Millions of rollback to Lieutenant Colonel

Comrades commanders take "on foot" all the more willingly

Not so long ago, the inhabitants of the village of Samara region Stumps were shocked leaflets, which appeared on the streets. In their group did not want to call themselves the officers stationed in those regions 23rd Guards Cossack two separate times of the Order of Red Banner, the Order of Lenin, the Order of Suvorov infantry brigade
Volga-Urals Military Area (Purva) begged them to protect against currency extortion … by the command. According to the creators, the system is voluntary and forced collection of funds in the brigade created long ago and works flawlessly.

Namely, the leaflets claimed that indicated the military unit at the end of 2009 received 59 million rubles for the quarterly payment of the best officers. Those in the 23rd Brigade were about five hundred. Funds in accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov number 115 of 28 March 2009 "On additional measures to increase the efficiency of monetary allowances for servicemen and remuneration of persons civilian personnel Forces" were for quarterly incentive payments "for the faithful performance of official tasks and inflated characteristics of military training. " His brother came out from 40 to 140 thousand rubles, regardless of position. But lamented the creators of leaflets, fathers commanders every time taken away from their part of that sum. In this case, only a personal approach. With someone taking 10 thousand rubles, and seven times more than anyone. Total with each battalion "upstairs" goes above 250 thousand rubles.

So extraordinary appeal of anonymous guards for help to the authorities and the local population looks so eccentric that it could be taken as a provocation on the part of minced no choice of means enemies Defense Minister Serdyukov. But check, extra-organized military prosecutor's office of the Volga-Urals Military neighborhood immediately in several garrisons established: the creators of the appeal does not lie, abuse commanders really have a place in this case, not only in the 23rd Guards Brigade.

For example, in a military unit stationed in the village Roshchinskiy, downright let himself acting commander Lieutenant Colonel Thalmann Alimagomedov. As established by the military prosecutors, only 7 of his subordinate officers ushlomu Colonel managed to wring more than a million rubles. Not so cheeky, but also successfully robbed of their own officers commander separate company, an apartment in the Ulyanovsk region. He also raised funds with the platoon commanders. But it is not just so, and, allegedly, to repair the broken crane inappropriately. Got there at least that-nibudt mobile cranes will find out by investigators.

The prosecutor Sergei Shipirko told the "joint venture" that the materials the prosecutor's investigation have already been transferred to the military investigation department of Purva. A discouraged by what had happened headquarters of the 2nd Field Army, located in Samara, decided to hold a subordinate regiments and divisions across-the anonymous survey officers to find out the scale of the disaster.

As for the Ministry of Defense, there hardly are very surprised identified in the Urals and the Volga region commander facts of mass abuse. The fact is, reports of this kind of atrocities on Arbat go packs from all over the country. At the same since 2008, when warlords against various kinds were brought immediately to the third part of the more criminal cases than in the previous year. And in 2009, this spot beating statistics rose by another quarter. And this despite the continuing sharp reduction in the number of officers — from 300 to 150 thousand people!

The Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation — Managing Military Investigative Directorate, Lieutenant General Alexander Sorochkin, "the analysis of the atrocities in the armed forces indicates that virtually every fourth of them did the officers." At the same time, according to Sorochkina, immediately doubled the number of grown atrocities of corruption, five times — the number of forgery. All this taken together many experts suggests that the moral decay of the officer corps of the Russian Federation sees more and more dangerous character.

Circumstances for so outrageous statistics huge amount. It seems that far from the truth past chairman of the Commission for Public Chamber troops Alexander Kanshin: "Many of the officers who had been announced that they will be sent down, just decided to grab the army for life."

In general, it should be noted, and one more thing. In the last couple of years in the Ministry of Defense has adopted a number of decisions that the cohesion and moral health of the officer corps, at least, do not contribute. Talking about the said order number 115 Anatoly Serdyukov and his previous order number 400. These documents introduced hitherto unheard-easing measures by the troops.

The idea, however sensible. Monetary allowances in the army in disgrace low level — is a recognized fact. Time to raise tangible benefits to everyone — no budget is not enough. Means decided in the military, to the heights of the real well-being will move on their own. Identify the best — that is their something and make happy.

As a result, in January 2009, many lieutenants bring spouses to 60 thousand rubles, and battalion commanders — and for a hundred thousand. And that's just fine. Another bad. In the garrison houses door to door on their lives are the same officers in the number of honors not trapped. Well, if indeed by an impartial aspects. And rather than because of the obstinacy of character, did not come back to taste the commander, which he signed an order? Well, as these lieutenants, neighbors served in the same system?

Not enough. Is it hard to have this strange ideologues currency reform of servicemen in advance to see how in some regiments and divisions will make lists of the best? That, say, the usual word in the bureaucracy "rollback" now and in the army would mean not only the garbage artillery guns back after the shot? Judging by the fact that military prosecutors are dug in Purva, so in the Armed Forces and he did.

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