth" in May: office was sealed, dozens of activists seized computers, office equipment and money. Or that back?

"For all these computers, office equipment and so on are no returns will be, except that one activist returned to our one computer. He took a lot of things, but he finally achieved that returned the computer that belonged to his son."

To still in the Leninsky district police conducted a case of spreading false information. On the case for 3 days were detained leader of the "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu and journalists Andrei and Sergei Dmitriev Wozniak, and the office of the company in the prospectus Masherova was sealed.



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