MiG-29 SMT run for a dogfight with the Su-34 and MiG-31

In the Voronezh region at the airport "Buturlinovka" on Tuesday, April 24, began tactical flight teaching With the role of the Russian Air Force MiG-29 SMT. As reported by "Interfax" referring to the press service of the Western Military neighborhood in the process of learning the Kursk Air Arm pilots on the MiG-29 will enter into a conditional dogfight with pilots from Voronezh and Tver region on the frontline bomber Su-34 and Sou-24, and the MiG-31.

According to the head of the press service of the WEST Colonel Andrei Bobrun, the task MiG-29 will cover ground forces from the air from the imaginary enemy, the detection and destruction of enemy aircraft. Assessment of the accuracy and effectiveness of the pilot system will maintain it. The teaching will end on April 27.

Fighter MiG-29 SMT is a single modernized version of the MiG-29SM. The aircraft made its own first flight in 1997 and belongs to a generation 4 +. At the current time in service with the Russian Federation are 30 fighters MiG-29 SMT.

According to the agency, "Data", in the Amur region on April 24 ended teaching distant aircraft. In the command and staff training took part bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-22MZ also provide aircraft AN-12, AN-26 and An-30. In the process of teaching made about 40 sorties. Targets on the range Litovka made 10 starts cruise missiles and dropped 10 bombs.

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