Ministry of Defence confirmed that a new attack will go into the army until 2020

Ministry of Defence confirmed that a new attack will go into the army until 2020

New attack aircraft with dual controls, the Su-25 should start to enter the army 2020, said on Thursday the assistant secretary of defense for aircraft, Colonel-General Alexander Zelin said.

"This new type of attack aircraft included in the state program of armaments and equipment approved for the Air Force. Prior to 2020, it will go to the troops," — said Zelin said at a briefing in Voronezh, where the conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defence has already talked about the development of the new aircraft, which should start to enter the army just before 2020 year. The machine itself was then called a "promising attack aircraft" (PN).

He pointed out that the new attack plane will be designed for 2-pilots: the navigator and operator. "To meet the challenges of complex systems and weapons do not need two eyes and four" — said Zelin.

Zelin, nedavneshnego time to head the Russian Air Force, said that in accordance with the assignment of weapons programs from the aircraft will be performed with the "dry" with a plant in Ulan-Ude, where previously established the creation of stormtroopers Sou-25UB.

As expected, the plane will be able to use the full range of tactical weapons would be subtle, capable of landing on any of the runways, to own a modern connected, radar and navigation equipment.

Budding machine should come to replace the Su-25SM, which in turn was the result of deep modernization of the Su-25. Sou-25SM from the standard car features a significantly wider range of weapons. Modernization backlog of communication systems and radar equipment sighting and navigation system.

As reported in February, in parts of the Russian Air Force upgraded more than 30 Su-25, and to 2020 planned to upgrade 80 of these combat vehicles.

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