Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation regrets about the fate of the resolution on Syria: Western countries lacked the political will

On Sunday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs RF released a report about the attitude of authorities to the depressing results of the UN Security Council on Syria's dilemma. The other day, China and Our homeland has vetoed the latest resolution, but the responsibility is laid on opponents: "if partners had the political will," while the consensus would be found, said the Foreign Ministry.

All parties in the impact, should focus their efforts on how to start a dialogue between the Syrian confrontation aim to extend the Arab League, said Foreign Ministry RF.

A little earlier Gennady Gatilov, deputy foreign affairs RF, to Twitter in his own microblog also put all the responsibility on the countries of the West: "Unfortunately, the creators of the draft resolution on Syria did not want to make additional efforts and reach agreement. Outcome is known to all."

On Saturday, China and our homeland from voting in the Security Council on the Syrian draft resolution introduced by Morocco, enjoy the right of veto. In support of the document spoke 13 member countries of the Security Council, two — against.

Sergey Lavrov and Mikhail Fradkov, director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, on behalf of the President on February 7 will go to Damascus and will meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Recently the vote Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Ministry, the Security Council has threatened to "scandal" if the resolution still present at the vote. Lavrov said that, despite the correction of the draft resolution, carried out under pressure RF, text still contains two difficulties, which have "critical". Namely, he drew attention to the fact that the document too little attention is paid to terrorist groups that oppose the Assad regime, and this resolution prejudge the final negotiations between the Syrian political forces.

At the basis of the initiative of the Arab League is "Yemeni model", which provides the resignation of Assad, his transfer opportunities Farouk Al-Shar, vice president of the country, and early elections. Previous project resolution was not approved because of the tough stance RF, which refused to support an initiative to change the Syrian regime.

Recall that Syrian troops recently voting in the UN Security Council have shot from artillery and mortars city of Homs. For all this, according to human rights organizations, have killed more than 337 people. Syrian authorities have denied reports about this, saying that the bodies that have been shown channels, "supporting terrorists" belong "to the citizens kidnapped and killed by armed terrorists."

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