Mikhail Leonov settled, Michael Bullfinch still on Volodarka

Where is the former director of the DOLE Mikhail Leonov, who last year was released and complained about the fact that it will be difficult to find a job? What is the fate of former high-ranking officials who were convicted of corruption?

At the beginning of the year Mikhail Leonov was released from the prison of Minsk, where served nearly 8 years. Let me remind you, the former director of MTW was convicted of bribe through prevarication and confiscation of property. Designated by the court the amount of loss Leonov did not return because so and pleaded not guilty. On leaving prison, he learned that he was to report regularly to the police, employment, and earnings from deduct some money in the budget. However, the possibility to work and education, respectively, former officer level Leonov said doubtfully. What has changed in six months? My current call has found Mikhail Leonov in his Minsk apartment on the street Starovilensky:

Mikhail Leonov

"I have to get by, but where I work, it's a trade secret. I came out of prison, and at the moment I have no desire to remember the nightmare that was with me. I'm sorry, but I do not want to stir former life. "

Mikhail Leonov was arrested on January 7, 2002. According to the investigation, which the court largely agreed, Mikhail Leonov received in bribes to several million dollars, which is held in accounts in one of the Western banks. "His innocence I 300% proven in court, and I can safely say that it is not stolen, MTZ even a nail," — said Mikhail Leonov relatives after the trial. In the colony of ex-director refused to write in the name of Alexander Lukashenko petition for pardon, through which many of the prisoners came out of business before released. Two years with a 10-year period Leonov took off on amnesties.

In May, the Supreme Court convicted a former prosecutor of Minsk region Mikhail Bullfinch and former director of the company "Zabudova" Michael Kudelko. The court found the ex-prosecutor guilty of accepting bribes from Kudelko as a building material for many thousands of dollars and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Michael Kudelko was 3.5 years.

Michael Bullfinch

Where to now include former Attorney Michael Snyahir? His lawyer Anatoly Shepelevich said, "Freedom", which Snyahir not yet been transferred from the detention center in Minsk colony — he continues to study the record of the hearing, then to file a supervisory appeal. Why is more than three months is the study protocol, I asked a lawyer Shepelevich:

"9 months was a process — imagine how much paper is transferred? Here are all the studies. And feeling good, do not complain. "

At the trial of Mikhail Bullfinch allegation of bribery in the episode with a rustic cottage, which, according to investigators, the former prosecutor was building a front person. Meanwhile, before the resignation and arrest of Mikhail Snyahir lead story around an elite apartment in Minsk, for which the prosecutor paid more than 200,000 dollars. Finch said that this daygi for the sold former apartment. Alexander Lukashenko on the anti-corruption meeting in late 2009 ordered to check the sources of income of a high-ranking official. According to recent reports, the facts of the life of Michael Snyahir became known to the President on the initiative of the "young security officials" who are fighting for influence, surrounded by Lukashenko.

Egor Rybakov

In late May, early release to freedom of ex-head of BTRC Egor Rybakov, which in February 2005, the Supreme Court sentenced him to 11 years in prison for bribery. According to the court, fishermen received bribes more than a million dollars. He returned the money and what is now?

According to the Department of Corrections, Yegor Rybakov after his release went to Mogilev, at his residence. Where he now works, could not figure out. From unofficial sources, the family lived as Egor Rybakov and lives in Minsk, his wife, until recently, worked in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia". Sources also say that most of the property that before his arrest, Egor Rybakov Rybakov owned by the family, the state does not.



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