Minister of Finance considers that the Russian manufacturers of guns prices are very high

The Minister of Finance said that the prices of Russian arms manufacturers are too high

As passed yesterday, RIA "Novosti", the price Russian arms manufacturers are often comparable to the global — under the actual lag in quality. This was announced minister Minister Anton Siluanov money.

In an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", he said that the Finance Ministry is difficult to find adequate prices. But, in Siluanova, the situation says that market mechanisms do not always work. Ultimately price with Russian manufacturers are often mundane, but the quality is annoying though it may sound, is lagging behind.

Minister agreed with the head of the defense department Anatoly Serdyukov at the fact that the purchase of weapons from Russian producers unprofitable for the budget.

Siluanov said that many Russian defense companies believe that the government, in any case, will acquire from their armament, Hence, "the selling price for the year are 2-3 times increase." With all this, the minister said the money is transferred to the arrow subcontractors. The minister spoke about how, in 2009 the Ministry of Finance has worked a special commission to support companies MIC. It was the height of the crisis, said Siluanov, commodity prices declined, and prices for the products of Russian defense industry, on the contrary, increased. "We begin to understand why? It turns out: the price of copper and zinc declined, and alloys of these metals — have risen. Means someone good money. "

As the head of the Finance Ministry, he fully shares the position of defense minister. Siluanov also noted that the cost of re-Russian army recognized by the government priority. According to Finance Ministry estimates, on their receives about 30 percent of federal spending.

Recall Russian defense industry has repeatedly criticized the Ministry of Defence that the purchase of weapons abroad — not patriotic. But minister Defense of the Russian Federation noted that the Defense Ministry will receive abroad is armament, in the manufacture of which our homeland behind, and it is not about big purchases.

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