Ministry of Defence has named the cause of the crash of Su-24 near Chelyabinsk

Ministry of Defence has named the cause of the crash of Su-24 near ChelyabinskBomber Sou-24, which crashed on October 30, near Chelyabinsk, collapsed due to failure of the nose radome. Such preparatory version of the Ministry of Defense, reports RIA announcements.

Breakdown by disk imaging department, took place in the capital on the day or hour of time. The pilots tried to make an emergency landing, but after suffering a misfortune, an increase plane Fri and from human catapult.

Bomber fell 40 kilometers from the village Etkul, said "Interfax"Referring to the military prosecutor's office of the Central neighborhood. According disk imaging agency, after the fall Sou-24 exploded. No casualties and the destruction of some not reported.

Pilots ejected almost an hour after the crash rescuers picked up by helicopter Mi-8. Their state in the Ministry of Defense dubbed satisfactory. Pilots sent to the airfield, where as required posodeystvuyut them doctors.

To ascertain the circumstances of the accident the military decided to stop all flights at the air base "Shagol," which has been attributed to the fallen bomber. On it "Interfax. "

Nose cone is in front of the aircraft and the need to accommodate the radar equipment.

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